Do Central Vacuums Have Filters? [How Difficult Are They To Replace?]

Figuring out how to care for your central vacuum can be tricky without some help. Do you think it's time to change your vacuum filter, or is that not necessary with a central vacuum system? We have done the work to find you the answers. Let's discuss.

Central vacuums do have filters. Regardless of what type of vacuum system you have installed, it will either have a cartridge or foam filter, filter bags, or simply a dirt canister where debris collects. Although these types of vacuums don't require upkeep often, you should replace filters regularly. When it comes to the difficulty of replacing a central vacuum filter, this is pretty easy, and you can usually do it on your own.

As we start this post, we will cover all things central vacuums and tag some helpful related products. Even though these systems can look intimidating, with the right help, you can get them serviced in no time. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Tiled floor with a central vacuum cleaner, Do Central Vacuums Have Filters? [ How Difficult Are They To Replace?]

What Is A Central Vacuum?

A central vacuum is a built-in fixture that removes dirt using connected wall tubing that feeds into a central vacuum system. These appliances are not like standard corded or cordless vacuums but are semi-permanent and usually go in the basement or garage.

Typically, central vacuums use inlets, which hook up to an attachable power hose throughout your home for vacuuming. Central vacuums are essentially a system of hidden dirt-sucking vents and are much quieter and discreet versus a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Young woman cleaning floor using a central vacuum system

Are Central Vacuums Easy To Clean?

When it comes to cleaning a central vacuum, we found that it is relatively easy to do. Ideally, it would be best if you replaced your vacuum's filters two to four times per year to ensure it works properly. For filterless central vacuum systems, make sure to clean out the dirt container just as often as you would a filter. Central vacuums are pretty low maintenance versus a regular vacuum, so the upkeep and cleaning do not have to be nearly as often.

Ovo Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

Here is a central vacuum attachment kit from Ovo. This kit is perfect for replacing your current equipment and includes 35 feet of hose, vacuum attachments, a hose hanger, and a storage bag.

Check out this vacuum kit on Amazon here.

Can You Wash A Central Vacuum Filter?

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If you would rather wash your central vacuum's filter, that is usually fine. Depending on the material, you can easily wash and air dry your central vacuum filter every few months. From what we found, mesh and foam filters are the best to wash and can be reused a few times before needing replacement. To properly wash your vacuum's filters:

  1. Remove any excess dirt and lint off your filter.
  2. Fill a bowl or tub with warm, soapy water.
  3. Place your filter into the water and let soak for about 15 minutes.
  4. Gently scrub off any remaining dirt or grime.
  5. Layout to dry overnight before putting back into your vacuum system.

Easy to Clean Filter Materials

Between the many central vacuum filters, we found that foam and mesh are the easiest to clean. We say this because of their washable texture and material that last longer versus other filters. Foam and mesh are durable and don't need replacement as often as cloth filters, which is also a huge bonus. As we mentioned earlier, mesh and foam are water-friendly and washable, which helps to keep them clean longer, increasing their lifetime.

How Often Should You Replace A Central Vacuum Filter?

Depending on how often you use your vacuum and how dirty it gets, you will need to replace the filter periodically. From what we found, you should replace the filter in your vacuum every three to six months. Although this is not the timeline for everyone, it is always a good idea to check your filters once a month and keep them as clean as possible. Most newer central vacuums have multiple filters, so that is something to also keep an eye on.

Zanyzap Central Vacuum Foam Filter

Here is a set of two foam central vacuum filters from Zanyzap to try on your system. This filter is compatible with Electrolux, Aerus, Centralux, Air-Vac, Hayden, Vent-A-Vac, M & S, and Centralux, Broan and is hand washable.

Follow this link to see these on Amazon.

How Do You Clean A Eureka Central Vacuum Filter?

Similar to most central vacuum systems, a Eureka filter should be emptied and washed whenever needed. From what we found, Eureka filters twist out and are usually mesh material. Begin by twisting out your Eurekas debris bin and then replace or clean its filter depending on its condition. We suggest using warm soapy water to clean your filter or scraping off all excess dirt with a dull knife. You do not have to wash Eureka's filters each time you empty them, but we recommend cleaning or replacing them every six months.

EUREKA Central Vacuum 253 Conversion Bag

Here we have a replacement filter bag for your Eureka vacuum. These bags fit various Eureka models, are authorized by the E.O.M, and have great reviews online from customers.

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How Often Should You Clean A Eureka Vacuum Attachment?

When it comes to keeping your Eureka vacuum attachments clean, this is as easy as a regular wipe down. Central vacuums have detachable hoses and heads that you should clean whenever needed. Typically, these attachments don't need unclogging and rarely need replacement. We suggest that you store any removable central vacuum pieces in a safe, dry place and make sure to keep them out of the elements.

Generic Replacement for Eureka Floor Brush

Here we have a replacement head for your Eureka floor brush from the official Eureka brand. This attachable head has a curved swivel elbow, horsehair bristles and is 10 inches wide.

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How Do I Change The Filter On My Electrolux Vacuum?

According to what we found, many Electrolux central vacuums have a dirt collecting bag that you can easily replace. This bag is essentially the machine's filter and twists or unlatches and should be changed every few months. Electrolux filter bags are usually cloth material, so be careful when cleaning and changing them to avoid tearing. For top emptying models, open the top chamber and remove the bag by popping it out of place. If your system has a bottom filter, you will need to remove the mesh or cloth filter and clean the debris screen.

Zanyzap Replacement Electrolux Central Vacuum Foam Filter

Here is a replacement filter for an Electrolux central vacuum from Zanyzap. This foam filter measures 7x8.5 inches and also fits most Aerus models.

See this foam filter on Amazon here.

How Do I Change The Filter On My Beam Vacuum?

From what we read, BEAM vacuums clean similarly to Electrolux systems. Start by putting a garbage bag under the bottom emptying chamber and opening it to release any dirt and debris. Once you have done that, Twist or pop out the filter bag and empty it or replace it with another fresh one. Once you have all that completed, make sure to twist back on your emptying chamber, and you're all set to go! Remember, when cleaning your vacuum system, make sure to turn it off while removing filters or any other parts from your machine.

Here is a tutorial on how to change a BEAM central vacuum's filter from the company's official ">YouTube channel:


BEAM Brand Central Vacuums

When it comes to whether a BEAM central vacuum is good, we say that they are. BEAM is owned by the Electrolux company and is known for its quiet central vacuum systems. These vacuums cover most home sizes and are one of the most powerful central vacuums on the market. Although BEAM is a powerful system, they are famous for their soft sound and easy to clean designs. BEAMS' most notable line, Serenity, is a favorite among industry professionals and is top-rated among central vacuum systems.

The Wrap Up

Whether you have a central vacuum or not, they are something to consider for your home. We found that cleaning them and replacing their filters is much easier than it seems and won't end up taking more than 15 minutes. Another interesting point we made is that foam and mesh filters are hand washable and can save money on replacements in the long run. Regardless of your central vacuums brand, it is essential to change its filter regularly and make sure to keep its attachments stored in a safe place. From Eureka to Electrolux to BEAM and beyond, make sure to do monthly checkups on your vacuum system and empty it often.

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