How To Decorate The Wall Around Your TV

Scandinavian style designed living room with flat screen tv and framed wall decor, How To Decorate The Wall Around Your TVLong gone are the days of keeping a bulky television set in your living room, den, bedroom, or another area of your home. When it comes to decorating the space surrounding your TV, we have some great ideas for you, provided you have a flatscreen TV as your central focal point of interest. Depending on whether your television is mounted on a wall, located inside a functional entertainment center with or without doors, or you have it on a mantle, you have plenty of options. We have researched to find the best ideas to inspire you in your search for the perfect living room decor!

To decorate the wall around your TV, you can:

  • You can use plants, artwork, and even lighting to highlight your television
  • Surround your television curated artworks strategically encircling the screen
  • Install a curtain to hide away a TV when guests come calling
  • Transform your TV into a work of art by placing an oversized frame in front of the device
  • Hide your television with custom cabinets
  • Flank the entertainment device with plants or knickknacks if located on a mantle.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a surefire method to decorate the space surrounding your television is to work with your sense of style and the size of your TV, rather than struggling. Televisions have become a necessary item for most homes to entertain, inform, and bring loved ones and friends together, so rethink how you frame your precious possessions. Keep reading for even more great ideas!

Reinvent Your Television in a Flash

There are so many creative ways that you can decorate the wall behind your television without breaking the bank or wrecking your brain. Work with your home decor by choosing a modern set of floating wooden shelves with an industrial vibe. Country style homes look best with a sturdy rustic table to show off your television and artful items. Consider surrounding a TV that is on a mantle in a bohemian-style or modern living room with romantic candles or small statues and art pieces with a global flair.

Don't forget the importance of not overdoing things by choosing too many items to decorate the area surrounding a television, as less is more. You want your space to look well put together and not cluttered. And to improve the look and feel of your designated television area, you may be interested in having some cord organizers to keep things tidy. No one wants to be distracted by a series of twisting wires dangling from the bottom or side of a television; you want to focus on the beautiful decor.

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Encircle Your TV with Light and Life

Highlight the center of your entertainment and flank a television with a collection of houseplants on either side, or use dramatic lighting with candles, sconces, or string lights. You will be surprised at what type of mood you can create using living greenery, illuminating accents, and make your television part of the assemblage. Turn on the lights around your television when company comes to visit for flair or when you want to spend a romantic evening watching films.

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Display a Mini Museum

On top of having bragging rights about the size and picture quality of your flatscreen television, why not surround it with your sweet art collection too? Handpick artwork that you love to view as much as your television, and take the time to place it on the wall behind your TV. If your television is on a stand, feel free to not only adorn the back wall with artwork, but place framed pieces on the stand in front of and at your television's sides. Now is the time to let DIY art shine too.

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Hiding Behind the Curtain

Don't struggle with your television, and choose to install a curtain behind or in front of your entertainment device. Select a curtain with an intricate pattern to take eyes away from your TV, or draw your curtains in front of your television when you want it out of sight. Place a rolling track hovering above your TV for your curtains, or attach it to hooks or an indoor line of rope for a more bohemian eclectic vibe.

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Focus on the Frame

Go beyond surrounding your television with artwork and make your TV a work of art in itself. Place a frame over your television set, or create a frame within a frame by encircling your TV with an oversized frame that borders it on all sides. Turn up your home decor a notch and paint the frame in a bold color or metallic shade of paint to accent your TV.

Customized Cabinets & Shelving

Hide your television out of sight with a set of custom cabinetry. Take your sense of home decor a step further by having artwork on the cabinetry paneling, or have a custom picture screened over the cabinetry doors. If cabinetry seems too cumbersome or bulky, flank your television set with floating shelves and place objects of interest on them for visual appeal.

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A Menagerie for a Mantle

Make use of spring cleaning, dust off those items in the attic or garage, and bring out your favorite knickknacks to display on a mantle with a television set. Dress up your TV when the holidays come with tinsel, ornaments, and string lights. Surround your television with candles, plants, rummage sale, or thrift store finds that catch your eye's fancy.

What Color Should Your Wall be Behind Your TV?

Elevate your entertainment and get your television off of a table or entertainment stand and onto the wall. But after you find the perfect mount to place your TV on the wall, it's time to focus on color. Depending on the decor of your room, whether it features industrial elements like exposed brick, pipes, and rough wood beams, or you have a bohemian home, or a farmhouse, country-style decor, you can better choose a complementary color for the back wall.

Be daring, and choose an electric palette for the surrounding wall of a home that is modern and has mostly white walls to make a TV stand out. Choose a metallic soft grey color for a room that has industrial or minimalistic features to complement a flatscreen. Add texture to your wall to make the color pop and accent your TV in a pleasing way. Country style spaces work well with a warm jewel tone of red, brown, or even a robin's egg blue. Follow your instincts and let your sense of aesthetic guide you.

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Can You Hang a TV on a Stone Fireplace?

If you want to hang a television over a stone fireplace, you will want to make sure you are not competing with the visual appeal of the hearth. A grand fireplace should not be overshadowed by a behemoth sized TV, and if you choose a flatscreen that is too small, it might seem odd. If you don't want to install a wall mount for your TV, consider using a floating shelf above the fireplace for your flatscreen, or even a customized cabinet.

Make sure you select a wall mount that is the best type for the size and weight of your TV for the wall over the fireplace. If you wish to balance your TV on the mantle over your fireplace, consider nestling it with candle sets, decorative bowls filled with potpourri, or having a pair of elegant sconces on either side of the television.  Do be mindful of the distance between your fireplace and the TV if you are going to use it during the fall and winter months.

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How Do You Decorate a Mantel That has a TV Above it?

Don't be afraid to embellish a mantel that has a TV mounted above on the wall. First off, go ahead and add a frame to the front of your TV to make it look like artwork, whether it is on or off. Secondly, add elements that will coexist in your room without clashing with your TV. Choose some abstract artworks to place on the mantel, preferably a matching or complementary set that can be placed on opposing sides of the television.

Plants are always a good choice to balance a mantel and television. Be mindful of the type of containers and plants that you choose, so you don't overwhelm the space. You can also use artistic lighting, sculptural pieces, or framed photos of the family as decorations. Let your space help guide your decisions and make your space feel more cohesive and not dominated by the TV.

How Do You Hide the Cords From Your Wall Mounted TV?

It may seem impossible to keep cords from your TV out of view if it's mounted on the wall, but not to fear, there are some helpful items to give your wall a clean look. Forget about struggling with a tangled mess of wires or even exposed extension cords with visible outlets. Depending on the number of wires extended from your entertainment centerpiece, you can use one or more coverings to hide away cables.

Even if an organizer cover or raceway is in a color that stands out from your wall or decor, you can easily give it a paint job to help it better blend in with the background.

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