How to Decorate a Bedroom Using Lights?

Wondering how to use lights for decorating your bedroom? We did too, and so we've prepared this detailed guide on the topic.

How to Decorate a Bedroom Using Lights?

One of the great things about our bedrooms is that we can decorate them in any way we want to express ourselves, and we can get as creative as we would like. Some people like to add decorative lights to their bedroom to give it an aesthetic, and it always comes out looking amazing. The big question is, how do you decorate a room using lights?

It's very easy to decorate a bedroom with decorative lights, and you can do it anyway. I've scoured Instagram for some great examples to provide some inspiration, so keep reading to get a look at those.


Decorative Lights examples

Instagram is a great platform to scroll through and find inspiration for many things, so I've gathered a few examples from individuals who have decorated their bedrooms with lights.

1. Framing your window with lights

The decoration above features lights that are both hung across the wall and framed around the square window. They dimly illuminate the room, giving the room a cozy and warm glow.

2. Adding special motifs to a string of lights


The lights in this Instagram post are very simplistic, but we added it in to showcase the creativity of the hearts, to show that you can be both creative and artistic with your decorative lights.

3. Using candles as a light source

This beautiful bedroom is not only lit up by string lights, but it also features candles; the candles look to be battery operated, so there's no risk of fire. There are also smaller light designs on the floor, showing that you can use more than string lights to decorate your room.

4. Accentuate shelves and furniture with lights


This photo features lights draped across the top of the bed, with more lights hanging from the shelved above. The room looks to be dimly lit, which shouldn't make it hard to fall asleep with them on.

5. Simple lights for a rustic look

This beautiful example looks to be a bedroom that is in a more woodsy area, giving the bedroom a cabin-like feel. The lights are very simple, and are hung loosely along the windows and walls.

Now that you've looked at some examples of light decorations, here are some different lights you can use to decorate your bedroom. We have separated them into two categories: simple string lights, and other lights.

Simple String Lights

You can't go wrong with simple string lights! They look amazing and can fit anywhere. Take a look at the ones below!

1. Dailyart Globe String Light

These lights from Dailyart consist of 40 translucent bulbs that are made of plastic, and the LED is made to ensure the light is bright enough and does not overheat. It is completely waterproof, and give off a warm white glow.

These Dailyart globe lights would look great hung loosely across walls, or framed around a mirror or window. You can find these lights here.

2. TingMiao Fairy Lights

These string lights have several modes of lighting: chasing, flash, slow fade, in waves, twinkle, and flash. The LED's are made up of high quality copper wire, that is durable, thin and flexible, and the lights can be easily bent to shape around a variety of objects.

Battery operated with low heat emission, these flexible lights can be found here on Amazon.

3. Twinkle Star String Lights

These bright lights consist of 300 white LED lights that both disperse light well and provide powerful light throughout the room. You simply plug and unplug to turn them on and off, and the lights are easy to set up. The lights also have a linkable design, meaning that the 300 lightbulbs can be connected together.

As seen in the product image, these string lights look amazing hung with curtains and drapes. You can find these lovely string lights here.

4. AMARS Strings Lights

The AMARS string lights are shaped like actual lightbulbs, and are remote controlled. The lights contain 50 translucent globes, with a total of 50,000 hours worth of light. The lights are both waterproof and dust-proof, and are safe to touch without the risk of an electric shock or burn. These cute lights can be found here on Amazon.

5. Colorful Curtain Lights

These multicolored lights can be set on a timer to turn off after a specific amount of time. They are waterproof and USB operated, meaning that you can plug them into any computer, USB charger, or data bank and enjoy them anywhere.

As with the other string lights, these lights would really add some character to white or black curtains. These colorful lights can be found here.

Other Lights

If you're feeling a bit more creative, or simply looking for something more, the decorative lights below come in a variety of shapes and styles.

1. Star and Moon Lights

If you're missing out on the starry night sky because of city light pollution, take a look at these lights. These creative star and crescent moon shaped lights are sure to be the envy of all of your friends as they illuminate your room. The lights give off a soft, warm white glow, creating a cozy atmosphere and really setting the mood.

The lights can either be set to flicker or can provide constant light. They are both USB chargeable and battery chargeable, and can be found here on Amazon.

2. Decute Photo Lights

These intensely creative lights would go perfectly in the room of someone who has many pictures. Instead of hanging the pictures on the wall, these lights actually come with clips, so that you can attach your photos to the lights. The lights come with 50 LED clips and 8 light modes, and are remotely controlled.

Make some memories with these lights, which can be found here.

3. Globe String Lights

Cream colored and waterproof, these round lights come with 40 LED's and measure 13.8 feet long. The lights are built to manage its heat and have a long lifespan. With a cozy and warm light, you can find these lights here at Amazon.

4. BOHON Amethyst String Lights

With natural raw amethyst stones around each LED, each stone varies in size. The lights come with 40 lights and a waterproof battery box, meaning that these lights are portable and can be taken anywhere. They also come with a timer to turn the lights on and off, and would look great on any bedroom wall. You can find these beautiful amethyst lights here.

5. White Rose String Lights

These lovely rose lights come with 20 warm LED's, and the rose bouquet can be separated into a string of singular roses. The lights come with an automatic cycling timer; in a 24 hour period, the lights will be on for 6 of these hours and off for 18. These rose lights can be used anywhere, and are battery powered with 8 light sequences. You can find these beautiful lights here on Amazon.

6. Neon Letter Lights

With this style of light, you have your choice of any alphabetical letter, as well as any number 0 through 9. The lights come with a soft neon tube that illuminates warm, white light, and is both environmentally friendly and energy saving. There's a hook to hang the letter on the wall, or they can rest on a dresser or shelf. These neon lights can be found here.

7. Bonsai Tree Light

This Bonsai tree styled light would be perfectly placed on a shelf or desk. Its branches are adjustable so that you can bend both the branches and the tree into any shape you like, and are embellished with 48 warm LED lights. If you're looking for a touch of nature in your room, this attractive light design can be found here.

8. Areskey Star Lights

These Areskey lights are waterproof, wirelessly remote controlled, and would look great contrasted against dark curtains. They have a timer, an on/off button, a brightness function, and 8 light modes. With a hook design, these lights are incredibly easy to hang and are safer than normal lights. If these lights are appealing to you, you can find them here on Amazon.

9. Sea Glass Lights

If you're missing the sea, these sea glass lights are sure to give you beach vibes. They are energy saving, with a longer lifespan than most lights, and are made from high-quality acrylic, which is much safer than real glass. With a built-in timer and wireless remote control, the soft blue and white lights will make any environment much more peaceful. These sea glass lights can be found here.

10. Mason Jar Fairy Lights

These aesthetically pleasing mason jar lights are colorful and bright, as well as environmentally friendly. They are solar powered, and only need sunlight to charge. Each mason jar comes with a water-resistant solar cell, a rechargeable battery, and an extra bright LED.

If you have shelves in your bedroom, you can scatter these mason jar lights across your bedroom to create a cozy atmosphere. You can find these brilliant mason jar lights here on Amazon.

We hope you enjoyed this post of decorative lights, and we hope it gave you endless inspiration for ways to use lights in your bedroom. If you found inspiration from some of the examples above, or if you tried out one of the light products listed above, then let us know below!


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