Do Comforters and Duvets Need Covers?

Are you in the process of redecorating your room and want to know if there is a need to get a cover for your duvet? Or perhaps you feel your new comforter can hold up on its own without a protective cover or maybe you are just being curious. Whatever your reason is for asking, through our thorough research, we have come up with a reliable answer to your question.

Yes, you need a cover for your duvet but you do not necessarily need one for your comforter. To put it in simple terms, a duvet cover to a duvet is what a pillowcase is to a pillow. On the other hand, a comforter can hold up on its own without a cover as they come with a built-in cover. However, we advise you to use a duvet cover for your comforter for beautification and durability purposes.

But that is not all. Reading further will provide more insights into the need for covers for your duvet and comforter.

What is the Difference Between a Comforter and a Duvet?

A folded rolls duvet is lying on the dresser against the background of a blurred window.

A duvet is a soft bag filled with down, feathers, wool, or a synthetic alternative. They are pricey, difficult to maintain and hard to clean. Most importantly, they are designed to be covered. A duvet cover will protect your bedding during use. They can easily be removed for a wash. Better still, they are machine washable. By implication, your duvet will stay clean and new longer.

With duvet covers, you can also easily change the color and style of your bedroom decor. They come in different colors, themes, patterns, and textures - all at affordable prices.

A comforter is a type of bedding filled with synthetic fiber which is quilted or stitched to secure the filling. They generally do not require covers because their outer layer itself is a built-in cover designed for attractiveness. However, if you want yours to last long and retain that new look, you should get it a protective cover. Another advantage of using a cover for your comforter is it eliminates the need for a top sheet, which implies less bedmaking. It is cost-effective too.

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Are Duvets and Down Comforters the Same?

pillow quilt and alez. - Messed bed with white pillow and duvet blanket with natural light in bedroom in the morning,Messy bed after wake up,Messy bed and Cozy Bedroom Concept- Do Comforters and Duvets Need Covers?

Certainly, there have been debates around duvet and down comforters; are they are the same? if no, what are the differences between them? Well, this section provides reliable answers to all your questions.

Most people tend to use both words interchangeably. But they are not the same. Knowing the differences between the two is important - especially if you are looking to get yourself a bedding set.

Down Comforter

We will start by explaining what a down comforter is. It is a soft flat bag filled with natural or artificial fibers. The fillings are held together by an outer fabric through quilting and stitching which is often in patterns such as squares or diamonds. Comforters usually do not need covers as they are one-and-done pieces with a built-in cover. They come in an ensemble which makes it easy when choosing a bedding set because they make decorating your bed very simple.


The duvet is also a soft flat bag (a flatter version of a comforter) filled with synthetic fibers, down such as feather or wool. Duvets are ultra fluffy. Since they are designed to go in a protective cover, they usually come in white or off-white colors. It is the duvet covers that come in varieties of prints and colors. A duvet needs no top sheet.

The need for cover of the duvet simply differentiates it from the comforter which is a more of a ready-to-go piece. And most duvets come with more fill power than comforters hence, they are more fluffy, snugly and have a puffier look when compared to comforters. Worth noticing is that duvet is lightweight and given the protective cover, do not need frequent washing except you’re washing the cover. This makes it last longer than a comforter.

The comforter is however usually tied to a whole bedding set. Just right for folks who have got troubles matching bedding accessories’ colors, since they come in different colors and patterns of choice. Without covers, comforters are tough to clean. And frequent cleaning would tell on its lifespan.

Do Down Comforters Need a Duvet Cover?

View of a rumpled bed with white pillows and a duvet.

You do not necessarily need a duvet cover as down comforters come as a ready-to-go bedding piece. However, as a preference, you can acquire the use of a duvet cover to protect the comforter and make it last longer. Moreover, some down comforter manufacturers now feature the corner ties and clips to provide you the option of using your comforter with a duvet cover. Also, duvet covers are easier to maintain and wash than down comforters.

Are Sheets and Blankets Better Than Duvets?

Well, the first thing to decide is how warm you sleep. Some people would love layers upon layers of blankets and sheets while others may be comfortable in light layers of covering even in cold weather. However, since duvets come with more fill power, they provide superior insulation, breathability, and durability than sheets and blankets do. Duvets will, in their varieties, afford you all you need. That is with a duvet, you do not need any more bedding sheets or blanket to sleep. It is a multifunctional bedding accessory.

Do You Use Sheets with Duvet?

Clean Bedding sheets and pillow on natural wall room background. White bedding and pillow in hotel room. White pillows on empty bed.

Given that a duvet features ultra fluffy down and other fibers in its bag - and also the duvet cover - it will keep you warmer through the winter without a top sheet in your bedding. Moreover, it is meant to be used without any additional sheets or blankets. However, given your preference, you can add them if you want. Most people actually use it without a sheet and still get maximum comfort.

Can You Sleep with a Duvet Cover?

As stated earlier, duvet covers are more or less giant pillowcases. They are made to protect duvets hence it is not expected that you sleep in them. However, if for some reason you have to sleep with a duvet cover then it is no problem. Duvet covers are designed with your skin health and comfort in mind. They are lightweight and cozy too. They may not be as snugly as a duvet itself but you can spend a night or two with them.

Do comforters and duvets need covers?

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