How to Decorate a Room with High Ceilings

Most of us spend time complaining about problems that arise due to limited room space, yet the opposite side of the issue is just as concerning. A spacious room with high ceilings can be hard to decorate. It’s hard to imagine where to start, especially because the additional vertical space makes it difficult to control lighting.

There are several techniques that you can use to decorate a room with high ceilings:

  • Add wooden beams
  • Floor to ceiling curtains
  • Add impactful art
  • Incorporate a wall of windows
  • Add an accent wall of stone
  • Install a light fixture that makes a statement
  • Decorate your fireplace

Deciding what methods are best to use in your space depends so much on your personal preferences. Keep reading for more details on these tips to help you make the best decision for your living area.

Wooden Beams

The simplest solution that makes short work of high ceilings is the installation of wooden beams. You can control the proportions of the wooden beams depending on your comfort levels with the resulting vertical space. Try experimenting with different materials such as mahogany, walnut, oak, and maple.

A rustic attic bedroom with exposed wooden beams, a simple low bed with a brown throw, and large windows letting in ample natural light, creating a warm and inviting space ar 2:3

Let’s discuss a few ways to decorate high ceilings to make your rooms look lavishing.

Floor to Ceiling Curtains

To make your room look really sleek and low-profile at the same time, consider floor to ceiling drapery. They become a part of the room’s architecture itself. You could opt for visible curtain rods or choose a more subtle approach by hiding them entirely for a contemporary approach.

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An airy corner lounge with a curved white sofa adorned with cushions, elegant white drapes framing a bay window that offers a view of greenery outside, and a simple pendant light above ar 2:3

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A sophisticated bedroom with a white bed dressed in purple and cream bedding, flanked by mirrored bedside tables with matching lamps, all set against rich purple curtains and soft white drapery ar 2:3

Pure White Breathable Linen Curtains by Guken

Easy to install with high-quality linen, these curtains add both style and functionality to your room. The curtains provide passage to natural light from outside while adding privacy to your room, and this creates a soft and natural look. Plus, if you don’t like the curtains, you can always return them thanks to the 30-day money back guarantee.

Heavyweight Curtains by RoomDividersNow

Create a sleek textured effect on your wall with this black floor to ceiling curtain. It features a cool design that is fresh and modern, adding a new dimension to your room and creating a contemporary feel. Choose from 12 standard sizes to ensure maximum compatibility with your room.

Become Creative with Impactful Art

Try to imagine artwork on your walls. You will have to determine the spaces you want to fill. Since you’re dealing with a high ceiling, you can hang a single mural or multiple framed pieces. You could also go with sculptural artwork. Bonus points if the artwork utilizes a color palette that contrasts with the rest of the room, which enables the art to become the focal point in the space.

A serene living room features a neutral-toned sofa with pastel blue cushions, complemented by a three-part beach scene artwork above, and flanked by white lamps on side tables ar 2:3

5-Panel Sunny Blue Sea Framework

Take advantage of larger rooms by installing this 5-panel decorative mural that features a tiny home surrounded by sunny blue seas. You can choose from between four different sizes, choose the largest if you want a stronger statement piece.

Use Floor to Ceiling Windows

For an even more impactful design, try to go with floor to ceiling windows. This works only if you preserve an unobstructed view. But if your room itself is large, it should be easy to keep them clutter-free. Just a few inches of empty space in front of the windows should do the trick. If your windows open to a natural landscape, this is a great way to bring the look of nature indoors.

Try putting your furniture several inches away from your windows. This allows you to arrange for seating spaces without obstructing the view outside. But if you decide to use tables and chairs against the large glass, choose artful pieces. They should complement your floor to ceiling windows while keeping the obstruction to a bare minimum.

A good choice for furniture tables includes glass tables to enhance the spaciousness of your room. But if possible, try to maximize solid walls between your floors and ceiling windows. Using these areas would add more aesthetics and function to your space to your room. For example, you could add multi-faceted shelving next to the large window to utilize an otherwise purposeless corner.

A sunlit conservatory with wicker furniture, lush green plants, and a glass-topped coffee table, surrounded by tall windows and a glass ceiling that showcases the sky and treetops outside ar 2:3

A contemporary kitchen design boasting a sleek white island with a dark countertop, modern bar stools, and unique pendant lights, all overlooking a verdant forest through floor-to-ceiling windows ar 2:3

Stone Accented Wall

Stone walls are an effective way to elevate your room in a visually appealing way. The stone adds texture and luxury. You could choose both natural and faux stone décor, the idea is to take advantage of the stone’s aesthetics. There are thousands of textures to choose from that will match your interior. A good idea is to choose faux limestone walls with rough shapes to complement furniture with distressed or weathered wood.

3D Brick Wall by YLL YLL

Set a classic and rugged tone in your home with this 3D brick wall mural. The design features a realistic stone wall pattern, perfect for creating an accent wall with an industrial or rustic vibe. It is filled with great detail and personality, creating a cozy atmosphere in your room. It utilizes soft foam with anti-collision features to protect your children should they bump into it.

3D Sticker Self Adhesive Rock Stone by Akywall

This aged brick wallpaper features a sleek textured design that will help you achieve that rustic-decayed look. The design is completely unique and will add subtle pops of color to your interior. You could also hang this wallpaper around the fireplace in your living room to make more impact.

3D Brick PE Foam Wallpaper Panels by Sodeno

Spruce up your room by creating a high-end vibe with this 3D brick wallpaper. This impressive mural shows off a combination of fully detailed bricks with subtle shadows, adding character to your room.

Choose from 9 different colors.

Use Light Fixtures

Use large or oversized chandeliers with sparkly jewels to provide essential lighting and ambiance to your room. These chandeliers often end up as the room’s focal point. There are various sizes and designs of chandeliers to choose from, choose one that fits your room’s décor. The height of the chandelier should be proportional to the ceiling height.

If you don’t take the room’s proportions into account, you might end up with a light fixture that is too small for the room. A general rule of thumb is that for every extra foot of ceiling height, the chandelier should be 3 inches higher. In a room with 10 feet ceilings, the chandelier should be 25 to 30 inches high.

Other important elements to consider are the chandelier’s visuals. If you choose a chandelier that is visually attractive, it has to be in sync with the rest of the room. For instance, if the room itself has minimalist design features, but the chandelier has a modern and sleek design, it will look out of place.

A luxurious living room features a tufted dark grey sofa, a white marble coffee table, and an elegant glass chandelier, with a large abstract monochrome artwork on the wall adding a modern touch ar 2:3

Large Black Shade 19 Pendant Light

This antique chandelier features brass sockets with larger black shades that will match most interior decors. Each pendant is six feet long, making the chandelier a perfect for people. The light bulbs are rated at 40 watts, which means that this antique piece will hog a lot of energy. Installation is not simple and will require the use of a professional electrician.

Wide Silver Chandelier by Possini Euro Design

This chandelier is visually big and will work with a lot of different styles. It can play an important role in giving your room a sophisticated and luxurious vibe, and this is why they tend to be slightly more expensive than what an average family is willing to spend. This chandelier offers attractive lighting options that give your room a glamorous and romantic vibe that can’t be perfected any other way.

Adding Animal Figurines over Fireplaces

Fireplaces are great excuses to get you to spend more time with family members as the weather cools. You can choose from various design styles including the modern, farmhouse, traditional, or something entirely different to add a fireplace that feels more welcoming. Another alternative is to have the fireplace blend in with the surroundings, just snugly fitting into the wall without craving any attention.

There are limitless ways to configure your fireplaces. Start with a trophy head. Make sure no animals are harmed in the making of the trophy head, though! An ornate head carved from wood should do just fine. It’s a chic addition to your room that uplifts the décor with a vintage design.

Electric Fireplace by Touchstone

You don’t necessarily have to go with a real fireplace if an artificial one does just fine. Besides, it minimizes fire hazard, because no real flames are used here. The display provides you with a natural, realistic flame setting that with 5 different settings. It utilizes LED technology that requires comparatively less energy. This saves you natural gas and oil costs.

Natural Bull Skull Wall Décor by Skull Bliss

This bull skull is handmade by using a bull’s real bone. It has numerous ornate patterns that will add a mysterious aura to your room.

Deer Head Wall Decor

No deer were harmed in the making of this deer head wall mount. It is constructed using a high-quality resin that is durable and attractive.

Choose the Design that is Right for Your Lifestyle

All of these ideas are fantastic, but not if they don't work for your life or with your design aesthetic. Be thoughtful and have fun as you go through the design process. In the end, the best decor is the kind that makes your home a beautiful extension of yourself!

How to Decorate a Room with High Ceilings

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