How To Decorate Your Office Door For Christmas

The holidays are a fun time to express your festive personality, but there are literally countless ways to do so.

The season also tends to soften traditionally stiff places like the workplace, so you might be invited to decorate your office door.

If you happen to be feeling festive enough to bring it to your office, we have put together some great ways to spread holiday cheer with your office door.

The holidays are a perfect invitation to get creative. And although that’s easier through arts and crafts, you can also manage it with clever purchases.

Keep reading for some great ideas to decorate your office door at Christmas time, and how to work with a lower budget, too.

What Should You Put on Your Office Door at Christmas?

The best way to find the Christmas decorations you’ll enjoy most is to begin with a particular category.

If you can find an inventive way to explore unique or obscure subjects, you can make your office door sing carols with simple commercial purchases.

You can remain subtle by using smaller decorations that pack a lot of personality.

This is useful if you have a more formal workplace, but you can also resort to more traditional decorations too.

First, you need to determine how formal you want or need to go. This usually means your decorations can be more or less elaborate.

Next, you can select a broad category of style. You can read the post "When to Decorate for Christmas" to avoid decorating just a little too soon, or even too late.

Classic Traditions

These ideas are tried and true, and although they can seem a little routine, they are important staples of the holiday season.

In fact, it’s usually best to use at least one of these traditional decorations in addition to less ordinary creations.

That’s because they can help ground the scene and balance out the unfamiliar.

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A Christmas door with wreath christmas door decorations and sugar canes on the side

Some examples of these classics include a wreath, lights, or references to Santa. These are often fairly inexpensive, and available pretty much anywhere.

You can run lights along the office door’s frame, or find countless versions of Santa Claus.

This makes it easy to create a vintage look for your door. Your office can feel like the entrance to a classy toy store.

Or, you can go for modern updates on these classics, with a glossy look and more intricate details.

It’s also easy to buy or make Christmas trees, and simply hang those on your door. It can be centered so that everything else revolves around the tree.

This is a great way to incorporate the lights, and maybe even some Christmas tree ornaments.

Best of all, the tree is a great segue for some presents, too. After all, one of the most exciting things about Christmas is opening a new present, especially when you’re young.

Presents are typically shaped like a box, so it will be easy to create clean lines too. This way, you can use more decorations without the area feeling too busy.

How to Make a Christmas Garland Door?

A garland is a common Christmas tradition too because it can stretch along the entire door’s frame. Also, it’s easy to decorate the garland itself with ornaments and lights.

However, you probably can’t go around nailing a garland to your office door. Instead, use some removable adhesive hooks such as the popular Command hooks.

These will help you hang the garland over the frame of the door, and make it easy to remove after the holidays.

You can read the post, How to Hang Garland on a Staircase [3 Easy Ways], to learn how to set one up at home, too.

Winter Themes

You can also celebrate the crisp, snowy weather of the holiday season instead of using ordinary imagery.

This opens up an entire world of activities involving snow and wintry elements. This is an easy way to avoid decorations that specifically relate to Christmas.

You can dress your entire office door in a cozy sweater. Or, you can blanket the door in fake snow, and add some snowmen here and there.

If you can find or build a little sled, that would pair nicely with a winter scene.

And hanging some snowflakes in the upper corners of the door would make a perfect framing device.

Reference Pop Culture

This may seem a little bold, but there are two ways to use pop culture for your office door.

The first is to decorate the door with references to Christmas movies and TV shows.

For example, the Peanuts characters and holiday specials are cemented into annual traditions everywhere. The claymation of the golden age is fun to revisit, too.

But you don’t necessarily have to go back to the oldies, even if they are still beloved today.

You can hang quotes and characters from other popular movies, and even make a storybook page out of one of the scenes.

The second way to reference pop culture is much broader. You can add a festive theme to movies, shows, books and music that are normally unrelated.

This tends to be easier with television shows, which often include some kind of holiday episode to begin with.

How Do You Decorate the Office for Christmas on a Budget?

Paper crafts are a lot of fun to make, and they usually don’t cost very much.

That’s because you probably have some paper already hanging around. Plus, paper crafts are an easy way to involve your family too.


Firstly, there are plenty of videos online with instructions on how to make something out of origami.

This is usually done with an origami paper, but you can substitute with any other paper cut to the same size. The white computer paper is perfect for most winter imagery.

Try this:

Step-by-step photo instruction how to make origami paper Christmas star.

Wrapping and Construction Paper

Origami may just seem too intimidating for some. Instead, you can always use construction paper to create a very colorful door with cutouts.

Add layers to create depth, so that you don’t have to make 3D artwork. Just remember to stay open-minded about paper crafts because there are so many ways to shape them!

For example, you can even use actual wrapping paper. A solid color makes the perfect canvas, while patterned styles alone can make the entire door feel like a present.

Foodie Door

One of the great ways everyone loves to celebrate a holiday is with food. So, all of your decorations can have a food theme, which is a smooth transition coming off November.

There are plenty of traditional Christmas foods to reference on your office door.

You can choose from gingerbread, candy canes, eggnog, yule logs, or even fruit cakes. And don’t forget to add some hot chocolate, to help it all go down.

Food makes everybody happy, so no one will complain if you turn your door into a giant gingerbread cookie.


If your office is casual enough, you might be able to get away with some humor at work.

There are plenty of doors that have a character appearing to crash through them. Or you could even make it interactive. You can also reference popular memes, with a festive angle.

And if you have any pets, they’re a great way to add some natural comedy.

Most people can relate to animal humor and enjoy it any time of year. And the humor won’t feel as forced as a typical decoration with puns.

Animals tend to get dressed up around the season, which can be more cute than funny.

But they can sometimes make a little mess of all your decorations, in unusually creative ways.

You can also reference some fictional holiday animals. Recognizable classics have appeared in countless specials and movies.

Office Door Decorating Ideas

The easiest way to decorate your office door is to follow the different holidays throughout the year.

You’d be surprised at just how many holidays there are aside from the most celebrated ones.

It’s easy to browse a list of nationally recognized days, each with its own unique theme.

But if you want year-round decorations, there’s plenty of other ideas you can use.

And you don’t have to fall back to either family or pet photos. Instead, you can make some kind of reference to your actual position, and potentially joke around a bit.

An inside joke that only your workplace would even understand is a great way to create a sense of community without feeling too cheesy.

Spreading Festivities in the Workplace

There are so many ways you can decorate your office door for the holidays, it can be difficult to find a place to begin.

Now that you’ve got some ideas, you can begin your own search for just the right theme.

Just remember to read the room when it comes to the office’s formality and that you don’t have to spend a lot to bring some cheer.

Happy holidays!

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