How To Decorate An Entryway Table [8 Actionable Suggestions]

A pair of cute entry way tables in a rustic-inspired interior, How to Decorate an Entryway Table [8 Actionable Suggestions]An entryway table is the first thing your guests will lay eyes on when they walk into your home. That means it's critical to decorate it in an eye-catching way that will both impress them and welcome them to your home! Does it seem daunting to figure out how you can best design this space? Don't worry. We're here to help you decorate your entryway table!
In addition to being a significant decorative element, the entryway table is important for another big reason - the way that it's decorated gives guests an immediate understanding of the character of the home they're walking into. As such, the entryway table acts as a canvas you can use to set the mood of the home. Decorate them to bring in that personal touch and style to your home. Consider adding the following things to create the best looking entryway table display:
  • Lamps
  • Storage baskets and boxes
  • Books
  • Framed pictures and other artwork
  • Plantlife
  • Candles
  • Mirrors
  • Ceramics and accessories

Now, you don't have to incorporate all of these elements into your entryway table design, but remember that they make for an excellent look. Use however many or few you'd like; you could even change the decorations by season for an aesthetic that will resonate even more with your guests. Options are endless when it comes to designing and decorating your entryway table space.

Arrangement of the elements is key to a stunning display. Use items of varying heights, a combination of textures, and things that show your personality. Keep reading for an in-depth discussion about decorating your entryway table.

Let's Get Into the Details


Though the room may have overhead lighting, placing a lamp on the table adds a soft, warm glow. Lamps can also be found in lots of different styles, so you'll have lots of versatility to choose from. You'll be sure to find the perfect lamp from one of these Top 35 Online Stores.


Add in some storage underneath the table either with baskets, decorative boxes or neatly organized on the bottom shelf. With these storage items, you can easily hide things like shoes, sports equipment, and other clutter that would otherwise get in the way.


Include some carefully selected books in your decorating. Books can say a lot about who you are. Add personality through your book selection: there's no right or wrong book to use. Some ideas are books about interior design, gardening, national parks, biographies, or other fun and beautiful books. This is a way to add a unique flair of personality to your entryway.


Position family pictures or other photos that reflect who you are around the entryway table or hung on the wall above the table. This will add personality. Incorporate other pieces of art, too. Art is an easy way to add in some attractive color and texture.


Lush greenery or bright blooming bouquets add charm and breathe life into space. You can put them in a cute vase on the table or invest in a large plant to place on the ground next to the table. Either one looks lovely. Faux plants or real ones will do the trick, but make sure to check out the Benefits of Real Houseplants.


The welcoming scent of a candle is all it takes to go above and beyond in welcoming guests. Maybe you have a signature scent, or perhaps you like to change things up now and again. Candles come in so many different containers, adding in the perfect touch.


Hanging a mirror or a collection of mirrors above the entryway table gives the illusion of enlarging the area. Mirrors reflect light, which helps to brighten up the room. With so many different styles and sizes of mirrors, you'll find the perfect one for your particular decorative style. See the many reasons Why You Should Use More Mirrors.


Lastly, using ceramics and other accessories fill in the gaps in your decor. These items can increase the personality of the space.
Consider some of the Key Entryway Dimensions when you're coming up with your entryway aesthetic and design. Make your space work for you!

Decorating Inspiration with Product Links

We've included some photo inspiration and corresponding product links so you can get started decorating your entryway table today!

Clean and Neutral

Enhance the aesthetic of your entryway with the addition of an entryway table that has been decorated with care and attention. You don't have to use a lot of items to make a beautiful space; when done correctly, less can certainly be more when it comes to decorating the entryway table. Use clean and neutral colors to create a soft entryway area.

Storage Basket

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Wooden Candle Holders

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Subtle Tropics


Let your entryway table bask in natural light. The gorgeous wood framed mirror helps to brighten this space even more, and the plants add a pop of color and texture. With the help of some tropical plants and photos, you can completely transform a space to be a subtle tropical dreamland.

Silver Picture Frame

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Palm Fronds

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Marble Top Console Table

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Farmhouse Entryway Table

Warm colors, natural and organic elements, wood, and handmade items should find themselves on and around a farmhouse entryway table. This arrangement makes for a rustic yet modern aesthetic.

Round Gold Rimmed Mirror

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White Table Lamp

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Modern Entryway Table


If you're going for a modern style for your entryway table, keep things sleek, clean, and simple. A modern entryway table eliminates any extra details and accessories. Incorporate items of a monochromatic color spectrum and use polished surfaces and geometric patterns.

Clear Acrylic Entry Table

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Grey Velvet Ottoman 

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Rectangular Mirror

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What exactly is an entry table?

An entry table goes beyond being just a simple piece of decoration. It provides both form and function to a room. These tables fit perfectly in the entrance hallway or foyer of your home. There are three broad categories of these tables: console, credenza, and foyer.

Console entry tables are narrow and small, perfect for a hallway or entry without taking away too much space. It will look incredible in the space without being overbearing in terms of size.

A credenza entry table is a larger piece of furniture that has cupboards and cubbies, perfect for additional storage. This type of entry table would go wonderfully in a large entryway.

Lastly, the foyer table is a (typically) round, lower-sitting table that is positioned in the middle of the entry room. If you have the space for a piece like this, try it out.

How Do You Decorate a Table in a Large Foyer?

Decorating a table in a large foyer is very similar to decorating your entryway table. While the entryway tables typically are positioned against a hallway wall, a table in a large foyer takes center stage. It's the first thing they'll see when they walk into your home. Guests can linger and gather around this table before fully walking into the rest of your home.

You can decorate this table as dramatic or as simple as you'd like. Position some of the different items we have listed above to create an impressive display!

How Do I Pick the Right Size Entryway Table?

Pay careful attention to scale, and you'll be all set. You want to pick a table that's large enough, but not too large for the space. The size of your furniture should be able to complement both the size and shape of the room.

This process might take some trial and error. The idea is to add a unique decorative piece that will give the area a sense of personality without being overly dominant. Don't be afraid to experiment with different ideas and concepts.

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