11 Awesome Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas

One of the most fun and least expensive updates to your dining room is an awesome wallpaper. Apply it to one wall for a bold accent to your room or go crazy with it and cover all of the walls to your heart's content. 

You may fear wallpaper as a design element due to its adhesive quality and opt for paint instead. Luckily, new versions of wallpaper exist with hassle-free application methods, such as peel and stick. Bypass the messy glue versions and use a contact paper version for a more user-friendly method and a temporary solution for your design needs. Contact paper can even be used in apartments since most options have a damage-free removability. 

Wallpaper may also seem like an outdated option and a way to make your space look out of style. Fortunately, with new design trends like vintage-chic, cottage core, and boho, wallpaper reemerged as an acceptable modern option for revamping any room. 

Now that you're convinced this trend is for you, how do you choose the right wallpaper for your dining room out of the thousands of options out there? Read further for our list of 11 unique and trendy wallpaper ideas for a modern dining room.

Wooden chair and table in minimal dining room interior with shelves against wallpaper, 11 Awesome Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas

1. Bold Color With Texture

Green solid color textured wallpaper in a dining room with table and utensils

Never go wrong with a solid color textured wallpaper. Not only does a single color stay classic for ages, but it also provides an anchor for your changing decor throughout the coming years.  No matter what decor you use in the future, a solid color stays timeless and fresh.

Textured wallpaper allows for more dimension in your room without having to use complicated painting methods. If your room seems flat or a little bare, use textured wallpaper to add an interesting pop of color. 

2. Elegant Farmhouse Pattern

Classic dining room design with elegant farmhouse design pattern wallpaper

Few design categories remain as tried and true as farmhouse decor. It's classic, neutral, and cozy while also staying elegant. Many different patterns fall under the farmhouse category, such as leaves and herbs, grey-toned wood, checkered, trellis, and even farmhouse animals!

When you need to amp up the charm in your farmhouse dining room, choose a Fleur de Lis patterned wallpaper. The Fleur de Lis pattern and its many variations continue to be a staple element of farmhouse decor, like the beige-toned one below. 

Go to Amazon to view this Fleur de Lis patterned wallpaper.

3. Luxe Art Deco Pattern

Modern dining room with luxe art deco pattern wallpaper, pendant lights and wooden floor

Art Deco flaunts rounded lines and repeating geometric shapes. It harkens back to the 1920s of flapper girls and the Great Gatsby era, a time of affluence and grandeur.

If you want your dining room to look extra formal and fancy, an art deco wallpaper, especially on an accent wall, will help bring that "wow" factor. Amp up the art deco style even more with jewel tones, gold-finish light fixtures, and black trim. 

4. Floral "Cottagecore" Design

Vintage dining room with floral cottagecore design wallpaper, black tabletop and floor, white chairs and floating cabinet

With the 2020s comes the new maximalist trend. Within this trend lies an alluring cottage core design, which boasts floral patterns, teapots, lace, and anything that makes you think of your grandmother's house.

Hop onto this trend easily by hanging a busy floral pattern in your dining room. Choose a color scheme in the wallpaper that will help your glassware on display to pop. For instance, use a black-based wallpaper to highlight your white glassware, like in the picture above.

5. Classic Vintage Chic 

Dining room with classic vintage chic wallpaper design, long wood table, candle and crystal chandelier

The vintage-chic style seems similar to cottage core design, but it maintains a more sleek and minimalist style. Antique furniture and light fixtures become the highlights in this style and wainscoting, intricate wood-carved details, and hardwood flooring.

A more neutral-toned floral patterned wallpaper hung above some wainscoting creates a beautiful finish for your vintage-style dining room. Choose a beige tone to help create the illusion of aged wallpaper even more.

6. Textured Brick Accent Wall

White room minimalistic design, turquoise sofa and ladder shelf, table with chairs near the window, textured brick accent wallpaper

If you like the industrial style but don't have exposed brick in your home, this is the solution for you. Industrial style decor flaunts exposed pipes and bricks, tarnished metals, and cast-iron elements while remaining modern and sleek.

Copy the style without breaking the bank by purchasing a textured brick contact paper to hang on an accent wall in your dining room. Choose from multiple different colorful styles of brick, or stay with a classic white style, like this one:

Go to Amazon to view this textured brick wallpaper.

7. Geometric Shapes Like Hexagons

Modern dining room with geometric shapes like hexagons wallpaper, pendant lights and light colored wood furniture

For a unique accent wall, look for wallpaper with repeating geometric shapes. Repeating hexagons give the look of honeycomb, which is the perfect pattern for an organic dining room with lots of natural materials. 

8. Textured Stripes Instead Of Wood Paneling

Textured stripes instead of wood paneling wallpaper, concrete floor, decorate wall with white wood lattice and finished with wood furniture

Textured vertically striped wallpaper gives the look of sophistication. It also provides a neutral background for a gorgeous table and chairs that you may want to highlight in your dining room.

Just like a solid color wallpaper, a striped wallpaper stays timeless while your decor changes through the years, making it a solid long-term choice. It also allows you to bypass the more expensive option of hanging wood-paneling and painting it white. 

9. Clean Neutral Pattern

Living room with blue corner sofa and dining area with table and chairs

If textured vertical stripes aren't your thing, but you still want a timeless wallpaper, choose a neutral-toned wallpaper with a basic pattern. Make sure the pattern isn't too busy so that it doesn't distract away from the pieces you want to highlight in your dining room. White, grey, brown, and beige are great neutral, unassuming tones.

10. Upscale Penthouse Concrete Texture

Spacious dining room design next to the modern kitchen, with a beautiful dining table and greenery

For another trendy option, consider a concrete textured wallpaper. Concrete islands, fireplaces, and walls are emerging as popular home installations. However, you may not have the money or the time to install real concrete walls in your home. 

Concrete textured wallpaper looks sleek and modern and mimics an upscale penthouse or industrial apartment without breaking the bank. Pair silver and black furnishings with this wallpaper for an expensive look. 

Go to Amazon to view this concrete textured wallpaper.

11. Cozy Rustic Print

Log of wood wallpaper on the wall of stylish dining room set for Christmas

If you live in a cabin or you want to update a vacation home in the mountains, consider a cozy rustic print. The firewood pattern above works well with rustic, outdoorsy decor as well as holiday decor. It provides a constant reminder to you and your guests of the relaxing outdoors where your home may be nested.  Put this wallpaper up opposite a fireplace and use multiple candles on your table for a maximum rustic effect. 

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