11 Awesome Dining Room Mirror Ideas

Mirrors are a great wall accessory for the dining room. They can make a room look larger, reflect natural light, and create depth that may not be there naturally. When framed, a mirror can be ornate in gold leaf or rustic in old barn wood, or all sorts of looks on the formality spectrum. Some designers choose to mirror an entire wall in the dining room. Or they might use a series of mirrors to break up the reflective surfaces. We've gathered eleven awesome dining room mirror ideas for you to see. Maybe one of them is the perfect look for your dining room.

warm dining room with chandelier and a large rectangular mirror on the wall with gold patterns, 11 Awesome Dining Room Mirror Ideas

1. Use A Hanging Of Small Mirrors

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a group of small brass mirrors on a wall above a buffet

If you love the idea of mirrors, but not the idea of having to look at your reflection, this is a cool idea. Hang a selection of smaller mirrors above a buffet. This allows in plenty of reflective light but creates fractured reflections. You can choose from so many styles of small mirrors that it can be greatly personalized to your space.

Deluxe Nautical Brass Polished Porthole Mirror

This decorative porthole mirror is a lovely solid brass finish. It's available in sizes from 6 inches to 20 inches in diameter.

Click here for this on Amazon.

2. Have A Wall Of Rectangular Full-Size Mirrors For Ultimate Elegance

Formal dining room with wall of rectangular full-sized mirrors

This ultra-luxurious large dining room uses floor to ceiling rectangular mirrors in a row to create glittering opulence. The large windows on the opposite wall are reflected, bringing the outdoors inside. There's also a beautiful reflection of the old-world furnishings and crystal tableware, which adds to the feel of luxury. A mirrored wall is a lovely way to use mirrors in any dining room.

3. Use A Single Framed Mirror To Reflect A Gorgeous Light Fixture

dining room with a single framed mirror on a crimson red wall

In this dining room, a simple table is set against a bold red wall. Rather than use artwork or some other wall decor in the dining room, this decorator chose a simple, bold black framed mirror. Because of the height at which it is hung, it won't reflect diner's faces. Instead, it reflects the contemporary light fixture. (See our post here: 21 Wall Decor Ideas for Your Dining Room)

Wall Mount Mirror

Get a similar look with this simple framed mirror in black. This one is 21 x 27 inches, so be sure to check if it's the right size for the space you want to use it in. It comes in other sizes as well.

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4. Use A Wall-Sized Mirror For A Small Dining Room

dining room with olive colored walls, armchairs, wooden round table, wall sized mirror for a small room

If your dining room is relatively small, mirrors are a great way to give the illusion of more room. Here a very large framed mirror is resting against the wall opposite from the mirror. This reflects all that great natural light. But the size of the mirror and the frame's beauty make it a real eye-catcher on its own. The dark wood of this frame goes very well with the wood of the table and the chandelier.

5. Flank A Mirror With ArtWork

Luxury dining room, art deco style. dining room mirror with artworks on all sides, table is set for dinner

If you have a mirror above your buffet but still think something is missing, why not flank it with some beautiful artwork. In this case, a gilt-framed mirror languishes between two pieces framed similarly. It adds balance to the wall and works with the long buffet. The height of the hanging allows for food and buffet serving pieces to be placed without interference.

6. Match Your Mirror's Frame To Your Furniture

White furniture in elegant dining room, mirror on the wall woth ornate frame matching the furniture

This charming shabby chic farmhouse style dining room is endearing in rustic white finishes. Each piece is similar yet has just enough difference to be interesting. From the table to the console to the cabinetry, all the way down to the mirror, each piece works perfectly together. This cohesive look is magazine ready.

Dining Table with Mirror Trim

It's possible to buy entire dining room sets together, including a mirror. This set has a dining table, eight chairs, a buffet console, and a mirror.

Click here for this on Amazon.

7. Use A Mirrored China Cabinet In The Dining Room

Mirrored China Cabinet In The luxury Dining Room

Another way to get a mirror in the dining room is by using a mirrored china cabinet. This gives dual functionality, with storage and reflection. Here a slender china cabinet sits between two airy windows. The mirror reflects the crystal chandelier and the flocked gilt wallpaper. It's an elegant use of design in what appears to be a small dining room.

8. In A Contemporary Space Use A Large Minimally Framed Mirror

Space of meeting dining room with big center minimally framed mirror and two dark contrasted chairs.

In this loft dining room, every piece screams perfection. The simple dining table with bench seating, the black pendant lights, the track spotlights, the large abstract art piece, and of course, the mirror. We love this because though the mirror is used for reflection, it's also a piece of artwork. The slender frame acts as a delicate outline for the large sheet of glass. And the abstract art piece is the perfect size in conjunction with it.

9. Match Your Mirror To Your Light Fixtures

luxury home with hardwood flooring, golden pendant lights and framed mirror

This understated dining room doesn't shirk on design. We love how the only decor is the one extra-large gilt-framed mirror. And how the pendant lights are a perfect match for the mirror frame. Three matching vases center on the table, and the picture window makes it complete.

(See our post here: How Big Should A Dining Room Chandelier Be?)

10. Try A Sunburst Mirror In The Dining Room

light purple walled dining room with chandelier and sunburst mirror

Sunburst mirrors are so fun. A small domed mirrored center sits inside a circle of metal rays that replicate the sun. Because the mirrored portion is so small, it's not so much about reflection as it is light. Here, the sunburst takes up a large amount of the wall. Combined with the sizeable shaded chandelier, not much else is needed to make this dining room look incredible!

Gold Spoked Sunburst Wall Accent Mirror

This sunburst mirror is a nice 30" in diameter. Made of iron, it is light enough for the wall. Inspired by art from the 1960s, this piece is both retro and cool for your dining room.

Click here for this mirror on Amazon.

11. Think In Groupings And Reflections

Formal dining room with a thick in group of wall mirrors, candle chandelier, table set for dinner

This gorgeous neutral grey dining room has great elements. Each piece is carefully thought out, from the grey table and upholstered chairs to the contemporary metal chandelier to the wall decor. On one wall, nine perfectly framed prints hang. On the opposite wall are three identically framed mirrors. The mirrors not only reflect the light but the art on the opposite wall. No matter which side of the table you're on, you'll see the images. What a great idea.

Let Your Dining Room Reflect Your Taste

Dining rooms can be extra formal with gold and gilt or effortlessly casual with rustic barn wood. Whichever is your personal style, don't discount the use of a mirror for reflection, space enhancement, and visual interest. Mirrors never go out of style, and for the most part, the mirror itself is a relatively inexpensive purchase. (Some framing can be quite expensive, though.)

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