17 Dining Room Table Ideas

Not many pieces of furniture in a dining room have as much of an impact as a dining room table. It's where people congregate, and in many cases, can make or break the look of a dining room. Saying that it's a statement piece, therefore, is a bit of an understatement. It's not just a must-have; it's basically the focal point of the room. 

When people think of the term "dining room ideas," the term can mean two different things. It can mean the type of dining room table you choose or the way that you decorate it. It gets a little complex with this piece of furniture. For this article, we're going to cover all bases and take a look at some of the trendiest ways to work that dining room table magic.

Lamps above wooden table and black chairs in gray dining room interior with plants, 17 Dining Room Table Ideas

1. Classic Cream

Cream-colored table and chair setup with flower vase in the center of table

If you want to go for a look that is classic, elegant, and contemporary, opt for a cream-colored table and chair setup like this one. It's a look that is most commonly seen in restaurants but can also work at home pretty well. The reason it works is that it's a design that everyone has seen once in a while. 

Cream dining room tables are actually fairly easy to clean in most cases. If you get light-colored seats, sticking to easy-to-clean leather is a good move. The modern lines make this look professional, yet at the same time, appropriate for home use. The big perk about this look is that you don't have to worry too much about a centerpiece. It carries itself well. 

2. Match The Walls

Luxurious dining room with walls and chairs in matching colors

Oh, this is a cute look, indeed! The designer behind this concept subtly matched the dining room set to the walls and the floor of the room. The padding on the chair is coordinated with the statement wall behind the table. On the other hand, the actual dining room table itself is matched up with the door's trim wood stain. 

This look has a highly coordinated, unified, and luxurious feel. To a point, that's partly due to the fact that turquoise is considered to be a luxury color. The same can be said about the gorgeous shade of cherry-colored maple. 

3. Dark N' Natural

Table ready for dinner party at house backyard

This designer has a dining room that has the appearance of an outdoor patio thanks to the dark mahogany wood that accents the door frame, floors, and paneling. Unsurprisingly, it works well with the rows upon rows of plants and string lights. To continue the look of a "faux patio," designers chose to get a dining room table and matching chairs that look more appropriate for a patio---even though they're not.

This is a bit rustic, yes, and a bit hipstery. Channeling your yearning for life on a Brooklyn patio has never looked so divine. You can do it with a bunch of plants and the right table. 

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4. Classic Tuscany

Dining table in classic Tuscany design

Italians love their kitchens and dining rooms, which is why it's always a good idea to ask them for dining room table choices. This Tuscan-inspired dining room involves a classic chandelier, weathered oak furniture with a golden tone, and elegant off-white (maybe a little yellow) wall coloring. This look makes your home look inviting and old world, just like what you'd find in Italy. 

Getting that European look doesn't have to be difficult. You can usually kick it off with the right "worn" looking European-style carpet. Greens, reds, and yellows all help this look pop.

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5. Dine-In Country Kitchen

Scandinavian flat with a kitchen in dine-in country kitchen design, wooden dining table, chairs and a bench

More and more often, people are starting to move their dining rooms into their open-plan kitchens. It's a great move, especially when you're already working in a beautiful country kitchen. This dining room table has a gorgeous weathered white painted wood veneer. It's accented by both a bench and a set of chairs that match that vibe. 

There are so many ways to dress up this dining room table. A white vase with some flowers, for example, will work wonders here. 

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6. Rote In Rattan

Wooden dining table with chairs in rattan, decorations on tabletop

Rattan is often derided as a cheap material, or sometimes even outdated. This is just not true. Here, the dining room table is surrounded by tightly woven rattan chairs that have a solid chestnut base to them. The end result is something that looks spa-like, elegant, and not the least bit like the nightmarish crap from the 80s. 

Part of pulling this look together is choosing a dining room centerpiece. An elegant iron candelabra can work well here, as can a bowl of fruit. Choosing bronze items would be a smart move.

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7. Mismatched

Small kitchen with crockery cabinets at the back and a dining table in center on rug

There's a common belief among the mainstream that suggests that you have to match all the chairs to your dining room table. This isn't the case, especially when you're talking about modern design. Many designers now started to use mismatched (but still color-coordinated) furniture to add a quirky-cute accent. 

Here, we see what happens when you add coordinated though not entirely matched furniture to a living room. It looks warm, inviting, and real. People love that. 

8. Just Beachy

Kitchen with island, sink, cabinets, wooden dining table and hardwood floors

This coastal home has a great look for a dining room table, all of which is centered around seafaring colors and neutral hues. Some of the chairs are white, others are tan, and the table is that light tan wood stain that people adore. When paired with the "plank" style wooden paneling in a crisp white, you have a perfectly nautical look. 

Of course, part of the look that pulls it off are the aqua accents on the table. A nice vase will help usher in some oceanic charm like no one else's business.

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9. A Touch Of Glass

Open kitchen with island, large table and armchairs, and large windows with sunlight

Glass dining room tables are pointedly modern, but that doesn't mean they're all the same. Here, we see a glass table that was given a grayish-brown (taupe?) tint. That slightly darker edge gives this room a uniquely gritty feel. It's not too gritty, though. The entire look is balanced out by soft beige chairs, and a room done-up in gray and light brown.

Is it modern? Absolutely. Is it cold and sterile? Not in the least bit.

10. Eastern European Country

Dining area with large wooden table and chairs in traditional Spanish farmhouse featuring arched window, beamed ceiling and slate flooring

If you have ever been to the countryside of Romania or Ukraine, then you might have seen dining room tables that fit this bill. Like the farm-oriented decorations in the background, this table is meant to look solid as a rock. A solid, golden wood finish enhanced by a gorgeously sturdy build is what makes this look rustic yet powerful.

Though this is pointedly old world, the lighting and the delicate white chairs make it a new school look. We'd be willing to vouch that this is lumberjack approved. 

11. An Alternative Look

Scandinavian style domestic kitchen interior with a dining table, kitchen counter and lots of props

Pardon the play on words, but the way the designer decided to use chairs of alternating colors had to be mentioned. This is a great way to show off two main colors in your color scheme. Whether you are looking for ideas for a way to make your dining/living room wall decor pop, or just want something for a particularly snazzy carpet, this is the choice you want to pick. This concept works with all dual-color themes.

This look remains traditional, but at the same time, it's still funky enough to remain youthful and cool. It's hard to hate it, and it looks even better when you alternate the table color and decor, too. 

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12. Jaunty Geometric

Dining room in kitchen with garden view on large glass door

Geometric looks always work wonders in any room, and in a dining room, it adds a level of modernity that most homes don't have. This geometric look starts off with a gorgeous hanging light, then works its way through the room via a gorgeously geometric dining table. The table's sharp lines and circular top add a twist to the status quo of a rectangular table. 

If you are looking for a dining room table that's doesn't require too many seats, then a look similar to this might help you create that modern hideaway you love. 

13. Shabby Chic

Shabby chic beautiful furniture of dining room with large heavy wooden dining table and chairs

A weathered, well-loved dining room table is often seen as a drab, but that's not really the case. When paired with the right decor, it turns into a whimsical and magical-looking country table. The key to this look is to add other "shabby chic" items that have a similarly weathered look but have colors that are coordinated with the walls, carpeting, and nearby trim. 

The dual bench look is particularly attractive here, and thankfully, benches are easy to doll up. The key is, make sure that it's an elegant wooden bench if you want to try weathering it yourself. 

14. Fold It Up

Foldable chairs in a combined kitchen dining area

With real estate prices being the way they are, it's no surprise that many people are starting to figure out unique ways to work with small spaces. Some apartments are so petite, you have to switch the purpose of the room throughout the day. This doesn't mean that you have to settle for a place without a dining room. It just means you gotta get crafty. 

This designer came up with a cool way to make dining in style a thing. Both the dining room table and the dining room chairs are all foldable. By making sure to invest in colorful, quality folding tables and chairs, they made it work. After all, portable never has to mean looking cheap.

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15. If You See Foam, Say Something

Modern dining room with blue table and chairs against white wall with big window and curtain, seafoam blue colored furnitures and accessories

Sometimes, the best way to make a dining room table stand out is to surround it with furniture and accessories that are a unique color. Here, the designer decided to use seafoam blue to make a major statement. This cute color has a nautical vibe but also works in a modern setting. It's also woefully underappreciated. 

You can use this "color pop" method to make your table stand out with almost any color. However, we've noticed that pastels seem to be particularly popular for this trick. Choosing a cool color is the easy part. 

16. Wireframe

Black chairs at wooden table with food in gray dining room interior with lamp and plants

Wireframe isn't just a 3D rendering technique these days. This dining room table's sleek bent wire legs are a statement piece all on their own, and we're in love. This style of dining room table is growing in popularity, particularly among people who want to enjoy a mid-century modern look. Officially, they're called hairpin legs. Casually, they're called cool.

Here, the hairpin legs of the table make it easy to match the chairs of the table to the look. It's black on black and walks that line between edgy and traditional. What more can you want?

17. Mostly Monochrome

Monochromatic dining room with color-coordinated chairs, table, rug and walls

We've already discussed how having non-matching, color-coordinated chairs can help make your dining room pop, but this concept took it to a brand new level. The table, chairs, rug, and everything else was done-up in a color scheme that is entirely monochromatic in nature. The wood has an orangey hue, the chairs have a similar glow, and even the decorations have that same tint in various shades.

This look doesn't just rock. It oozes coordination, proving once again that woods can play into a monochrome look with ease.

In Closing

We hope you found the inspiration you needed for coming up with the perfect dining room table. From warm monochromatic schemes to cool geometric concepts, there's something out there for everyone. Let us know in the comment section below which one is your favorite!

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