Do Accent Chairs Have to Match?

Whether you’re doing a complete overhaul, starting fresh, or looking to add a couple of pieces to update your decor. A great place to start is by adding an accent chair! When adding accent chairs to a room, a question many people ask is - do accent chairs have to match?

When it comes to whether or not accent chairs have to match, there are no one hard and fast rules. There are, however, guidelines you can follow to ensure you’ll achieve a cohesive and put-together look. If you’re looking for accent chairs that do not match, these are important considerations to take into account. While they do not have to match, accent chairs should:

  • Complement the overall design style
  • Complement each other
  • Provide visual interest to the room

Do Accent Chairs Have to Match?

This article will explore key pieces you need to consider before purchasing accent chairs as well as how to pair your accent chairs.

What Is An Accent Chair?

An accent chair is a chair that is not only functional but also fashionable. A statement piece, as well as providing comfortable seating, an accent chair can visually accentuate the color scheme and decor of a room. Generally, an accent chair is the odd man out of a room's furniture set. It can be vintage or modern and made of a different fabric and a different style than the other pieces in the space.

Complement the Decorating Style

When it comes to choosing accent chairs, style is an important consideration. Take stock of the current furniture in the room and the overall decor. Are there a lot of patterns in the room? Do you have a bold feature wall? Are the current furniture pieces matching or mismatched? You don’t want an accent chair to overpower a room; rather, it should complement the flow of a place.

Accent chairs in neutral colors

If your decor features a colorful sofa or bold accent wall, you may want to choose an accent chair in a neutral color. For instance, a classic wingback accent chair in a neutral color with a tufted fabric could be a perfect addition to your living space.

Click here to see the Christopher Knight Home Clarice Accent Chair.


Click here to see the Decor Therapy store Armchair. 

Click here to see the Giantex Armless Accent Chair. 

Accent chairs in bold patterns

If your sofa and walls are composed of solid colors, then you might want to go the route of a bright, patterned set of accent chairs. They need not be matching patterns; however, they should coordinate with each other and contribute to the overall decor.

Click here to see the Roundhill Furniture Botticelli Contemporary Accent Chair.

Click here to see the TAICHAO armless Accent Chairs. 


Click here to see the HomePop Swoop Arm Accent Chair.


The accent chairs you choose should be complementary and are of matching styles. There are many different styles of accent chairs to choose from, including coastal, country, rustic, mid-century, transitional, traditional, contemporary, modern, and glam. By considering style the overall style of the room and accent chairs, you will achieve a much more cohesive and coordinated look.


For beach vibes or a nautical theme, coastal accent chairs are a trend that you should not miss. The look can be achieved with chairs in a textured navy blue fabric or a coastal print like the ever-popular anchors or blue and white stripes.

The charming blue and white stripes on this plush armchair with complementing wood feet are sure to add to any decor and nod to any coastal theme.

Click here to see the Dorel Living Jaya Accent Chair.

This light blue accent chair gives a slight nod to the coastal theme without overpowering a room. The tufted back and plush seating on this beautiful chair is both attractive as they are inviting.

Click here to see the Christopher Knight Home Malone Arm Chair.


There are a few ways to go when considering country-style accent chairs. You could consider either Farmhouse style or South of France country-chic. Either way, both styles are considerably popular and incredibly stylish.

This blue and white checkered farmhouse-style chair is the perfect addition to a corner nook. It's alluring style, and comfortable fabric ensures any guest won't be able to resist having a seat and staying awhile.

Click here to see the Christopher Knight Home Oliver Armchair.

Giving off an almost regal vibe, this country-chic accent chair has the flare of Provance with a down-home appeal. This chair is made of durable fabric and comes at an affordable price that will make it nearly impossible to pass up.

Click here to see the Baxton Studio Chavanon Wood and Linen Traditional French Accent Chair


Always trendy, the iconic mid-century accent chairs are sturdy and stylish. Vintage models are often pricey; however, more affordable versions of classic pieces readily found.


Click here to see the Zenvida Mid Century Armchair. 

Click here to see the Christopher Knight Home Mid Century Modern Club Chair.


Transitional pieces are generally simple, sophisticated, and always classic. A medley of contemporary and traditional, transitional style accent chairs blend well in many design spaces.

Click here to see the Furniture of America Upholstered Accent Chair.

Click here to see the Baxton Studio Jennifer Modern Lounge Chair.


Traditional accent chairs are typically simple, classic, and familiar. Forgoing flash, a traditional-style accent chair likely won't dazzle the eye but will help tie a room together. When choosing these accent chairs, you may be able to pair traditional and transitional pieces together; however, we recommended coordinating colors.

Click here to see the Baxton Studio Charlemagne Traditional French Accent Chair.


Contemporary-style accent chairs are simple yet bold. If you're looking for understated elegance, a pair of contemporary accent chairs might be right for you. These chairs are often mistaken for modern-style accent chairs; however, they are set apart by the vast array of color choices available. Choosing a pair of contemporary-style accent chairs will be sure to set you and your decor apart.

Click here to see the Roundhill Furniture Pisano Teal Blue Fabric Armless Contemporary Accent Chair.


As we mention above, contemporary and modern-style accent chairs are strikingly similar. Both utilize simple styles, clean lines, and understated elegance. What makes modern-style accent chairs stand out are the colors. Using soft colors that are easily able to blend in makes the design stand out and allows for a designer to place these pieces in nearly any living room plan.



The phrase "go big or go home" was made for glam-style accent chairs. If you want to add flair and a dash of glamour to your fashionable living space, then these accent chairs are for you. Best suited in living spaces featuring bold colors and statement pieces, glam accent chairs offer undisputed high fashion. These chairs are often made of velvet fabric and lush colors such as light pink and vibrant gold.

Click here to see Altrobene Velvet modern accent chair. 


When it comes to accent chairs, size matters. Depending on the amount of foot traffic you anticipate the room will receive, the purpose of the accent chair (formal or informal seating), and how many pieces of furniture are already in the current living space will change your accent chair sizing needs.

For instance, if you anticipate the chair will get a lot of use, you may want to choose a sizeable chair that is sturdy and can withstand wear. In this case, a club chair, an overstuffed chair, or an armchair might be the best fit. These chairs are generally of standard size and won't overpower a room or take up too much space.

If you are planning a more formal arrangement and want to ensure the accent chairs are the stars of the living space, you may want a spacious room with dainty chairs. In this case, slipper chairs or side chairs would be the perfect fit. Neither take up much space and come in a wide array of beautiful colors that will complement any decor while catching a keen eye.


Where you place your accent chair highly depends on the layout of the space itself as well as functionality. Should you choose to add lounge chairs that you would like to use as a comfortable reading spot, we recommended placing the chairs in a spot with ideal lighting. For example, near a lamp or window.

If your accent chairs will serve as a decorative eyepiece, then you would want them highlighting the space and immediately catch your eye upon entering the room. Try leaving your living space and reentering, taking note of which area of the room your eye is immediately drawn. Another tip is to take stock of the room and try to pinpoint where color, texture, or a feature seems to be lacking.


Choosing accent chairs goes beyond style, placement, and color. The material of your accent chairs will contribute to the overall energy of a room. The texture and material of the accent chairs you choose should mesh with the other textures already in the room. Additionally, the type of fabric you choose should be cohesive with your lifestyle. If you have small children or pets who will use the chairs frequently, you may want to choose a fabric that you can clean easily, such as leather or microfiber.

How to Pair Accent Chairs

If you're unsure how to pair your accent chairs, a foolproof way is to ensure you have something linking the chairs together. You can match accent chairs by the same color family, similar styles, comparable fabrics, or coordinating throw pillows. Pairing accent chairs does not need to be complicated and should be fun!

There are no rules when it comes to pairing accent chairs, which is why we love styling them so much. We hope you enjoy decorating or redecorating your living space. With so many styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from, the options are endless!

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