Do Curtains And Blinds Go Together?

When it's time to dress your windows, typically, you have the option of installing blinds or curtains. But, have you considered the visual impact and desirability of having both curtains and blinds as window treatments? Do curtains and blinds go together? Think this idea is too out there? Think again! You can easily heighten the drama in a room by having curtains and blinds together.

Whether you are considering the window treatment for a living room, bedroom, or den, combining curtains and blinds is a hot idea in home decor.

Armchair with orange throw pillow, orange coffee table and dark curtain background, Do-Curtains-and-Blinds-Go-Together?

Not only do you give yourself additional room to filter out light and increase your privacy, but you also create a visual focal point that is sophisticated, timeless, and chic. Set the mood for any occasion, no matter the season, by mixing and matching the right type of blinds with a set of curtains.

Are you excited or curious about how to select a set of blinds and curtains that will pair nicely together? Keep reading this article to check out our curated suggestions for this type of window treatment. We have you covered with beautiful and stylish curtains and blinds for every room of your home. It doesn't matter if you are decorating for a home that has a modern touch, vintage farmhouse charm, minimalist, or revolves around a classic look. Curtains and blinds used together readily elevates a home.

Slay Your Window Treatment With Curtains and Blinds

When you can't decide on whether to install curtains or blinds on a window, why not do both? Rooms that are flooded with a lot of light during the day or night are excellent candidates for a combination of curtains or blinds. Instead of relying on blackout curtains to filter light in a room, blinds and curtains can be used in tandem to make a room's ambiance more comfortable.

Do you feel limited by the palette dominating your walls, and you cannot change the paint or apply wallpaper? Consider using a combination of blinds and curtains to lighten or darken a space. Windows are often a powerful visual focal point in a room. Drawing the curtains while partially allowing blinds to peek through, or opening up the blinds while sheer curtains are draped across quickly shift your focus and change your mood. Play with darker curtains paired with light-colored shades, or match neutral tones together to dress your windows.

Can You Have Blinds And Curtains On The Same Window?

Dive into your home decor, and feel free to place blinds and curtains on the same window without fear. Once you take a look at the examples of spaces that utilize this technique of window treatment well, you can choose to follow suit. We have a host of beautiful windows that are covered with stunning blinds and lovely, dramatic curtains that complement the space beyond using only one type of window covering.

Blue accent chairs with coffee table and green curtains at background

Get ready to entertain and delight company, and make a lasting impression with chocolate curtains that are floor-length and sweep at the baseboards. Paired with blinds in a neutral beige, taupe, or sand color, the combination of different lengths of the window coverings, and the complementing colors between the two have a cosmopolitan flair.

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Check out these chic modern wooden blinds on Amazon.

Modern design living room with grey curtains and brown and white furniture

Bring a breath of fresh air to a modern and minimalist living room with sheer blinds that roll up to let in more light, coupled with floor-sweeping curtains in a darker hue. The sharp contrast between a neutral, translucent blind set with heavyset curtains makes a room feel more intimate and cozy.

grey baby crib with matching grey walls and light brown curtains

Pairing a set of curtains with blinds is the perfect window treatment for a child's room or nursery. Not only does the combination of drapery with shades give an increased sense of comfort and security, but they provide extra privacy and reduce light when needed most.

Off-white curtains, white walls with matching fortune plant and wall lamp

Give a living room, dining room, or bedroom windows a touch of luxury and class when pairing complementing rolling blinds and curtains. Installing a window treatment that utilizes blinds and curtains with the same style and color palette is an excellent way to complete a room's look.

Off white colored walls with huge windows and white curtain wall

A master bedroom or guest bedroom is only improved with a combination of a sophisticated rolling blind coupled with curtains in a neutral palette. Especially in a home that has vintage, industrial, or modern style windows, blinds with curtains help control the light, and it creates a visual focal point that makes the room seem grander.Curved wall with Irish themed woven blinds

Homes with a touch of country charm or classic style are paired well with a window treatment of binds coupled with curtains. Check out this room, which has three windows nestled together. The center window becomes the main focal point with only a rolling blind, but the windows on either side utilize intricate, sheer curtains as a complementing accent.

Yellow walls with Yellow-striped couch and floral green and yellow drapes

Quickly transform the end of a hallway or a nook in a room with curtains and blinds that play off of signature accent furniture. This delightful armchair is heightened by the accenting floral curtains that sweep at the floor, but they are pulled back to show off the complementing blinds to peek through and complement the chair.

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Check out these charming country-style curtains on Amazon.

White walled bedroom with dark brown drapes

Create a warmer room in a space filled with classic or modern details with curtains and blinds that offer lots of texture, drama, and rely on a specific color palette. Using drapes and shades that are in a similar color family, or with complementing hues, creates visual interest and make a room feel calmer and inviting.

White couch with matching floral white curtains near chandelier

Bring the magic and sophistication of Old World Europe to a room with elegant toile curtains that match the furnishings in a room, paired with a sheer neutral-palette blind. Choose this window treatment for a room with vintage or farmhouse charm, and increase the light in a room with a touch of luxury.

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White walled master's bedroom with huge windows and white drapes

Make a bedroom feel even cozier and more comfortable with a neutral-palette curtain with plenty of texture coupled with blinds in an off-white color. Allow more natural light to enter a room, while also accenting modern or classic furniture and room treatments with ease.

Green drapes with arc window

Create a window treatment with plenty of drama, when you pair a set of gorgeous curtains in a solid color with an off-white, sheer blind. When you have a room where you want to show off your window, this is an excellent example of how to do this well.

Stripped rug and modern window couch, beige curtain and white blinds on huge window

Create a more inviting nook in an office, home library, or bedroom using a combination of oatmeal-colored curtains with a set of bright white blinds behind. Curtains in hues of wheat, taupe, beige, and tan pair nicely with a room that has a lot of natural wood,  and earthy tones.

Can You Mix And Match Blinds And Curtains In The Same Room?

Decorating a home is about finding the elements that make each space feel complete, from the furniture, the window treatments, the choice of paint color, and specific details that create visual interest. It is perfectly fine to match curtains and blinds in the same room, and there are a variety of ways in which you can create a unique look that makes sense and shows off your sense of aesthetics and personal taste.

High ceiling living room with white drapes and huge windows with blinds

Complete a modern or industrial living space with window treatments that alternate. When one window is covered with elegant drapery in crisp white, and the other window has white blinds installed, the contrast delights the eye, creates movement in a room, and makes a place feel inviting and exciting, without seeming pretentious.

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Industrial themed white living room wtih huge window

A loft-style space is an excellent place to mix curtains and blinds as window treatments. For starters, having one window covered with only blinds helps designate a space in a seating area, and another window helps transition an open room into a separate area when it utilizes curtains and blinds. Check out how this modern and clean-looking space is elevated with the mix of curtains and blinds.

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