20 Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms With Gray Walls

Gray is a great color choice for bedroom walls because it's a neutral, blank canvas upon which you can decorate to your heart's content. Virtually all interior decor looks amazing with gray walls, so the options are endless. 

Ironically, the numerous decorating options with gray walls can actually make it difficult to decide on a decorative scheme. Options are always great when it comes to decorating, but too many options can often prove overwhelming. But with that said, with the right guidance and inspiration, you can create an amazing aesthetic.

To give you some creative inspiration to do just that, we created a list of 20 decorating ideas for bedrooms with gray walls. Without further ado, let's get to it!

Bedroom with a gray wall, blanket, pillows and parquet floor, 20 Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms With Gray Walls

1. Warm Accent Pieces

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A bedroom with a gray wall and an orange blanket and pillows

The reddish-orange bedding really pops against the neutral gray background. The side table shares the same hue. A small accent chair with natural wood and neutral tones sits in the corner which adds balance to the space. 

Mid-Century Beige Accent Chair


2. Wooden Undertones

A brown themed bedroom with a gray bed and white curtains

In this bedroom, wood is a decorative focal point. The bed frame, shelves, and side table are all made of nice polished wood that looks amazing against the neutral gray wall. Even the area rug underfoot has a slight woodgrain aesthetic. 

3. Chic And Modern Scheme

A classic styled bedroom with a wooden bed

This bedroom oozes chic, modern, industrial vibes. The concrete gray wall adds incredible texture to the room and serves as a backdrop for the rest of the room. The low-sitting wooden platform bed is warm and inviting. The exposed clothing rack gives off a laidback feel.

4. Abundance Of Gray Decor

A gray and white themed bedroom with a white bed and a gray blanket with a shelf

There's no shortage of the color gray in this cool, calming room. The monochromatic color scheme of this room includes varying shades of the smokey hue. From the nightstand to the throw blanket covering the bed, gray seeps into everything. 

Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw

5. White And Gray With Green Foliage

A gray bedroom with a gray bed

There's something so sophisticated about a white and gray bedroom color scheme. The tones are very complementary to each other, creating balance in the room. The intricate white crown molding looks elegant and instantly upgrades the room. Green foliage adds a nice pop of color. 

6. Gray With A Pop Of Green

A gray bedroom with a huge window and an off white bedding set

This room is full of all kinds of gray hues, each one with a different texture. The diversity of textures offers immense depth to the room design. Incorporating small pops of green or other accent colors provides the room with just enough bright color. Leave the floor-to-ceiling window exposed to receive a wealth of natural light. 

7. Cool Color Complements

A gray bedroom with brown shelves on the side and an off white blanket

Stone blue pairs wonderfully with gray tones. Cool color complements are just enough to differentiate the color palette without overwhelming the room. Find subtle ways to insert the color such as accents in the area rug, as a throw blanket, or even as an armchair in the corner. 

8. Color-Coordinated Throw Blanket

A gray colored bedroom with an off white bed

Tie the look of your bed into your gray room design with the help of a color-coordinated throw blanket. It's a great way to soften the features of the room, too. If you love geometric patterns, you can find numerous ways to include them in the room.

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9. Gray And Blue With Unique Light Fixtures

A modern bedroom with a gray wall and a gray bed with blue blankets

Unique light fixtures are a sure way to spruce up a room design. While, of course, they provide utility, they also serve as a visual wonder in the bedroom. Muted cobalt blue accents offer a zing of color to the cool color palette. 

Modern Pendant Light Fixture

10. Gold Accent Pieces

A modern gray themed bedroom with a white bed and a huge window

Gray walls become warmer with the help of golden accents strewn throughout the room. The metallic hues ooze elegance and sophistication. Other gray accent pieces are used throughout the room to create a look of cohesion.

11. Neutrals With A Splash Of Color

An industrial themed bedroom with a gray wall and stripped rug

The industrial gray walls in this room are partnered with bright white accents and furniture, creating a balanced aesthetic. In order to prevent the room from looking too ordinary, splashes of color and patterns are incorporated into the room. Even a hint of color goes a long way in a neutral room.

Solid Blue Quilt

12. Book Decor

A gray bedroom with a beige colored bed and a trellis like decorative ceiling

Including books in the room design is a fun way to infuse unique decor. Create stacks of books of varying heights for a visual wonder. The wood-paneled ceiling makes the room feel warmer. 

13. Contemporary Minimalism

A modern bedroom with a white bed and blankets and a huge window

Less is more in this gorgeous contemporary minimalistic room design. The gray stone, tile-paneled walls highlight the features of the room such as the white bed and beige accent chair. The large tiles even help the room look larger!

14. Pink Floral Arrangement

A gray colored bedroom with a gray colored bedding set

Muted gray and light pink is a sweet color combination. The colors look soft against each other and give the room a comforting appeal. Keep a bouquet of fresh pink flowers in the room for a sweet fragrance and gorgeous color. 

Pale Pink Bed Sheets

15. Obsidian Black Elements

A gray colored living room with a black furnitures and appliances and a black bed with a black bedding sets

Obsidian black is dark and demanding in any room. Pair it with smokey gray walls and you get a visual wonder. All the furniture in the room is crafted from the same dark color and material, giving the room the perfect "put together" appeal. 

16. Color-Coordinated Curtains And Wall

A gray wall with a floral patterned wallpaper and a white bedding set

Wallpaper is making its way back into homes and it's better than ever. The gray and black pattern is eye-catching and really spruces up the room. The colors coordinate with the vertically-striped curtains for a cohesive look.

17. Natural Wood And Indoor Plants

A modern bedroom with a gray bed and a wooden headboard and a huge window on the side

Dress up your gray walls with an interesting natural wood accent wall. The expansive piece of wood differentiates the space and welcomes diversity in the design. Luscious, live plants provide organic beauty in the room, perfect color complements to the gray walls. 

18. Shelf With Miscellaneous Decor

A rustic themed bedroom with gray bedding sets

The dark gray brick wall instantly transforms the room and sets it up for success. The bed is made up with slouchy, comfortable gray blankets. The open shelf next to the bed is great for adding an assortment of stylish, decorative pieces.  The open bookshelf makes it possible for natural light to still enter the room.

19. Wooden Bed Frame With Trendy Accents

A white colored bedroom with a wooden bed and a white bedding set

Eggshell gray is the perfect neutral backdrop for any bedroom. Its cool colors spotlight the features in the room such as the natural wood bed frame, red brick herringbone floors, and live plants. The light gray hue does a wonderful job of covering the whole room in elegance.

Wood Paneled Bed Frame

20. Gray And Purple Combination

A gray bedroom with a combination of violet for aesthetics of the whole bedroom

Silvery gray and purple make for a striking color combination. With the two colors together, you get a fun, elegant look. The heel-shaped accent chair in the corner of the room is the icing on the cake for an unforgettable room design. 

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