How to Decorate Your Bedroom Walls [3 Questions to Ask Yourself]

Black chandelier and gallery of framed art on white wall in navy blue bedroom in tenement houseYour bedroom can be one of the most exciting rooms to decorate in your whole home. Since it's not the main room, you don't have to worry about what other people think — you can take your bedroom and make it your own! While it's exciting to have such a fun opportunity, all the options and pressure to pick a design can be intimidating. We've put together some instructions and examples to help you to get you started!

Here are three questions to ask yourself when decorating your bedroom walls -

  1. Are you going to use paint, panels, or wallpaper for your walls?
  2. Do you want to hang things on your walls or use shelves?
  3. Which style or theme are you going for? (Eclectic is fine too!)

While you now have some basic direction, you may still have some questions, and some examples might help give you the inspiration you need. Keep reading, we'll help you end up with the perfectly decorated bedroom.

Decorating the Bedroom Walls

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, where are actually a surprising number of things to consider. Decorating your walls should be the last thing you do when it comes to the decor in a bedroom. Your bed frame, shelves, and other furniture in the room are all part of your decor, and since they are more permanent, they should be placed first.

You are also going to need to consider the type of bedding you have. Your bed set is part of the aesthetic of the bedroom, so it needs to be considered when you are hanging things on your walls. It will be obvious if they aren't cohesive.


The most important thing to consider is the visual balance and cohesion. Visual weight is what is meant by keeping the room balanced. Cohesion helps you make sure that the balance is maintained by objects and decor that complement and enhance each other. To achieve the best possible look, you need to have both of these things.

Bedroom Wall Decor Concepts

Here are a few ideas to help you get started on your own bedroom wall decor! Remember, the most important part is to make it your own, have fun with it, and find something that works for you.

1. Simplistic

Just because you have empty wall space doesn't mean you have to fill every bit of it. Between the headboard on this bed, there's a singular picture, and that plant takes up wall space and adds color. You don't really need much more to have a room that is put together.

2. The Walls Themselves


Sometimes walls add enough to the room that you don't need to add much to help augment them. For example, these wooden walls have lots of character all on their own. The lights attached to the wall give it the light it needs to be noticed, while the pictures hanging the lights add a nice personal touch.

3. Function And Fashion

This room has been decorated in favor of function, and it has been done in a fashionable manner. The shelves used above the bed are geometric, and each one adds more than one surface for you to use. There are also several chalkboards and a corkboard near the reading nook, which can be useful for studying.

4. Dreamy Aesthetic


Not everything on your walls needs to be fancy or storebought in order to be good. For example, a sheet with lights behind it gives a nice, dreamy feel to the room. A simple ladder with more lights brightens up a corner, while the rest of the wall decor is actually purses that match the rest of the decor in the room.

5. Balance

The pictures above the headboard of this bed help ground the bed and establish it as the center of the room. The frames used each coordinate with one another, and since the wall is grey, the white frames help tie the sheets to the decor.

6. Headboards


If the biggest wall in your room is the room that the bed rests up against, the kind of headboard that you use can have a big impact on your wall. This headboard spreads behind the bed and both end tables, while a smaller painting centered above the bed helps draw your eyes upward.

7. Visual Space

Putting things on your walls isn't the only way to actually decorate them. Placing things in front of your walls takes up visual space, so when you look at your wall, you aren't seeing just your wall but rather those items. In this example, there's a plant and some lights. While they aren't directly attached to the walls, their height and placement make them a part of its visual impact.

Where Should Wall Art Be Placed In A Bedroom?

You can hang wall art on any of your walls, and this advice will differ based on the shape, size, and uniformity of your room. However, there are two locations that will generally be safe regardless of the shape of your room or the location of your windows.

The first location is above your bed, ideally over the headboard. If you don't have one, you can put it in the same location where a headboard would be. Regardless of where your bed is, this will help establish the bed as the focal center of the room. The bed isn't the automatic center, but if your decor is placed so the bed is the focus, it helps bring order to the room.

Another good option for placing art is the wall opposite the bed. Doing this helps provide a focal point for you when you are already laying in the bed. Recently, this style of decorating has been replaced by placing a TV opposite the head of the bed. While this does take away from some of your placement availability, you can still use the TV as the center of your room, and place art around it as a type of visual frame.

Learn more in our post about how to decorate the bedroom walls with pictures.

How Do You Decorate A Large Bedroom Wall?

There are two main considerations when asking this question.

  1. Is there a window in this wall?
  2. Is there any furniture against this wall?

If there is a window against the wall, some of your work has already been done for you. Windows help break up space visually, which is important for a larger wall. Windows also generally mean window treatments. Window treatments are anything that helps augment the window or draw attention to it. Common window treatments include blinds, drapes, curtains, shades, and shutters.

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Conveniently for you, these window treatments also serve as a form of wall decor. Blinds and shutters will provide different colors and textures, shades will give a nice splash of color that is fitted to the window, and curtains and drapes will provide you with the most coverage and options for layers, color palettes, and overall decor effect. If you use any of these options you've already won half the battle.

Your choice then is simply to decide what to do with the space that remains. You can fill it with pictures, works of art, or install floating shelves that will give you a few more options than pictures and their frames. But remember that intentionally empty space is just as effective and meaningful as space that is filled. Especially if space is already being taken up by one or more windows, your use of window treatments will greatly impact your remaining decisions when it comes to your wall.

If your wall doesn't have windows, you may have a hard time simply because you don't have the option to use a window treatment to take up visual space. You will, however, have more options when it comes to using things like bookshelves. If the wall is really that large, it would be a good idea to take advantage of it to add some storage space. Doing this will not only add to the function of the room but will give you other decorating options.

If neither of these options sounds appealing to you, you will always have artwork. Framed work or even posters and tapestries are a great way to break up a wall.

Which Kind Of Paintings Are Best For The Bedroom?

Pick out paintings that complement the colors in your room. Take a look at your bedding, the main color of your walls, and the accent wall, and go from there. Abstract art is an easy way to go, but if your room has a theme, you can use paintings that work with the theme as well. For example, if you have a tropical plant theme, a picture of beaches or palm leaves would complement your room well.

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