3 Reasons For Adding Pillows To Your Accent Chairs

Whether you have accent chairs in your living room or are planning to incorporate new chairs, you might be wondering how to tie the chairs into the style of the room. For instance, do accent chairs need pillows to coordinate into the existing decor? We've scoured the internet for expert advice and design ideas to get the answer for you.

Of course, it is not mandatory to add pillows to your accent chairs. However, it is a good idea and highly recommended because pillows can add: 

  • Comfort for a cozy seat. 
  • Style to elevate the room's design by using color, patterns, or textures. 
  • A theme by using patterned pillows to exhibit seasonal designs, inspirational phrases, or unique shapes. 

We will explain each of these reasons so you can determine if throw pillows are a must for your accent chairs. 

Living Area with Coffee Table, Couch and Chairs, 3 Reasons For Adding Pillows To Your Accent Chairs

Reasons to Add Pillows to Your Accent Chairs 


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Accent chairs come in a variety of materials. Some are very comfortable on their own, but others could use some help. Wicker chairs and chairs with hard armrests are good examples of accent chairs that would be made more comfortable with pillows. Pair your pillows with a cozy throw to make your living space even more comfortable and inviting. 


Living Area with Coffee Table, Couch and Chairs, 3 Reasons For Adding Pillows To Your Accent Chairs

Pillows are an easy way to add another dimension to your living space. Choose pillows that match your other furniture and decor to give your space some extra color and texture. Adding patterned throw pillows to a primary blue and white color scheme, for example, will make the room more attractive. 

Alternatively, throw pillows in solid colors are a great way to break up a living space that uses many different patterns. 

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Classic Vintage Style Furniture Set in a living room

Aside from simply adding an element of style to your space, pillows can also be used to round out your theme further. Sequined or satin pillows are a great addition to a living room with an elegant or glamorous theme, for example. 

You can even use throw pillows to tie two different themes together. For example, if you have a vintage living room and want to decorate for fall, get some vintage fall pillows for your accent chairs. Adding geometric patterns to a modern space is also a popular combination. 

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Throw pillows offer an easy and affordable way to add to an existing design or cozy up an accent chair. If you are considering throw pillows for your chairs, keep reading. We have done some research to find you the answers to the most popular questions people have when shopping for throw pillows. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Pillows Should Be on a Chair? 

The number of pillows that should be on a chair depends on the size of the chair and how you want to arrange the pillows. A smaller chair may only fit one pillow, while a larger chair can typically fit two. 

The arrangement of the pillows will also determine how many you will need. One pillow can be centered in the middle of the chair or propped against the armrest. If you want to use two pillows, you can prop a pillow against each end of the chair. You can also center one pillow in the middle of the chair and place a smaller pillow in front of it.

With most chairs, using more than two pillows is not recommended because your chair will be overcrowded. If you have a recliner, Papasan, or another large chair, you can get away with using more pillows. Just be careful that your finished look isn't too crowded. 

What is the Most Common Pillow Size? 

Pillows come in various shapes and sizes, from standard square pillows to shaped pillows for holidays and seasons. The most common pillow is squared shaped; 18 inches by 18 inches. Larger or smaller pillows are less common, but they are readily available. Larger pillows work well for bigger pieces of furniture, while smaller pillows are good to use as accents. 

Should Throw Pillows Match Your Curtains? 

Your throw pillows do not have to match your curtains. You would be hard-pressed to find identical throw pillows and curtains. Instead, complement your curtains by using pillows and the rest of the furniture and décor pieces in your space. Your throw pillows can add extra colors or patterns to your space, but they should never clash with any of the other elements of your room, including the curtains. 

How Do You Choose an Accent Pillow? 

Since there is such a variety of accent pillows available, you may find it challenging to narrow down your options to just one or two. The easiest way to choose your pillows is to consider the space in which the pillows are placed. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before you begin shopping for pillows: 

  • Does my room have a theme? 
  • What colors are already used in the room? 
  • Are there any patterned pieces in my space? 

Make yourself a list of the answers to these questions. Then, you can use the list to determine if the accent pillows that you like to match your space. You can also make yourself a wish list of the design elements you want your pillows to have. For example, you may want to look specifically for a green pillow or a pillow with a damask pattern. You do not have to limit yourself to the colors and patterns you already have in the space, but you want to make sure that the new color or pattern matches the existing design. 

If you like to switch up your design frequently, there is yet another option. Many retailers, especially those online, sell pillow covers that do not come with the pillow itself. Click here to check out plain throw pillows on Amazon. 

You can purchase a set of plain throw pillows and then purchase a set of covers, often for less than the cost of one or two decorative throw pillows. Then, when you want to switch up your design, you will just have to purchase a new set of covers and put them on your pillows. Click here to check out throw pillow covers on Amazon.


Throw pillows are certainly not required for accent chairs, but there are many benefits to using them. They not only make your chairs comfortable, but they come in so many styles and designs that they can fit any décor theme. Buying separate pillows and covers increases the possibilities you will have! 

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