11 Stunning Dining Room Table Centerpiece Ideas

Though formal dining rooms have gone out of fashion in many newer builds or remodeled homes, most homes still have them. But many people no longer eat at the dining room table, except for special occasions. So what can we do, design-wise, to make our dining table more interesting when we're not having a dinner party? Consider having some decorative centerpiece to enhance or elevate your table and dining room's beauty.

We've gathered eleven wonderful centerpiece ideas for you to consider. Whether simplicity is your preference or something more elaborate, we hope the examples we've gathered will both inspire and delight. So please, keep reading and take a look at these dining room table centerpieces.

An empty dining room with wooden dining table and chairs, 11 Stunning Dining Room Table Centerpiece Ideas

1. Keep It Simple With A Clear Vase And A Bouquet of Cut Flowers

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An empty dining room with wooden dining table and chairs

Perhaps one of the most elegant of all centerpieces is a simple glass vase with a bouquet of cut flowers. If you're a gardener, it's an excellent way to showcase the beauties you've grown. Or, if you don't want to worry about replenishing water, you can find a beautiful bouquet of silk flowers to adorn the vase. Even a simple single stem of a sunflower or a rose will look beautiful in this simple centerpiece.

2. Fill A Wooden Tray With Varying Shapes Of Candles

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Christmas dinner table decoration with candle lights and christmas ornament on wooden table

On this rustic dining room table, the centerpiece is equally rustic. A simple plank of wood is used as a tray to hold an assortment of candles. This centerpiece mirrors the general colors of the overall room in its light tone and white candles. But you could easily choose either an assortment of colors or a grouping of one color that works with your interior space. The trick is to vary the heights and diameters to keep it interesting.

Here is an assortment of ivory pillar candles in unscented natural wax.

3. Covered Glass Apothecary Jars On A Long Table

Rich rural French house interior with roof beams

In this farmhouse design, the long table is graced with two tall glass apothecary jars. These jars make wonderful centerpieces because they are so incredibly versatile. You can leave them empty, as shown here, or you can fill them with seasonal or everyday treasures. Fill them with gorgeous shells found on the beach or with precious stones gathered while hiking. During autumn, fill them with acorns or small pinecones. The possibilities are endless. 

These glass apothecary jars are lidded and stand 12" tall on a fluted base. They will give you a similar look like the ones in our design photograph.

4. Display A Collection Of Small Pottery Jars And Pitchers

Wooden table top with blur of modern living room interior

If you're a fan of pottery, perhaps you make it, or perhaps you love visiting art fairs, a small collection of pieces is great for your centerpiece. Here three lidded vessels in varying colors are a handy place to store wine corks. The taller clay pitcher in the background is a lovely place for some dried greenery or twigs for decor. You can find pieces in neutrals or colors to match the accent tones you've chosen. 

5. Use A Collection of Domed Bell Jars As A Dining Table Centerpiece

Home interior architectural custom dining room

Bell jars (also known as domed cloches) are another versatile piece for a dining room centerpiece. The glass dome sits on top of different types of bases. Inside, you can house valuable heirlooms, objects from nature, and whimsical things that make you smile. Really, whatever fits and looks cool will make a great choice to display. They come in different heights and diameters, and choosing a grouping of two or three will give a complete look.

This 12-inch glass dome has an interesting rustic wood and metal base. Keep your display piece protected while showing it off at the same time.

6. Use A Tiered Tray And Fill It With Citrus

Modern dining room with wooden chairs and table

Tiered trays are perfect to use for centerpieces. When you're not using your dining table for meals, you can display fake fruit or store your real fruit in the trays. When you're having a dinner party, use your tiered tray for rolls or finger food appetizers. You could also use them for cookies or other sweets at the end of the meal. These types of displays come in all sorts of interior design styles and materials. Find the one that works the best in your dining room.

This three-tiered stand is a versatile piece for serving or as a centerpiece.

7. Let A Succulent Be The Center Of Attention

Close-up of fresh breakfast served on wooden table

If you love the idea of fresh-cut flowers but don't want to fool with changing out the water in vases, why not a succulent. These gorgeous little plants are hardy and require infrequent waterings. They come in a whole variety of shapes and varieties. You could do a collection of them or just a single plant, as shown here.

8. Choose A Wide Shallow Glass Bowl And Fill It With Fruit

Amber colored glass bowl

Much like a single vase of flowers, a wide shallow glass bowl is a perfect centerpiece. It's both elegant and refined, and versatile as well! Fill a bowl like this with fruit, real or faux. The colors will draw your eye in, and it creates the perfect still-life image. 

A beautiful glass apple collection would be a lovely thing to display in this type of fruit bowl. This one is handblown in Murano, Italy.

9. Combine Large Vases With Elegant Taper Candles

Beautiful luxury dining table with plate settings at home

If you prefer more drama in your dining room, look at this beautiful combination. Here, large white vases filled with lush white blooms flank a collection of tapered candlesticks. When lit, the candles will provide added romance to the already romantic table setting. You could mimic this look with any color and any height of the vase you wanted. Do keep in mind that flowers this tall may impede dinner conversation because of their height, but they look great just the same.

10. Why Not An Interesting Antique For Your Centerpiece?

Retro styled dining room interior

This one is so unique, and we love it! Who needs typical vases and bowls when you can display an antique typewriter as your centerpiece? Imagine this flanked by two vases during a dinner party. Or lit by a couple of gorgeous pillar candles. This idea is simply cool.

Of course, there are other antiques you may choose. Why not an old toy like a metal car or a grouping of toy horses? If you have the imagination to think outside the box, a super unique centerpiece might be found at your local antique dealer.

11. Arrange A Beautiful Greenery Wreath With Pillar Candles

Dining table with advent wreath and four candles as decoration

Here's another way to approach candles for your centerpiece. Find a gorgeous greenery wreath and fit it with pillar candles. If you choose a live wreath, it will fill your home with fragrance. Or, go for a faux wreath and fragrant candles. It's low enough to use while eating a meal and pretty enough to stay at your table all year round.

This rose and eucalyptus garland is a soft and romantic look for your dining room centerpiece. The pillar votives and glass holders are not included but are easy to purchase separately.

A Dining Table With Style

We hope these eleven centerpiece ideas have inspired you. Whether you choose one of these or they sparked an entirely different idea, we're sure your table will look smashing. 

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