The 25 Different Colors of Leather Furniture

If you're on the hunt for new furniture, you may decide against getting leather (or faux leather) because you think it only comes in black or brown, and that's not your style. But no worries, leather comes in a massive variety of color options, and you can have the convenience and easy-care of leather while still having your favorite color.

From traditional neutrals to reds or blues or greens, we've found twenty-five different color choices for all of your leather furniture needs. Let's take a look.

Modern living room with brown leather sofas and a gorgeous coffee table on the middle, The 25 Different Colors of Leather Furniture

1. Black

Black is one of the most classic of all leather furniture colors. It works super well in contemporary styled interiors and makes a bold statement. Use black with today's grey and neutral palettes for a classic modern look. It's great at hiding stains and pet hairs unless, of course, you have a white pet.

This classic rolled arm sofa with tufted back works well for transitional decor. Here you see it paired with soft grey flooring and walls.

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2. White

White leather furniture exudes sophistication. When people imagine a house in Palm Springs or Beverly Hills, they might imagine a sparkling clean white leather sectional. It goes with everything, too, which is a bonus. The downside would be that it might get dirty more quickly than other colors of leather furniture.

This sectional is a true stark white. Contemporary styling makes this piece a real statement for your room.

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A variation on white, cream-colored furniture has a hint of subtle color. Like its namesake, the sweet cream that is a dairy product, the cream has a drop of yellow in its hue.

This leather ottoman is an excellent example of a lighter shade of cream. When put next to a stark white, the bit of yellow tint shows up.

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Like cream, vanilla is a yellow-tinted form of white. However, it has a smidge more color than cream. This color would work great in neutral palettes that lean towards warmer tones. A vanilla colored sofa would work great in a homey and cozy room that maybe also featured some oranges and reds. It probably wouldn't do as well if you were going for sleek chrome and greys and whites.

This Argus recliner and ottoman are covered in a bonded leather fabric that is soft and strong and wears well. As you can see, the tone is slightly darker than that of the cream ottoman above.

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5. Brown

Brown is probably the most classic of all leather colors. (And we have a great post on it here: 17 Dark Brown Leather Sofa Decorating Ideas) It's warm and rich and exudes both masculinity and warmth. It works well in warm-colored decors and southwestern themed homes. It can even work with greys if you choose the right tones. So let's look at some of the variations of brown.

Dark Brown

The deepest of all the browns, dark brown leather furniture is often worry-free as it will hide a multitude of stains and sins. It does create a dark mass in your room, so be sure you plan for the light and other accessories, so you don't overwhelm the space.

This sumptuous dark brown leather club chair has the feel of an old-school men's club with the styling of a more contemporary space. It is shown here with russet floors and a side table and a pop of green from the plant in the corner.

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Warm Brown

A mid-toned warm brown works in a wide variety of interior styles. It can go from traditional to loft contemporary and everything in between. Dress it up with pops of bright color and let it shine in a neutral palette.

This leather-clad office chair gives that great warm feeling you get from a beautiful medium brown. This piece is paired with a natural finish desk and similarly colored throw rug.

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Saddle Brown

Saddle leather has long been synonymous with the rugged style of mountain cabins and chalets. It tends to have a bit more red in it than your darker browns. Because of this, it may not work as well with some of your cooler-toned palettes.

Here's a gorgeous contemporary saddle brown leather sofa with a slightly textured finish. You can see the reddish tones that make it saddle brown.

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Walnut brown has the same deep hues of a darker brown but with just a touch of red in it. There's a richness to the color. This color furniture would look fantastic with lighter colored floors to provide a stunning contrast. Much like with the other darker leathers, you want to be sure not to overpower your space with an oversized piece of furniture.

This mid-century modern replica in faux walnut leather is streamlined and would work in a smaller living room space.

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Chocolate brown is close to walnut and dark brown but can go even darker, like a good piece of 90% cacao bean chocolate bar.

This piece is a combination of chocolate leather and lighter brown upholstered cushions. You can see how well the red and cream pillows work with this rich and delicious color.

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4. Beige

Beige is a color that never goes out of style. Somewhere between white and brown, beige is a warm-toned color. It is often used in Scandinavian styled homes (see our post here: Scandinavian Home Decor: The Ultimate Guide) or beach homes (see our post here: Coastal Home Decor: The Complete Guide.) It's also seen in contemporary designs that mix beige with whites and greys.

The lighter beiges you may have to worry as you do with whites about scuffs and stains, but there are great cleaning products on the market, and lots of leather furniture comes with durability finishes to reduce scuffs, tearing, and stains.


Tan is probably the hallmark of the beige color spectrum. It sits squarely between a white and caramel in tone.

Tan leather furniture is available in just about every style and type of furniture. This faux leather loveseat has the tufting of a more traditional piece, but the interesting shape of something slightly contemporary.

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Cognac is one of the darker versions of tan and features a fair amount of red in its shading. Like the fine liquor it's named for, cognac leather has a richness and a warmth that works super well for cozy offices and reading rooms. You'll want to make sure you pick the right accessories that go with it so as not to clash with the reds that shine through.

Here's a classic cognac leather sofa. The flared arms give it a bit of modern pizazz.

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C. Caramel

Caramel is to beige, what vanilla is to white. It's rich and creamy with a big dash of yellow and orange. It's a scrumptious color for leather furniture. Picture it paired with greens and creams or maybe add in some floral upholstered pieces that pick up on the warm shaded caramel tone.

This traditional roll arm sofa invites long naps on cold winter days. The warm buttery richness of the caramel leather exudes homeyness. We can imagine this with a bright, washed floral rug with oranges, reds, and yellows and a couple of throw pillows to enhance those colors.

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Sand is probably the lightest of the beiges. Slightly darker than vanilla or cream, but lighter than tan or caramel, sand is a great color for light-filled airy spaces. Like other light-colored furniture, you'll want to be sure you use a stain guard, but we think the freshness of this beautiful color makes the risk worth it.

This three reclining seat sofa is an example of the soft beauty of sand-colored leather. It almost has a bit of grey tone that shines through, making this color a great choice for mixing into a cooler toned palette.

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5. Red

The idea of a red leather sofa makes us think of Old Hollywood Glamour and new pop styling. Bright red is rich and intense and commands an interior space. But it's also so much fun, and there is a tone of red for practically every palette. Choose an orangey-red for warmer tones and a more blue red for cooler tones. You'll want to make sure you have a solid design plan, or your red sofa could be the only thing people see when they walk into your home.

This bright true red sofa is also a bed. It's a faux leather material that has a reclining function, a pull-down cupholder, and will lie flat to become a bed. This is an upgraded version of the futons of the eighties.

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Burgundy is bright red's more mature older cousin. If you love the idea of red, but are a little scared to make such a bold design statement but don't want to go to the reddish browns like cognac and saddle, then burgundy might be your red tone. It's a slightly darker version of a true red that may blend more easily into your home decor.

Here is a classic old-school button tufted chair in oxblood burgundy. The rich hue would look fabulous with wood-trimmed furniture and deep walnut floors.

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6. Gray

Gray is probably the most popular of the design colors these days. From paint to floors to upholstery, it's everywhere, including leather furniture. One of the reasons is because of its versatility, like black and white, gray goes with pretty much everything, so it leaves your design options open. It can be contemporary, transitional, or traditional with ease. The lighter colors may have some of the same stain issues as the other lighter leathers, but that's the only downside.

Charcoal Gray

The darkest of the grays, charcoal is a rich dark color that works if you don't want browns, but don't want to go as dark as black. A good charcoal sofa set will wear elegantly with time. Pair it with reds or blues or soft greens for something special.

This set of contemporary charcoal gray accent chairs will dress up an empty space in your home. The black oak legs make a nice contrast to the softness of the leather color.

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Slate Gray

Slightly lighter than charcoal, slate gray comes from the stone of the same name. It's a beautiful medium gray that has a slight bluish tint to it that works well to mix with whites, blacks, other grays, and blues. If you want a bit of additional color, try adding a pop of pink in.

This modern accent chair has the beautiful medium bluish grey tone we associate with slate.

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Light Grey

Like the airiness of fog, a light grey is the sand color of this group. It's a wonderful soft neutral for sun-filled rooms. It can work with a whole host of design choices (see some great grey room ideas here: 70+ Gorgeous Grey Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You).

Here's a gorgeous Italian contemporary sofa in light grey leather.

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7. Other Colors

Leather doesn't have to stop at neutrals. Nowadays, with so many great dying and bonding techniques available, leather furniture can come in pretty much any color you can imagine. We'll look at some of the more common options. Remember, as with all design choices, you'll need to weigh the variables between size and your space and your other accessories to make sure your furniture fits seamlessly into your overall design.


Green can be a whole range of colors. From a bright lime to a deep hunter, there are tons of choices. Here are a few green leather pieces we found.

This lime green ottoman would be great for the playroom or teen's room.

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This loveseat in olive would work beautifully with browns and beiges.

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Some of our browns and beiges borrow a bit of yellow for their tones, but if you're a purist, fear not, there are bright lemon leathers available for furniture finishes.

This soft mustard-colored leather recliner looks gorgeous here with greys and greens.

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Blue is one of the most popular colors in personal preference and home decor, so it's no wonder there are great blues available in leather furniture. If you love the easy care of leather but want more color in your design, check out these pieces.

Here's a stunning navy sectional with tufted back and sides in leather. Click here for this on Amazon.

Teal is another popular shade of blue. Here we see it in a leather wingback chair.

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Leather in twenty-five shades and more. You can truly have whatever color you desire in today's rich plethora of leather finished furniture.

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