21 Deer-themed Nursery Decor Items That You Should See

21 Deer-themed Nursery Decor Items That You Should SeeWoodland creatures have always been a charming decorating motif for nurseries. Deer, in particular, can be very charming, regardless of whether you have a boy or a girl. You can take deer decor into one of two directions. It can be an innocent Bambi-ish childlike design or a more rustic country style. Either has tons of potential when it comes to designing a unique look for a nursery or child's bedroom.

If you're looking for deer-themed decor for your child's nursery, take a look at the options we have for you below.

1. 4 Piece Woodland Set

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This crib bedding set is made from high-quality cotton sateen, which is super soft to the touch and won't fade after multiple washes. The bedding features black, red and white colors, and contains images of black deer heads and white arrows. This woodland set is machine washable and low tumble dry and can be found here on Amazon.

2. Personalized Deer Antlers

This vinyl art comes in the shape of a deer's head, and it can be applied to most flat surfaces, such as walls, mirrors, and glass. You're able to personalize it with any name you choose, and there are twenty color choices for the name to come in. For the deer head itself, there are twenty-eight color options to choose from.

You can find these personalized deer antlers here.

3. Deer Baby Crawling Mat

This adorable baby crawling mat is perfect for any nursery! It features an image of a baby deer and is made from environmentally friendly microfiber, which is both healthy and comfortable for your child. The mat itself is machine washable, but you can also hand wash it without any issues.

This soft mat is ideal for encouraging children to walk, crawl, roll and sit up, and can be found here on Amazon.

4. Plush Deer Rug

This soft plush deer rug is made from 100%imported polyester, and comes in a small and large size. It contains a non-skid backing to keep the rug in place on most flooring, making it safer for children, and its softness creates the perfect area for playing and cuddling.

You can find this plush deer rug here.

5. Fleece Baby Blanket

This cute baby blanket features deer, arrow and flower prints, and its main colors are white and pink. The blanket is made of super soft fleece, and is perfect for any woodland themed nursery! It's customizable, so you can order it with your child's name!

This fleece baby blanket can be found here on Amazon.

6. Sweet Jojo Art Prints

Professionally printed on premium heavyweight paper with fade resistant ink, these inspirational art prints showcase pink, mint, white, and earth tones. The art print set comes with 4 pieces, and each piece measures 8in x 10in. Each art print features a short inspirational phrase, such as "Be Kind" and "Be Brave," and are sure to inspire your child as they grow.

This decorative art print set can be found here.

7. Levtex Wall Decor

Cute and soft, this 3D stuffed deer head has felt antlers and all of its features are embroidered. The deer head is made from imported polyester and measures 11.4in x 8.3in x 11.8in. This wall decor would fit in any deer-themed nursery and can be found here on Amazon.

8. Grey Deer Fold-able Storage Bins

These grey deer storage bins come with a set of two bins, and they feature a grey stag print with a white background. The bins are spot clean only, and the fabric allows them to slide easily in and out of most cube shelving. Spacious and efficient, these bins are perfect for storing toys and can be found here.

9. Lambs & Ivy Meadow Bedding Set

This calming 3 piece bedding set has lovely cream, brown, and white colors and includes one comforter, one fitted crib sheet, and one dust ruffle. The comforter presents the image of a mommy and baby deer, and intricate embroidered leaves and feathers decorate the comforter. The set is machine wash cold and a gentle dry cycle.

This Lambs & Ivy Meadow bedding set can be found here on Amazon.

10. Lambs & Ivy Meadow Mobile

This mobile is another item on our list from Lambs & Ivy Meadow, and it doesn't disappoint. The mobile is decorated with embroidered leaves and four friendly deer with white accents on their backs and gray feet. The mobile plays Brahms Lullaby to lull your child to sleep and can fit all standard cribs and some convertible cribs.

This musical mobile would go wonderfully in a woodland themed nursery and can be found here.

11. HIYAGON Collapsible Basket

This collapsible basket from HIYAGON has sturdy handles that make it easy to carry and a waterproof lining to contain any potential mess. It can act as a laundry basket or as an organizer for toys and is designed with a gray background and white deer heads and arrows. You can find this collapsible basket here on Amazon.

12. Deer Light Decoration

This luminous 3D deer light comes with the light and a USB cable, and would go perfectly in a deer themed nursery, as it provides the right amount of light. The light decoration measures 8.7in x 4.9in and features a deer on a stand. This deer light can be found here.

13. NoJo Deer Wall Art

This lovely wall art comes framed and one of the art pieces comes with the message "May there always be love in her eyes, and flowers in her hair." The other art piece features a deer with shades of pink, green, periwinkle blue, and touches of gray. Each frame comes with Plexiglas, and you can find the NoJo deer wall art here on Amazon.

14. Deer Wall Stickers

These playful deer wall stickers can instantly brighten up any nursery! The stickers can be applied to any smooth surface, and arrive pre-cut, so you only have to peel and stick them to your wall. You can remove the stickers without damaging your walls, and you can reposition them easily.

These cute stickers can be found here.

15. Deer Lampshade

This deer themed lampshade measures 4in x 7in x 10in and only comes with the lampshade and not the lamp base. The lampshade features pink trim and a golden brown deer with light pink flowers. This deer lampshade can be found here on Amazon.

16. Black and White Deer Lampshade

This deer themed lampshade features black deer antlers contrasted against a white background. The lampshade measures 4in x 7in x 10in and does not come with the lamp base. This lamp would go great in a deer themed nursery with a darker color scheme and can be found here.

17. Deer Laundry Hamper

This laundry hamper is the perfect addition to any deer or woodland themed nursery! The hamper contains a natural wood stand that folds flat to save space and a removable mesh inner liner that comes out easily for moving laundry. The liner is machine washable and dryable and can be found here on Amazon.

18. Deer Curtains

These bright curtains include two window panels, each measuring 42in x 84in, and they fit standard rods up to .75 inches in diameter. The curtains feature imagery of deer, flowers, leaves, arrows, and tepees. These curtains are decorated with soft colors and can be found here.

19. Woodland Deer Baby Changing Pad Cover

This adorable changing pad cover would look great in a woodland themed nursery! The changing pad cover fits all changing pads up to 17in x 32in, and it fits both standard and contoured changing pads. The cover is easy to wash and take care of, and you can find it here on Amazon.

20. Deer Rug

Cute and safe, this rug is great for a deer themed nursery! This rug is made from high-quality cotton and is free of harmful dyes, making it perfectly safe for your child to play on. The rug features a light grey sleeping deer contrasted against a black background and creates the perfect soft surface for your child to crawl, roll, play, and walk on.

This rug is fantastic and can be found here.

21. Woodland Deer Nursery Lamp

This lamp features the delightful image of a mother deer with her baby deer, providing a sense of comfort. The lampshade is made from polyester and contains fade-resistant ink on both sides of the shade. The lamp includes a 6in power cord with a two-prong plug and pull chain, and measures 50.8cmh x 17.78cmw

You can find this woodland deer lamp here on Amazon.

We hope you enjoyed this post of deer themed nursery decor, and we hope it gave you endless inspiration for different items to decorate your child's nursery with! If you found inspiration from some of the products above, or if you have a deer themed decor product you would like to recommend, then let us know below!

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