11 Awesome Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Your dining room isn't just a place to serve guests; it's the meeting place of your home. Think about it. How many important conversations have you enjoyed in your dining room? Your dining room is one of your home's centerpieces, so it's important to come up with a unique way to flaunt your style here. 

Decorating a dining room is not like any other room. There are nuances there and at times, you also might want to take a look at the dinner plates too. But, putting together a nice dining room might take more than just matching plates. These ideas below can help make the most of your room.

Kitchen interior design with island table, white brick walls and hardwood floor, 11 Awesome Dining Room Decorating Ideas

1. Carpeting Statements

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Modern design luxurious kitchen interior

If there is one place in your home where carpeting can make a difference, it's the dining room. This is doubly true if you have a glass dining room table since it can help add texture and color in a place where everyone can see. A statement carpet isn't your regular cream or beige corner-to-corner carpet. It's a carpet with a unique design or texture, like the one above. 

Choosing a statement carpet as the main focal point of your room isn't always easy. If you want to use a carpet as your main attention-grabber, make sure to pick one that is bright, colorful, and truly acts as a work of art. A good rule of thumb is to find one that resembles a painting you would typically choose for your home. 

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2. Whiteout

Kitchen interior design with island table, white brick walls and hardwood floor

One of the most popular trends in home decor is a heavy emphasis on the color white. White opens up a room like no other color can, and adds a certain brightening ambiance to it. In a dining room, having an all-white decor theme can give you the appearance of a clean or even professional chef's table.

White alone can look stark in some situations. So, if you want to break the monotony or avoid a sterile vibe, add warm lighting or accent the room with birch wood furniture. This option is ideal for people who enjoy modern and contemporary home decor, but don't stop there! It can work well with French and European furniture as well. 

3. Savannah Sun

a hyperrealistic dining room with African accents, incorporating gold, wood, and animal prints for an earthy yet elegant vibe

One of the most exotic themes for a dining room involves African accents. More specifically, getting some gold, some wood, and a little bit of animal print together. Gold is a color that is known for sparking appetites, and it always looks so luxurious. By adding wood (specifically, reed and teak) accents, you give your dining room an earthy yet elegant vibe.

To get a more authentic vibe, get heavily-geometric dining cloths and wooden carvings to accent your home. 

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4. The Fruits Of Your Labor

a hyperrealistic dining room with a food theme, featuring fruits as a pop of color and a subtle reminder of the pleasures of dining

Most people never guess this, but food themes tend to be pretty darn excellent for dining rooms. One of the more unusual decor themes you can pick comes from fruits. Yes, like bananas and apples. Having fruits in your dining room's theme can add a pop of color and also act as a subtle reminder of the food you should be enjoying.

Having food themes is versatile, especially in a part of your home that will be housing food. It also works with almost every dining room set you could imagine. 'Nuff said.

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5. Italia!

a hyperrealistic dining room with hardwood furniture in golden hues, subtle iron accents, and warm colors, evoking an Italian-inspired atmosphere1

If you ask anyone from New Jersey, Italians know how to eat well. In fact, they might just have some of the best food at the Shore. It comes as little surprise, then, that many New Jerseyans make a point of decorating their dining rooms with Italian accents. Hardwood furniture in golden hues, subtle iron accents, a little bit of marble...it's all elegant, and it's all amazing to look at. 

Warm colors are a must here, as is serving your dinner with some Tuscan wine. 

6. Mirror Up

a hyperrealistic dining room with mirrors, maximizing light reflection and adding a statement to the room's design

Mirrors are scientifically proven to make a room look larger than it already is, which is why they're popular in almost every room. There's no doubt in many peoples' minds that you should add a mirror to a dining room, if only because of the extra light reflection it can provide. To get the most out of this design concept, make sure to get a mirror that adds a statement to the room. 

You can grab mirrors that have both unique shapes and unique decals on Amazon fairly cheaply. How you work this concept is totally up to you. 

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7. Going Green

Vegetables, mushrooms and cheese on countertop

Ask any millennial interior designer, and they'll tell you that adding plant life to a room is a great design concept. This also happens to be true in dining rooms, where ferns and vines often end up adding a splash of freshness to your home. You can choose flower arrangements, succulents, ferns, or full trees for this trend.

Even if you are just going with a vase filled with faux flowers, having some kind of plant life can seriously pay off. Having plant life nearby is linked to better moods. So, cheer up. Grab a plant!

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8. Wallpapering It Up

Stylish and modern dining room interior

Wallpaper sometimes has a bad rap for being outdated or retro, and it's not deserved. The right wallpaper can add texture and even help define your living room's look. If you want to give this a shot, there are several things to remember: 

  • Bright wallpaper often needs lots of neutrals to balance it. 
  • Smaller patterns can shrink a room. 
  • Big patterns can act as statement murals for your wall. 

For more guidance on this topic, check out our post: How To Choose The Right Wallpaper Pattern

9. Weathered Wood Industrial

Contemporary design of a cozy loft style restaurant

Go to almost any major "hipster bar" that has an upscale bent, and you'll notice a specific combination of textures that keep popping up: weathered wood and brick backgrounds. Greyish wood, in particular, is enjoying a resurgence in popularity when paired with iron. This combination can be done with real brick and wood, or through using veneers. Either way, it's a steampunk look that never fails to please. 

a hyperrealistic dining room with weathered wood and brick textures, pairing greyish wood with iron accents for a steampunk-inspired look

The difficult part about this look is finding enough brushed metal to make it work well in a home setting. Thankfully, having a metallic dining room set can help alleviate this issue. For art, opting for metalwork or metallic paints is a smart move. 

10. Food Coloring

a hyperrealistic dining room with bright, colorful chairs, tables, and paintings, creating a stylish and artsy atmosphere

Did you ever notice how much enjoyment a colorful home can bring? Bright colors, even if they are not coordinated, can work wonders in almost any room. A dining room outfitted with bright, colorful chairs, tables, and paintings will always have a stylish and attractive look to it. This is even true when the colors don't match. 

For fans of bright, artsy, and quirky decor, check out this option. Even using bright colors in dish towels and paintings can make a world of difference. 

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11. Getting Cooler

Interior of modern light kitchen with white wooden furniture, table and chairs

Another major trend that people are starting to pick up on involves cool colors, particularly grey and blue. These types of colors are not usually linked to dining room colors, simply because they are not "appetizing" colors. However, they do offer an interesting and highly modern look to a dining room regardless of the "appetizing factor." 

a hyperrealistic dining room with cool colors like grey and blue for a modern and calming ambiance, even if they are not traditionally appetizing colors

This is a hyper-trendy look that is bound to get comments. Besides, who doesn't love the calming effect of basking in the beauty of a slate grey wall? 

In Closing

We hope that one of these eleven ideas have sparked your creativity and given you a great jumping point for designing your very own dining room. From Tuscan to Industrial, the options are countless. Enjoy your decorating!

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