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Do Ikea Mattresses Come In A Box Or Rolled Up?

When deciding on a new mattress, there are plenty of options out there nowadays. It can be a very stressful decision, especially trying to determine which company to go with and what kind of mattress you want to fall asleep on. Here you’ll find your quick guide to IKEA mattresses and what to expect from the Swedish retailer.

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IKEA, prominently known for its build-it-yourself model, is now expanding its mattress selection to customers. While they aren’t quite boxing up their mattresses like other companies, they do come rolled up and need up to 72 hours to expand fully once opened. 

We know there’s more to deciding on a mattress than if it comes in a box or rolled up, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to answer some of your most important questions. Keep reading to see if an IKEA mattress is right for you.

Interior bedroom close up with bed, pastel colored pillows, modern nightstand and wall lamp, Do Ikea Mattresses Come In A Box Or Rolled Up?

Types of IKEA Mattresses

IKEA has a wide selection of mattresses, ranging from the crib and kids’ mattresses to king size. They have seven different spring or pillowtop mattress styles and an even greater selection of foam, memory foam, and latex mattresses. Deciding between a spring or foam mattress can feel a bit overwhelming, so luckily, we’re here to help give insight into the differences.

Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses are meant to disperse your bodyweight evenly. They’re structured to allow air to circulate, keeping you cool while sleeping. Because these are made with springs, you would choose either medium-firm or firm for your support. Additionally, mattress toppers are typically a nice luxury to add to a spring mattress, as it removes some of the hardness from the springs. 

Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses, on the other hand, are meant to contour to your body as you sleep. In theory, you’re getting customized support unique to what you need. They minimize the impact of movement, which in turn hopefully provides you with a better night’s sleep. Because of the density of the foam, however, they are more prone to retaining body heat and do not circulate heat as well as spring mattresses. Foam and latex mattresses, however, do not require a mattress topper, as they are already absorbent and malleable to you.

Can you sleep on an IKEA mattress before 72 hours?

Interior bedroom close up with bed, pastel colored pillows, modern nightstand and wall lamp, Do Ikea Mattresses Come In A Box Or Rolled Up?

Alright, so you’ve just bought this brand new mattress, and you’re excited to sleep on it, but wait! It says it needs 72 hours to expand. I know what you’re thinking: “Do I really need to wait three days before I can use my new mattress?” The answer is no! While IKEA notes that its mattresses need 72 hours to fully expand and take their shape, they are good to use right out of the package. 

How long does it take for an IKEA mattress to expand?

IKEA states that their mattresses, once opened, take a full 72 hours to gain their intended shape and fullness. You can sleep on it before it is out of the package for 72 hours, but just know that your new mattress won’t be all the way expanded until then. Additionally, IKEA notes that it may take your body up to two weeks to adjust to the new sleep. Like anything, change is hard at first but usually a good thing in the end. Keep that in mind with your new mattress, and make sure to give it a couple of weeks to get acclimated to it. 

How can you speed up memory foam expansion?

Memory foam is intended to expand at its normal rate in any room of your house. However, if you truly wanted to try speeding up the process, you could place it in a warmer room. Higher temperatures may accelerate the expansion process, yet it is still safe to assume that the full shape of your new mattress will happen at 72 hours.

Are IKEA beds comfortable?

This is a funny question, right? Mattresses are like coffee orders --everyone has their opinion on what the best kind is and they stick to it. The point is, everybody is different, and when it comes to sleeping, it can be a very personal choice for what people find comfortable. IKEA is well known for selling furniture and home goods at more affordable prices, and this is true with its mattresses as well. They are on par with their competitors, and you’re getting a reputable company with it. If you have an IKEA in your local area, go check out their mattresses in-store and see for yourself!

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Additional Questions:

There is not an option for a California king mattress?

Unfortunately, that is correct. Because IKEA is based out of Sweden, their mattresses are based on the metric system or the standard king size. Check out "How Big Is A King Size Bed? [Various Types Discussed]" for more details on mattress sizing. 

What if I don’t like my mattress? Can I return it?

Absolutely! IKEA has a forgiving return policy. If, for some reason, you buy a mattress from them and never open it, you have a full year --365 days to do a return. If you do open it, test it, and you’re just not a fan, IKEA has a 90 day love it or exchange it policy.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy your new rolled-up mattress, and hopefully, you’ll be getting a great night’s sleep in no time! We know mattress shopping can be time-consuming, and somewhat stressful, but remember that it’s also an exciting start to a better night’s rest. 

If you're looking for some added comfort without an entirely new mattress, check out "7 Types of Mattress Toppers [and How To Choose The Best One]."