How to Decorate a Room with Pink Walls the Right Way

Pink isn’t an easy color to work with because incorporating it into your room runs the risk of looking rather weird. Then, you have to contend with its reputation of being ‘girly’ and even ‘childish,’ attributes that could be embarrassing when designing a room for an adult.

How to Decorate a Room with Pink Walls the Right Way

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But what if you already have pink walls? How do you work with that? The good news is that with just a little thoughtfulness on your part, you can turn your pink room into a shabby chic retreat instead of over-the-top and cult-like. Let us show you how.

Here’s a checklist to help keep you on track:

  1. Use Pink-Hued Couches to Make a Statement
    2. Use Pink Throw Pillows
    3. Add a Pink Vase
    4. Add a Pink Throw Blanket
    5. Take Advantage of Neutral Shades
    6. Use Different Shades of Pink
    7. Avoid Making Everything Pink
    8. Add Removable Wallpapers

1. Using Pink-Hued Couches to Make a Statement

Combining functionality and aesthetics, pink sofas should be able to overhaul your interior décor and make it feel like a modern place. Last thing anyone expects is a pink couch. Novelty goes a long way in adding some stylistic points to your room, making it feel like a modern living space.

Below are a few options to choose from.

a. Small Space Sofa by Divano Roma Furniture

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This sofa features a very compact design that can be packed into tiny spaces and rooms where you may already have stuffed items. The overarching pink theme of the sofa lines up perfectly with our requirements for a pink sofa. Soft fabrics, soft cushions and decorative pillows make this sofa a must buy for rooms with pink walls.

Click here to buy it.

b. Children Sofa by Costzon

This sofa is marketed purely towards small children, which explains its adorably small size featuring. The upholstery is soft to the touch and the cushioning is ultra comfortable to the back. Two cute throw pillows in the shape of strawberries make this sofa an obvious choice. We recommend this sofa, for maximum aesthetic value, if not functionality.

Click here to learn more about it.

c. Small Linen Loveseat by Divano Roma Furniture

This loveseat is the perfect pick for a small scale bedroom or seating ensemble. Made from hardwood frame, the rolled up arms and turned legs offer a traditional appearance that should add a retro touch to your room. The foam padding and soft upholstery make this seat extra comfortable, while the pink hue ties everything together for a great product.

Click here to buy this sofa.

2. Using Pink Throw Pillows

Pink throw pillows add both artful appeal and comfort to your ensemble. These pillows are perfect for any area on your room. Just toss them onto the sofa for a quick refresh, or spruce up the master suite for a mini makeover. Pink throw pillows can complement all color palettes, especially rooms with pink walls. Below are a few pillows to choose from.

a. Light Pink Pillow Cover by Meaning4

Accent your bedroom with on-trend texture to cozy up in style. The pink hues give a relaxed modern look that won’t be fading away any time soon thanks to advanced printing technology. This throw pillow should add tons of flair to your room.

Click here to buy it.

 b. Cozy Decorative Throw Pillow by vvise

When you’re giving your room a makeover, it helps to add some relevant items into the ensemble. This decorative throw pillow should do the job. The upholstery is knitted by hand to give it a more authentic touch. The clever use of handmade tassels breaks away from the traditional shape of throw pillows, making this product a must have. It is durable, plush, and machine washable.

Click here to buy it.

c. Throw Pillow Overload

Glittering throw pillows and matching pink throw pillows on a white fur sofa.

The trend to decorate rooms with a large number of throw pillow has become a trending topic. You can combine different color palettes for a more personalized touch. Not all the throw pillows have to be pink in color, some of them can have different colors, including brown, white, and even golden.

Ready to go wild with your throw pillows? We have more suggestions for you in the Hot Pink Throw Pillows guide.

3. Adding a Pink Vase

Vases are the most versatile interior design accents on the market. The best of vases are consistently aesthetic and functional, and continue to remain relevant throughout the seasons. Vases have taken different shapes and styles, and now there are thousands of products to choose from. Here are three that should look good with pink walls.

a. Ceramic Decorative Vase by Easy Tiger

This sleek ceramic vase adds edgy personality to your room. The soft pink finish should go perfectly with pink walls. It has fun themed patterns that look a lot like ice cream planters. The vase measures by 5 inches and 3.8 inches, which would make it hard to miss in your pink themed room. There’s space to add decorative flowers, so make sure to add some pink themed vegetation!

Click here to learn more about it.

b. Ceramic Pink Vase by Jusalpha

Much of the inspiration for this vase came from traditional pottery, with curves that will instantly draw the eye. These vases would go great with pink walls that are centered on a geometric interior theme. Furthermore, the patterns for the vase itself are highly durable, which means you would have a hard time breaking it.

Click here to buy it.

c. Ceramic Pink Pineapple by Gift Boutique

This pink vase serves little purpose other than looking shiny in your room. Its pattern has been taken exclusively from a pineapple. What makes this vase stand out from other products on this list is the lustrous metallic finish that gives off a high gloss. It is made out of 100% ceramic material, perfect if you want to make a strong statement.

Click here to buy it.

4. Add a Pink Throw Blanket

Add a super comfortable, super soft throw on your couch or bed for a rougher, less deliberate look to create a more authentic room. Blankets can completely transform your space if you do things strategically. The right choice can add lots of flair to a pink colored room, but something wrong can throw off the room’s balance, which is why you need to be careful. Here are some rugs to start off with.

a. Plush Sherpa Throw by PAVILIA

This throw is made from 100% premium microfiber to give it a soft, durable and lightweight appeal. The pink color is vibrant enough to be a crowd pleaser. What we really loved about this blanket is that it’s very easy to wash. Make sure to wash it separately in cold water under low settings.  It should transform your room with pink walls.

Click here to buy it.

b. Super Soft Shaggy Throw Blanket by Chanasya

Mix a tasteful touch of texture into your pink room with this on-trend throw blanket. Since the product is made from 100% microfiber polyester, it is durable and machine washable. There are different sizes to choose from, including 50” by 65” and the whopping 60” by 70” which should look perfect when paired with pink walls.

5. Neutral Shades

Neutral colors that contrast pink walls can create high-style bedrooms that are soothingly tranquil. As is the norm, neutral colors are selected for the backdrop while bright colors such as pink are chosen for accessories for an accented look. But in our case, the neutrals will be taking the backseat and pinks at the forefront.

a. Pink is the Name of the Game

an opulent bedroom with a large, round bed adorned with luxurious bedding and decorative pillows.

Pink instantly greets the eye, with light hues that match the neutral curtain. The ornate design may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the idea is to showcase the efficient combination of neutral colors with ink.

6. Use Different Shades of Pink

a vibrant, pink-themed room with a pink tufted sofa adorned with floral pillows and various stuffed animals.

Not all shades of pink are created equal. The trick is to take advantage of tonal variations while staying true to the room’s pink theme. It’s cool to see the visually appealing dark pink color of the sofa being paired up with stuffed animals with contrasting colors.

7. Avoid Making Everything Pink

Cute children's room, white and gray color scheme with pink elements, cute bed on the upper level of Lshaped desk, small round table in front for playing games or doing homework, white stairs leading to second floor bedroom, stuffed animals hanging from ceiling, soft lighting, wooden flooring, natural light coming through window, pastelcolored walls, childfriendly decor.

This room manages to look super cute without featuring over the top colors. In fact, the pink backsplash of the wall is as neutral as they come. The remainder of the room features neutral colors, whether that includes the study table, stuffed animals, accented light fixtures, and the eclectic throw pillows.

8. Look into Removable Wallpaper

If all of your room’s walls are colored in pure pink and now you’ve started getting bored of the vibrant splash of color, it’s time to get new wallpaper with a different color for a different solution. Faux brick wallpaper, for example, should do the trick. The brick’s rustic look should make the room look less feminine.

Here’s a look at textured wallpaper from Amazon that should do the trick.

a. Rust Faux Wallpaper by Blooming Wall

Notice how neutral the texture is, the artist did a good job of creating the most authentic brick artwork possible with wallpaper. This wallpaper will perfectly match up with your pink walls and completely transform the room. The wallpaper itself is fully feature-rich, being environmentally friendly, waterproof, and lightweight.

It is made using breathable material that resists moisture and water, increasing its life span.

Click here to buy it.

Check this for more faux brick wallpapers: 15 Faux Brick Wallpapers That Can Transform Any Room Design

b. Damask Wallpaper by Romosa Wallcoverings

Ornate designs against a red backsplash should make for a perfect addition to your pink room. The combination of red and gold should stylize your room elegantly without breaking the bank.

Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

And if you’re looking for a wide selection of wallpaper to choose from, don’t miss out on our post on where to buy wallpaper online.

Work with pink – and learn to appreciate it

We hope this post helped inspire you and guide you towards the right solution for you, be it adding more pink, working with neutrals or even covering up one or more of the walls. There is no “right and wrong” here – so enjoy designing the room of your dreams.

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