Do Plumbers Install And Replace Bathtubs?

Whenever it comes to remodeling or installing an appliance or feature that is a lot more than a DIY project, it can be tricky to know who to call. So if you need to install and replace a bathtub, you might be wondering which professional you should call and whether a plumber can do the job. Well, we've done the research for you and have the answer you need. 

Plumbers can install and replace bathtubs. Other professionals can install bathtubs, but plumbers are typically the best option. Plumbers are licensed and trained in setting up the plumbing components and connections. 

Now you know that plumbers can install and replace bathtubs for you, but keep reading as elaborate on this and discuss when you might want to consider other options. We'll also answer some other questions about bathtub installation and removal, including the cost and time.

Contemporary technician of household maintenance service in workwear installing pipe system by bathtub, Do Plumbers Install And Replace Bathtubs?


When You Should Call A Plumber

Plumber Installing Bathtub in a New Home Construction Project

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, it can be overwhelming to decide which professional to call for an installation. So, it can be tricky to choose between a plumber, a handyman, or a general contractor when it comes to a bathtub. Which one you choose will depend on the type of work you need to be done.

Can a plumber install a bathtub?

Plumbers are the best option for a bathtub installation or replacement. They have the knowledge required to set up the plumbing components and connections correctly. However, if you need to do more than just a bathtub installation, you may want to consider hiring a general contractor. 

Can a general contractor install a bathtub?

General contractors are in charge of overseeing projects, vendors, and trades for a construction site. They usually have a list of go-to professionals that they trust to complete the job. This can include electricians, painters, tilers, plumbers, and any other person who can do the job. 

General contractors are a good option if you have more than one project to complete. If you plan on doing an entire bathroom remodel, general contractors should be one of your top considerations. They will oversee the remodel and assign the tasks to their team, so you don't have to find an individual professional for every task. 

So, technically, general contractors won't install a bathtub themselves, but they will have someone who can!

Can a handyman install a bathtub?

A handyman may be able to install a bathtub, however, be sure to thoroughly research reviews and recommendations before choosing a handyman to do the installation. Plumbing isn't in every handyman's skillset, so it's best to choose the one you know will be able to do the job. If you have a reputable handyman, they may be able to install your bathtub for less than a plumber. However, cost shouldn't be the only deciding factor. 

Some states and cities require plumbing work to be done by a licensed plumber, so be sure to check your local laws and requirements. For example, in Tennessee, any plumbing work must be completed by a licensed plumber. The only exception to this is if the homeowner is doing the work. 

How much does a plumber charge to install a bathtub?

Plumber Connecting Pipes And Attaching Faucet Parts To Finish Installation Of Bathtub.

How much it costs to install a bathtub will depend on several factors. The cost of a plumber will vary depending on your geographical location and the work that needs to be done. Plumbers typically charge depending on the size of the bathtub and how complicated the installation will be. Some plumbers will charge by the hour, and the rate can range between $50 to $150 an hour.

According to the website HomeAdvisor, the average cost to install a bathtub ranges from $100 to $2,000. This is for a basic installation. You'll need to factor in additional costs if you need an area waterproofing or a new plumbing line added. 

The best thing to do for an accurate idea of how much it will cost is to call local plumbers and get several quotes. Collecting price quotes will allow you to get a good idea of the average cost in your area. 

How long does it take to install a tub?

Now you might have an idea of who you want to call for a tub installation, but how long can you expect it to take? Much like the cost of installing a tub, the time it takes to install one will depend on a few things. 

First, it'll depend on how much work needs to be done. The tub itself can be installed in about a day, but if you need to retile around it, you should expect it to take at least three days. You'll have to factor in drying and setting time. 

If you're changing your tub style, you may also need to retile your floor that wasn't previously exposed. That way, it will match the rest of your bathroom floor. This will add additional time. 

Some companies can install a shower bathtub combination within a day. This typically involves installing a new tub and surround. 

How much does it cost to remove a bathtub?


Before you can install a new bathtub, you probably need to get rid of the old one. If you've chosen a contractor to help with your replacement and installation, they will likely offer to remove the old bathtub for an additional fee.

The cost to remove a bathtub will vary depending on your location, the type of bathtub that needs to be removed, and the complexity of the removal. The cost to remove a bathtub can include labor, material prices, and the cost to haul away the waste. 

Generally, it costs less than $500 to remove a bathtub, including the total cost of removal. On the low end, it may only cost around $150.

There are websites, such as RemodelingExpense, that can give you an estimate on the cost to remove a bathtub for your zip code. Remember that these sites are a good way to get a general estimate, but you'll receive a better idea of the cost by calling local companies and asking for estimates. The cost may be different if you choose to remove it yourself.

How do I dispose of an old bathtub?

ide view of an old, disused bath in a light-coloured bathroom

If you choose to remove your bathtub yourself, you may be left wondering how to dispose of it. The answer to this relies heavily on your city's waste disposal locations and rules. However, you have a few options to consider. 

Bulky Trash Pickup

Some cities allow for bulky trash pickup. This service usually involves placing bulky trash items by the curb and contacting your city's waste disposal. If you live outside of city limits and use a private waste disposal company, they may be able to take the bathtub for you as well.

Don't assume this can be done, and just put your bathtub next to your weekly trash pickup. Give them a call if you need help removing bulky trash, as they might need prior notice. 

You may be able to cut plastic or fiberglass bathtubs down into smaller pieces using a saw to fit them into your regular trash receptible. Cast iron tubs can also be broken down by using a sledgehammer.


If your bathtub is made of porcelain, you may be able to recycle it. Research for porcelain recycling companies in your area.

If the bathtub is still in pretty good condition, you may be able to donate or sell it. Many people like to avoid sending items to the landfill if they can help it, so make a few phone calls to your local thrift stores or Habitat For Humanity Re-store. 

Junk Removal Companies

Junk removal companies specialize in removing items that might be more difficult to dispose of than regular household trash. However, they will take that too if you need them to. Some companies will pick up single items if you need them too, while others may offer a dumpster for you to fill. 


Your last option is to take the tub to the nearest landfill yourself. Some landfills won't allow certain items, though, so it's essential to check before you take the time to haul the tub there. If you've broken the tub down into smaller pieces, make sure the landfill accepts the type of material you need to dispose of.

Does Home Depot install bathtubs?

Contemporary technician of household maintenance service in workwear installing pipe system by bathtub, Do Plumbers Install And Replace Bathtubs?

Home Depot sells and installs bathtub and shower liners. These acrylic liners go over an existing bathtub or shower. They will also convert a bathtub into a walk-in shower. They use licensed contractors to do their installation work, so they are a good choice if they have the product you want.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has given you all you need to know about replacing and installing a bathtub. If you only need your bathtub replaced and don't plan on doing any other work, plumbers will get the job done well. We've mentioned it more than once in this article, but the best thing you can do is research your options and make a decision based on cost and reviews of their previous work.

If you're curious about how the installation process of a bathtub works, check out our other blog post here: How to Install A New Bathtub (Including Renovation Cost). If you're not sure what material you want to choose for your new bathtub, maybe this post will help: Acrylic Bathtubs Pros And Cons: What Homeowners Need To Know.

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