32 DIY Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

It’s incredibly fun to put your own, one-of-a-kind spin in your kitchen, but ideas can sometimes be fleeting by the time you get around to decorating. It helps to get some inspiration that you can save along the way, so you can refer to the great ideas that others have had before you. In this post, I’ve gathered up 32 beautiful images from Pinterest and Instagram to get you started.

With the right inspiration in mind, you can piece together different components and customize them to suit your own style. Many of these decorated kitchen walls have country-inspired, colorful and – of course – gorgeous kitchen themes. Scroll down to take a look at these beautifully crafted DIY kitchen walls.

32 DIY Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

32 Beautiful DIY Kitchen Walls

1. A Metal Chalkboard for Your Kitchen Command Center

Kitchens are the hub of family activity, so it makes sense that a lot of life happens in this room. This magnetic chalkboard makes it easier to communicate and share ideas, as well as store important items, between family members. More than that, this rustic-looking chalkboard approach is a charming touch that will serve any kitchen well.

2. Organize with Country Kitchen Crafts

Oftentimes, there are a lot of different elements that contribute to a wider look in your kitchen. These woven hanging baskets have been repurposed to store mail and will look awesome in any space. Find or make baskets of a preferred material and craft your own signs with a bit of wood and paint. This is an easy DIY decoration you can add to your kitchen.

3. Repurpose Spoons into a Hanging Rack

With some twine, wood and old flatware, you can create a hanging rack like this. This feature would look great above a stove or as a stand-out wall decoration! These can be more than decorative. Add some function by creating something similar to hang keys or pots and pans.

4. Spice the Wall Up with Rustic Charm

Sometimes you gather up enough spices that you can’t fit them in the cupboard anymore. Well, spices (and spice racks) can be highly aesthetic in a country-inspired kitchen. These painted spice racks fit the theme of the wall, which is tied together by the illustration above.

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5. Tower of Wooden Spoons

For a fun DIY kitchen activity with the kids, break out the hot glue gun and hit the Dollar Store for some inexpensive wooden spoons. This cute decoration can be as tall or as small as you want it to be, and it lets a family activity make a statement in the center of the home. Or if you feel crafty, make it on your own just because this is cute!

6.  Shutters Aren’t Just for Windows

Repurposed shutters from a second-hand store or from your recent renovation can be used to bring your kitchen wall to life. Stain your own to your liking. A color that contrasts against the rest of the wall will, however, look the most amazing and distinctive.

7. Use Wallpaper to Make a Statement

There are plenty of easy ways to apply wallpaper to any room of the house these days, making this an easy-breezy DIY project. You can even use peel and stick wallpaper to recreate this half-wallpapered look in a pattern or color of your own choosing.

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8. Repurposing Yard Tools

A yard tool, like this metal rake, can be bought or repurposed to make into an eye-catching hanger like this one. Use something like this to hang kitchen utensils, hanging art pieces, car keys or even coffee mugs – the uses are many, and they all look great.

9. Accent a Wall for Bonus Style

This beautiful kitchen wall space has been made into an accent feature. The wooden backdrop offers the perfect aesthetic for the collection of pots and pans that hang in front of it. Combine any colors and finishes that you want to recreate this look in your image.

10.  A Spot for Each Day of the Week

Meal-prepping is something that a lot of us do. Sometimes we look forward to special meals with our families. Whatever your reason for a reminder of what’s on the menu this week, this board will serve as a stylish helper. All you need is a backdrop of your choice, some paint and stencils, and the right clips. This is a DIY project that can be done in an afternoon.

11.  A Positive Affirmations Calendar

It never hurts to start the day with a little, positive note beside the calendar that you look at often. This Pinterest user created a simple, hanging calendar with a piece of wood that complements the board beside it. Keep the message the same each day or change it up for fresh positivity.

12.  Store Your Favorite Items in Plain View

Do you have small houseplants, trinkets, dishes or other keepsakes that you want to show off in your kitchen? Something as simple as a shelf located in an eye-catching space can add to the beauty of your kitchen with minimal effort and time spent.

13.  Metal Rods are Versatile Décor Items

These metal rods have been placed and used to hang decorative plants and other pieces in the kitchen. The fact that the rods are so starkly contrasting against the wall itself make them visually stunning already, but the choice to add plant life to this space adds a bit of something special.

14.  Put Your Fruits and Veggies on Display

A simple hanging basket can look great, depending on what you put in it. Fruit is one very easy, very colorful way to add a fun and lively element into what may be an otherwise bland kitchen. It keeps your favorite healthy treats in easy reach and can be used to store other decorative items when you’ve got no fruit to spare.

15.  Make Your Cabinets Pop with Decals

This glass cabinetry look can be recreated easily with decals of your choice. Just make sure to clean the glass properly and allow it to dry before placing them. That is the best way to make sure they last.

16.  A Simple Rack for Your Most Stylish Pieces

Sometimes, it’s best to let the details make the noise. In this case, a simple, hanging, metal rack plays host to the owner’s stylish, themed items for a beautifully cohesive look. This can fit an overall theme in the kitchen or serve as a lovely accent piece.

17.  Accent Wall + Custom Decoration = Perfection

This accent wall adds warmth and texture to space while the shelves and detailed decorative items inject the homeowner’s personal touch. This is a combination that can be fashioned into a million different ways, so have fun playing with color and texture ideas!

18.  There’s Beauty in Simplicity

If you don’t have a lot of wall space to work with, you can still add a little flair into a small area. This dark hanging rack stands out against the wall color, making it a beautiful addition on its own. Add some additional items to customize the design however you want to.

19.  Hanging Herbs are Great Indoors

Many herbs can be successfully grown indoors, and they add a look of unparalleled freshness as they grow. If you’ve got a green thumb and a kitchen that receives enough sunlight, this is an idea that you can easily transplant into your own home.

20.  Framed Décor as a Collage

There are many ways to create a beautiful collage, and this is one way. This Instagram user has used or created several complementary pieces of art and collaborated them into this beautiful collage.

21.  Breaking up a Plain Space with Vivid Color

If you choose two colors that complement each other, you can create a downright stunning space on your kitchen walls. It’s easy enough to handcraft and paint letters or add colorful numbers to the back of an old pan for playful flair.

22.  Combine Different Storage Solutions

The use of hanging racks, hooks, and shelves can all be made to look great on their own, but together they provide a beautifully laid-out storage solution for your kitchen. You can keep your favorite mugs, cookbooks, utensils, and other items in plain sight while adding a touch of your personality to your kitchen.

23.  Keep it Simple with a Piece or Two

This user has made a simple but gorgeous framed piece of art the centerpiece on this particular wall – but that’s all they need for a beautifully modern look. The hanging mugs to the side are a testament to the importance of small details in interior design.

24.  Art Prints for a Classical Touch

By taking complementary pieces of art and framing them above your kitchen sink, you create a timelessly elegant look within this space. You can change the artwork and the frames to be more modern or more rustic. You don’t have to stick to this classical look above if it doesn’t fit your style.

25.  Add a Pop of Color with Utensils

It can be tough to infuse bright colors into a white and grey kitchen, but it can easily be done if you throw some colorful utensils onto the walls. This user has arranged vivid kitchen tools on hooks, beneath a small mural that adds some more “oomph.”

26.  Repurpose Old Tools into a New Life

Have you got a bunch of unused cutting boards or pans lying around? You can simply slap them up and onto the walls for a rustic, country-inspired kitchen wall. The combination of white, silver and wood is beautiful and timeless, but you can easily do this with more colorful items for a modern touch.

27.  Decals Liven up a Backsplash

The backsplash above your sink is a great place to add your personal touch, so why not do so with fun, themed decals? Choose whatever suits your taste the best – superhero decals, flowers, leaves, whatever you want.

28.  A Cute, Chalk Menu Board

Menu boards and other itemized listing boards are a great way to communicate ideas with the whole family, as well as keep your own head on straight during a busy week. In a style like this, you can create your own weekly menu board with only a few items. You can try using a whiteboard if chalk is too messy for you. Simply lay down your own template over the surface of the chalkboard or whiteboard and hang it up!

29.  Storage Using Repurposed Pallets

This coffee mug storage solution has been made out of a piece from an old pallet. This is an easy DIY project that only involves a little bit of staining and the hanging of hooks in whatever formation you want them in. Add your family’s name or a life-affirming motto in paint for an extra personal touch.

30.  Face the Clock with Old Flatware

Don’t discard your old set of flatware after buying a new one! Instead, grab a small wall clock with a metal frame (or wood, if you like the contrast) and get to gluing. A metal adhesive will work easily to get this single-afternoon project accomplished and hung up on your wall as a fun, little piece that catches the eye.

31.  A Simple Menu Board Cookie Sheet

An old cookie sheet + a hanging rack + an adhered chalkboard equals this simplistic and stylish menu board. Black and white are easy to match into any kitchen’s décor, but you can make things more interesting if you make some more colorful choices.

32.  Functional and Fashionable Storage

Shelving is never a bad addition to a kitchen, regardless of size. By using thicker boards to fashion your shelves out of, they look great on their own. When you add your own plants, trinkets and kitchen accessories, though, you make the design into something specially you.

For Kitchen Craft Projects, there are No Wrong Answers

Any room design that you undergo should reflect your personal style and match the aesthetic that you have in your mind. These designs may not 100% fit what you have in mind for the kitchen in your home, but they are a great place to start. Above are 32 beautiful examples for you to draw inspiration from as you decorate your own kitchen. Infuse your own sense of style and personality to make the inspiration into a “you” original.

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