How Do You Decorate A Living Room With Candles?

Candles are subtle decorative elements that offer a soothing, romantic, or welcoming ambiance to any room. If you're adding candles to your living space for the first time or redecorating for the hundredth time, don't limit yourself to the same old decorative styles. There are plenty of ways to achieve your desired look. It's for this reason that we've explored three of the best well-researched candle decoration ideas that you can use to spruce up your living room.

The following are three ingenious ideas for decorating your living room with candles:

  • Use candles as centerpieces on your table.
  • Arrange candles on stylish candle holders.
  • Place candles in large glass jars.

It would be best to learn a lot about these styles before incorporating them into your living room setup. In this post, we'll explain how to pull off each style and why each technique is guaranteed to work for your living room. Let's dive right into it, shall we? 


Living room home interior with gray couch, coffee table, candle and wicker chair, How Do You Decorate A Living Room With Candles?

How Do You Decorate A Living Room With Candles?

Use Candles As Centerpieces On Your Table

Using candles as your living room centerpiece provides a warm atmosphere fit for meditation and relaxation. Achieve this look by adding bedding of green moss into a wooden frame or tray. Other items you can use as bedding include rice, dried beans (i.e., red beans or kidney beans), coffee beans, or sand. 

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Spread out at least five candles of a single color palette and varying heights atop the bedding. Add a touch of style to the candles by adding artificial flowers or ribbons all around the candles. However, if you feel that the rest of the area on your table looks somewhat wanting, you can fill the void with a few extra candles placed at each corner.

Arrange Candles On Stylish Candle Holders

There's no better sight in any living room than a collection of fragrant candles on decorative holders. This look is perfect for adding a more contemporary finish to your living room decor. Simply add a modern holder on any open space around your living room (shelf, fire mantle, dining table, etc.), then fix your candle(s) into the open slot(s). 

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Mix up the candle stand designs for eye-catching variety. If you'd like to try out some cat-themed holders, read "16 Cat-Themed Candles And Candle Holders That Will Make You Go Meowww!" for a few ideas. Aside from boosting the candles' visual appeal, candle holders also ensure a stable and secure base and prevent any fire-related accidents from taking place.

Although the plastic types are cheaper, we recommend that you go for the metal or wooden stands for extra sturdiness. 

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Place Candles In Large Glass Jars

This simple arrangement is eye-catching and easy to pull off. It's the best look to pull off when you want to save on time, and you need to keep your money in your wallet. Alternatively, you can give your candle arrangement an exceptional finish by adding a few stones or flowers into the glass jar. Create an illuminating effect by using more than one candle glass jar.

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Scatter the jars at different points of your living room like on top of the window sill(s), table, shelf, stools, etc. However, we don't recommend that you use just any glass jar. Settle for a thick and wide glass jar like the one in the picture provided above. If it falls over, you don't have to worry about gathering up the shards or spending extra on a replacement.

Can I Put Candles By The TV? 

TV screens and candles share certain features that make it possible for them to sit together in one place. The only way that candles can become risky is if you were to place them right next to your TV. The candle might get knocked over accidentally, thus exposing the plastic material to the candle's flame. If you want to place candles next to your TV, be safe about it.

Ensure the area you wish to place them is well-ventilated. Also, fix your candles in a Hurricane candleholder and put them safely away from your TV. Buy more than one of these trendy accessories for other candles in your living room that sit next to other delicate electronics.  

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Can You Put A Candle On A Plate? 

There's no harm in placing a candle on a plate, provided the plate in question is not purely plastic. If you use plates to collect the melted wax from your candles, ensure they're 100 percent heat resistant material. Any surface that can easily catch fire - including plastic - should be avoided at all costs. Your desired surface should also be stable, evenly flat, and not wobble in any way. 

Your ideal candle surface should be made of materials with the unique ability to disperse or absorb heat. In this case, use plates made of wood, metal, glass, or ceramic. 

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What Do You Fill Candle Holders With? 

Here are a couple of genius ideas to customize your candle holders: 

Colored Sand

Don't just use any sand color. Pick one that accentuates your living room decor. If your living room has a variety of colors, create decorative sand layers using those specific colors. 

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By filling your holder with lavender, you'll also be adding a fresh scent to your living room.

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Lace Ribbons

Ribbons are great for adding a romantic touch to your candleholder!

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These natural pieces of art have the unique ability to bring you closer to the sea and make your living room decor feel more original. Just place them in your wide candle holder and rest it on your coffee table or mantel. 

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For all these ideas, be sure not to overdo it. Fill your holder until it gets to the half or three-quarter mark. Anything more than that might make the whole setup to look exaggerated and end up losing its purpose. 

How Do You Display Candlesticks On The Mantel? 

Mantels are the central point of any living room. They're the perfect spot to hang everything from art, photo frames, flowers, and even candlesticks. With that said, here are a couple of tips to create an eye-catching, decorative display on your mantel:

  • Consider the style, color, structure, and shape of your mantel. This will help you decide how to approach the decorative process.
  • Use candlesticks of varied shapes and sizes. Place the taller candles at the back and the smaller/shorter ones at the front. 
  • Space out the candlesticks. You don't want your mantel to look cluttered or crowded. The closer together you place them, the more they lose their decorative appeal.
  • Try not to group candles in pairs. Since odd numbers look better than the evens, put them in groups of three to five.
  • Of course, pay attention to the color of your candlesticks. The colors you pick should either match or contrast the color of your living room walls.

How Do You Display Tea Lights? 

A tea light is a short, broad candle (known as a votive) placed in a thin plastic or metal cup. The cup design allows the wax to liquefy completely while the candle is still lit.

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The following are ways you can display tea lights around your living room:

1. Line up tea lights on your windowsill.

Depending on your window sill's length, you can place up to five different shades of tea lights. Alternatively, you can stick to a single color, most preferably white. 

2. Place tea lights on your table.

Cover your tea lights with unique coverings and place them in threes at the center of your table. This look still stands out even when the candle goes off. 

3. Arrange your tea lights on the stair steps.

This idea brings out that romantic atmosphere and is best for surprising your significant other. Place a single tea light on each step and line it up along the wall. Your lights should all be in a single color - most preferably white. However, if you have active toddlers around your home, this might not be such a good idea. 

4. Place tea lights on the floor.

For a more minimalistic design, place your tea lights under Moroccan style lanterns and put them in corners of your living room. This will work great only if your sitting room is spacious enough. On the other hand, if your living room has plenty of space that you need to fill up, read "How Do I Fill Space In My Living Room? (9 Actionable Steps)"

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In summary, you don't need to be a home expert to understand how to decorate your living room using candles properly. Provided your choice of candles and holders match are in sync with your decorative style, you're good to go!


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