11 Dining Room Window Treatments Ideas

Dining room window treatments are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a home's decorative scheme. After all, the dining room is generally the most formal area in the home, the room where family and friends gather for fellowship and celebration. As such, it's important to dress the dining room up to make it look its best. 

In many ways, windows are a blank decorative slate. There is so much you can do to dress them up and make them look amazing. The problem, however, is that this is often easier said than done. There are so many window treatment options to choose from, so it's easy to encounter decision paralysis when it comes to choosing the best kind for your dining room window. 

But fear not, because we created a guide that narrows down the choices for your convenience. Without further ado, let's check out these 11 dining room window treatment ideas.

dining room with large windows and floor to ceiling curtains, 11 Dining Room Window Treatments Ideas

1. Complementary Breezy Sheers

11 Dining Room Window Treatments Ideas

Breezy sheers help a dining room look more elegant by softening the space. If plant sheers aren't your cup of tea, you can easily find a pair of sheer curtains with a subtle pattern in them, such as in the photo example above. Such soft patterns in the curtains contribute well to the overall feel and style of the room. Be sure to use matching curtain tie-backs to keep the panels pulled back from the windows. 

Want to learn more about sheer curtains? You'll want to check out our guide here: What Are Sheer Curtains (With 11 Examples). 

These dainty sheer curtains will give your dining room an airy yet distinguished feel.

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2. Floor To Ceiling Dramatics

Dining area surrounded by many floor to ceiling windows to add elegance and natural light

Floor to ceiling drapes are a marvelous way to enhance the aesthetic in your dining room. In an expansive room, these long curtains are ideal. Curtains that run from the ceiling to the floor instantaneously convert a typical dining room into a luxurious space with an elegant ambiance.

And even though the curtain rods don't extend the entire width of the windows, the heavyweight curtains look perfect on each side of the window. Be sure to select a color of drapes that will complement the other features in the room.

3. Broad Blinds

modern bright dining-room with large windows with broad blinds

Standard blinds are available in all kinds of widths, dimensions, colors, and materials. In a room like this one with a lot of natural light, you probably don't want to inhibit the sunlight; after all, sunlight gives the room warmth and a sense of vibrance. Broad blinds like these will certainly do the trick. Sunlight is welcomed in but can be just as easily blocked if ever desired with a quick adjustment of the blinds. 

In addition, broad blinds make for a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. You really can't go wrong with this style. 

4. Pull-Down Blinds

modern white kitchen with Pull-Down Blinds

Pull-down blinds are one of the most classic window treatments, regardless of the room. Don't hesitate to add them to the dining room. After all, pull-down blinds are simple, convenient, and timeless. When it comes time to close the blinds, simply pull them down to achieve the desired lighting effect.

You can also paint or select blinds that have colored trim at the top. The color can greatly enhance the look of the blinds. 

5. Modern Tie-Up Shades

domestic dining room with wooden furniture and Modern Tie-Up Shades

Tie-up shades blend with a bunch of different styles, so you can very much make it your own. In this room, the tie-up shades add to the cozy yet industrial feel. The gray felt-like curtain panel is easily rolled up and held in place with leather straps.

While it may not be super simple to pull down and roll up these shades super frequently, they do look eye-catching. Given these curtains' unique aesthetic, they are sure to be the focal point of the dining room.

Make your dining room windows unique with these gorgeous tie-up shades.

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6. Blissful, Elegant Layers

Dining room with wooden table and floor in modern apartment, blissful elegant layers

Layered curtains are absolutely eye-catching. Sheer white curtains paired with creamy beige panels can't be beaten, especially in a dining room like this one. All the neutral colors in the room are cool and calming. Layering elegant curtains together adds some texture to the space, facilitating a regal ambiance. Simply choose a color combination that best suits your dining room.

These elegant curtains will add a blissful yet formal flair to your dining room.

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7. Vibrant Box Valances And Blinds

Light Blue Eat-In Dining Room next to the kitchen with a tile floor, table and chairs, vibrant box valances and blinds

Box valances are certainly more about style than function. That's why pairing them with some blinds is just the right move. Pick out some blinds that are rather simple, allowing the box valances to stand out with their design.

Bright orange and white patterns don the valances in the example above, adding some valuable color to the dining room. This is a unique aesthetic that your guests certainly won't forget. With that said, don't be shy to use bright colors or bold designs in your window treatments. 

8. Uniform Roman Shades

moodern dining room with uniform roman shades

Roman shades are a more decorative version of ordinary blinds. Instead of vinyl, plastic, or wood (like conventional blinds), Roman shades are made from fabric. The folds in the fabric look luxurious and stylish, but they aren't too visually overpowering. There are even multiple folding options for Roman shades, providing you with valuable options. Simply find the style that looks best in your dining room.

These beautiful Roman curtains are available in numerous sizes, so you can choose the best fit for your dining room.

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9. Festive Window Treatment

Table at cottage green house decorated for Christmas dinner., festive window treatment

If it's nearing the holidays, go all out with your decor by adding Christmas cheer to the dining room. These Christmas lights elegantly drape around the trim of each window. You can use warm white lights such as these or go for something a little more vibrant with colored lights. Regardless of the approach you choose to take, incorporating holiday-inspired window treatments is sure to make your dining room the best room in the house. 

10. Room With A View

luxury waterfront villa, room with a view

If you have a dining room with a captivating view, then take full advantage of it. Spare the window treatments and let the view speak for itself. When your dining room has a view like this, allow the scenery beyond to be the window decor so to speak. Consider using massive sliding glass doors to take full advantage of the view. 

11. Texture-Rich Treatments

 scandinavian living room with retro furniture, tropical plant, window, decoration and elegant personal accessories, texture rich treatments

Never underestimate the influence of textured window treatments in a dining room, especially when the window treatments are colored. The right combination of color and texture can certainly make a bold visual impact. These sage green curtains add interesting color to an otherwise neutral-colored room. Both green and brown are colors of nature, so they make for a beautiful color pairing. 

These linen curtains will add some captivating color and texture to your dining room.

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In Closing

We hope this guide has given you some creative inspiration for your dining room window treatments. From classic pull-down blinds to elegant sheers, there's truly no limit to the type of window treatments you pick. Before you go, be sure to check out these other guides that might be of interest:

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