Do Glass Coffee Tables Scratch Easily?

Glass furniture can make rooms look more spacious. These pieces look amazing in modern-style homes. Unfortunately, glass coffee tables have a few downsides, like needing frequent cleaning. Glass surfaces easily pick up smudges and other blemishes. But how does the glass table withstand scratches? We've done the research and can tell you if glass and acrylic coffee tables are easily damaged.

Yes, glass and acrylic tables are more prone to scratches. Smudges, streaks, and damage are more prominent on glass tables because of their shiny and reflective surfaces.

Glass tables may be more prone to scratches, but that doesn't mean they aren't great additions to your home. Keep reading to learn how to protect these types of tables and to repair scratches that do occur.

A living room in modern home with sofa and glass coffee table, Do Glass Coffee Tables Scratch Easily?

Glass Coffee Table Care

There are so many positive aspects to a glass coffee table! This style of coffee table has many different design capabilities. These coffee tables also appear to take up less space than a standard coffee table. Because you can see through the glass, it makes the whole room appear more open and spacious.

Unfortunately, glass can be damaged. You'll have to take care around your glass coffee tables. If you exceed its weight capabilities, the glass could shatter, leaving you with no coffee table and a big mess. Both glass and acrylic tables are also more susceptible to scratches than a wooden table would be.

Cleaning Glass and Acrylic Tables

You will also need to be more gentle when cleaning your glass or acrylic furniture. It's important to gently wipe the surface of any lint and debris before cleaning. These tiny particles can cause scratches on the table. These tables' translucent and reflective natures make even the most minor imperfections noticeable.

There are a few different products that you can use to clean your glass tables. You can purchase glass cleaners from the store or make your own at home. A popular homemade cleaner will need:

  • 1/4-cup white vinegar
  • 1-teaspoon liquid dish soap
  • 2 cups water

Combine all ingredients into a spray bottle. To use the mixture, spray it over your table and then wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.

Tempered Glass and Acrylic Tables

Both tempered glass and acrylic tables are more durable than a standard glass table. Tempered glass is a special type of glass that has been hardened during production. The production of tempered glass makes it anywhere from 5 to 10 times stronger than regular glass.

Acrylic isn't glass. It's a type of plastic. However, it's often used as a substitute for glass materials. Acrylic is more durable than glass, and it won't shatter when under high amounts of stress. While acrylic is more durable, it can scratch more quickly than a glass table.

Tempered glass tends to be more durable and more scratch-resistant than glass tables do. But you can still scratch this type of glass table.

What takes scratches out of glass table tops?

Contemporary interior living room with a glass coffee table, a small plate with croissant, French press, and a vase with lavender

Many minor scratches can be taken care of at home. Here are a few methods you can try.


If your scratches are smooth and somewhat small, you can use toothpaste to remove the scratches. Look for white, non-gel toothpaste. The paste should preferably have baking soda, but it isn't a requirement.

Before you apply toothpaste to the table, you'll want to clean it and clear away debris. Next, take a small amount of toothpaste and put it on a damp washcloth. Use this cloth to rub the paste into the scratch gently.

The abrasiveness of the toothpaste should buff away the imperfections on the table. Wipe your table clean after you're finished.

Paste Wax

Paste wax has been used to smooth out woodworking products. You can also use it to fix minor scratches on glass furniture. Once again, clean your table before beginning. After that's complete, apply a thin layer of Paste Wax and let it dry. After drying, gently buff the area. In this situation, the wax will fill the scratched area up and reflect light as if there was no scratch.

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Jeweler's Rouge

Jeweler's rouge is a type of compound that has been used to buff scratches out of jewelry. These have been used to fix gold and silver pieces. However, there has been some success using them to remove scratches from glass furniture. 

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Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish can be a good option if the scratch is too deep for toothpaste or wax. You'll use clear nail polish to fill in the scratch on the table. If you get any outside of the scratch, use nail polish remover to clean it off. Allow the polish to dry, and then use a glass cleaner to make the area shine.

Scratch Repair Kits

If you need something a little more heavy-duty, you may need a scratch repair kit. When repairing more noticeable scratches, you'll need additional tools. Deep scratches may not be able to be fixed by hand, if at all. However, a scratch kit and buffer may help you remove the scratches.

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How do you maintain a glass coffee table?

A contemporary home with a long glass coffee table with a candle and cookies

The best ways to maintain your glass coffee table are to keep it clean and keep it protected. You'll need to use special cleaners to help maintain your glass table. Glass cleaners are explicitly designed to help lift dirt and grime from your table.

Be on the lookout for a glass cleaner with disinfectant as not all cleansers will kill germs. You can also make your cleaner using vinegar, dish soap, and water. There are also all-natural glass cleaners available for purchase.

You will also want to use the proper tools with your cleaner. Use microfiber cloths or even newspapers to prevent scratches and smearing.

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How do you protect a glass table from scratches?

A large living room with beige sofa, white glass coffee table, and wooden flooring

There are a few steps you can take to protect your glass table from scratches. Be sure to use placemats, coasters, or table runners to keep dishes from causing damage. Heat can weaken the glass, so avoid placing them on your glass furniture.

You can also protect your tables by removing stains promptly. If a stain does dry, gently clean them from the table. 

Can you sit on a glass coffee table?

You should avoid sitting on your glass coffee tables. Even if your table is strong enough to hold your weight, the table could still buckle and break. Depending on what type of glass table you have, the glass could shatter. This can cause injuries and make for a lengthy clean-up.

Is acrylic suitable for a tabletop?

Acrylic tables are more durable and have all the positive design features of glass tables. Acrylic tables are more durable in the sense that they are less likely to shatter. These are just as scratchable as regular glass tables are. You'll have to take care to protect them when you use them.

How do you protect an acrylic table?

You can protect your acrylic table in similar ways that you would protect your glass table. Utilize placemats and coasters to protect the table from dishes.

You'll also need to take care when cleaning your acrylic tables. Window cleaners, such as Windex will make your table appear cloudy. It would be best if you used cleaners specifically for acrylic for the best results.

Soap and water are the best household items for cleaning either acrylic or plexiglass. Vinegar is a good option for glass, but should be avoided for acrylic tables! Vinegar is too acidic for acrylic and will cause damage.

If you get scratches on your acrylic table, look for scratch removers specifically safe for acrylic or plastic products.

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In Closing

Glass and acrylic tables are prone to scratches. However, they bring a more modern feel to the rooms that they're in. These tables can also make it feel like your house has more space. As long as you take the proper care, a glass table can be the perfect addition to any room in your home!

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