19 Dinosaur-Themed Bedroom Accessories That Kids Adore!

19 Dinosaur-Themed Bedroom Accessories That Kids Adore!Kids love dinosaurs, so what could be better for your future paleontologist than a bedroom designed around them? We have found an awesome variety of dinosaur bedroom decor that is perfect to help achieve that goal, whether your kid is younger and likes more cutesy themes, or older and would prefer something ultra-cool that will make their friends jealous.

Little Kids

If you're looking for dinosaur bedroom accessories for a young child, you'll be focused on bright colors and big designs to put that smile on their faces. Check out these finds for accessories that are super cute for little ones!

Dinosaur Toddler Bedding

This precious bedding for toddlers is perfect for a little one's big kid room. The large dinosaur's on the comforter and pillowcase are colored in bright oranges, greens, and blues. They really catch the eye for young kids and add a fun element to their bed. And with this being a full set of both sheets and comforter once you order you've got the whole bed made!

Blackout Dino Curtains

How cute are these curtains? They make a great statement in any dinosaur-lovers room, and they keep out the light, too! Use these in your little one's room to both add to the dino adventure and help them sleep soundly. The cute dinos printed on the panels come in a variety of colors, giving you some flexibility with different colored accessories throughout your room design.

Dinosaur Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Cover

For a neat seat and added storage, check out this bean bag cover! Large dinosaur prints in bright colors are sure to please your kiddo, and the storage for all the stuffed animals will make you happy, too! Use this in a corner with a bookshelf and lamp for a reading nook.

Dinosaur Curtain Panels

These curtain panels are seriously cute. The blue, green, and grey dinosaurs would work well in a room with similar colors, and the white background helps give a breezy feel. Use these in a room with darker walls to help lighten it, or in a room with light colors to add to the airy atmosphere. They aren't lined, and so will allow plenty of natural light even when closed for privacy.

Dinosaur Marquee Light

For a fun nightlight, consider this dinosaur marquee. The bright green dino would be great on a nightstand or dresser for little ones uncomfortable with the dark. The included remote also makes it easy for your kiddo to work the settings even from across the room.

Dream Factory Dino Comforter

This comforter is a great statement in a dinosaur room. Large dinos printed on the cover in multiple covers creates both a comfy bed and a cute design. The added flexibility from the colors in the bedding makes it easy to decorate around and gives you the ability to mix and match accessories. Add in the fact that this comes as a set complete with matching sheets and pillowcases and it's for sure going to make both you and your child happy!

Dino Rug

This cute dinosaur rug would make a perfect addition to any dinosaur themed room. Bright colors pop against each other to make this an eye-catching accessory, and the anti-skid backing ensures your child won't fall. Place this on the floor by the bed to keep little feet warm first thing on a cold morning, or in the center of the room for play time.

Dinosaur Play Rug

This dino play rug comes complete with printed roads for trips through the jungle. Multiple bright colors throughout the design create flexibility when matching it with the rest of the room. Use this in your child's play area for some dino fun!

Dinosaur Bookends

If you want a reading area in your child's bedroom, these cute bookends are a perfect addition to it! Use these to keep books in place on a dresser, bookshelf, or even to help store favorite bedtime stories on a nightstand.

Dinosaur Wall Prints

Looking for some wall art for your little dino lover's room? This set of six is a precious group of dinosaur prints in fun colors that will really tie a room together. Display these as a set or separate them out to really make each image pop.

Big Kids

Older children aren't as concerned with the bigger, brighter designs and tend toward more details and more subtle colors as well as more realistic images in their rooms. These accessories are sure to please older dinosaur lovers.

T-Rex Bedding

This bedding is fierce with the life-like image of the two Tyrannosauruses on the duvet cover. Use this bedding set with its included sheets to make the bed the statement of the room. Available in twin, full, queen, and king it's ready to make any size bed the perfect one for your big kid.

Dinosaur Wall Hanging

Talk about a statement! This wall tapestry hanging is sure to wow your child and their friends. Hang this on the wall opposite the bed for your child to see as they're going to sleep, or on the wall the bed is against so they can sleep while being watched over by the king of the lizards.

Neon Dinosaur Light

For an eye-catching light, check out this neon dino light! With its bright green color, this is perfect for nights where total darkness may not be as comfortable as normal. Use this as a decoration on the nightstand or dresser during the day and a fun light source at night.

Dinosaur Diagrams

This wall art set would make a perfect addition to a dinosaur room. The aged look of the prints combined with the skeletal drawings of dinosaurs makes them look as if they came straight from a fossil dig. These prints would work great as a stand-alone set or in a collage of dino-related art on the wall.

3D Dino Nightlight

How cool is this 3D nightlight? This soft, color-changing LED light can be used to brighten up your child's room with an interesting twist. The projected light creates a 3D image from a 2D construction to really wow any kid.

Graffiti Dino Prints

These graffitied prints are not your run of the mill dinosaur wall art, and they are even more awesome for it. Use these to give a room an edgier vibe while still adding in the dinosaurs your child dreams of.

Projection Dinosaur Clock

This alarm clock has all the right elements to make it a perfect addition for your child who doesn't want to leave their Jurassic sanctuary. The dinosaur design adds to the theme of the room while the alarm clock and projection showcasing the time make sure they get up when they need to.

Dinosaur Pillow Cover

This humorous pillow cover is not only funny but would be perfect on a throw pillow in your child's room. Toss it on the bed or a chair to give both a comfy place to rest as well as a giggle.

Dinosaur Rug

This rug showcases dinosaurs in various neon colors while keeping a dark background. Add a bit of warmth to a cold floor or layer on carpet to showcase your child's love for dinosaurs while not overwhelming other elements in the room's design.

Create an Ancient World

We hope you found one or two (or several!) items to create a fun room for your child, little or big. Any of these items would help to create a dream room for a young dinosaur lover, and we're glad we could help you find them!

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