Do Ruggable Rugs Curl? [And How To Keep Them Down]

Some rugs can be susceptible to curling around the edges, especially on carpet or high traffic areas. This curling is unsightly and can be a huge tripping hazard. Does the low-maintenance Ruggable system have a similar curling problem? We’ve done the research and can tell you whether Ruggables curl and how to fix it.

There is a possibility your Ruggable can curl, and it’s more likely to happen after being washed. To keep your Ruggable from curling, try one of the following:

  • Readjust silicone corner
  • Use a steam mop or an iron
  • Use anti-curl grip or tape on the edges
  • Utilize furniture or heavy items

Now that you know how to keep your Ruggable from curling and lifting around the edges, let’s get into some more detail. Ruggable is a two-piece system that’s goal is to create a rug that is both stylish and easy to care for.

The rug cover is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and can be machine washed. Of course, keeping a clean rug isn’t the only important thing. Continuing on, we’ll take a look at why these rugs curl and why these techniques can help you.

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Why Rugs Curl

Lifting and curling can happen in any lightweight material, not just a Ruggable rug. While traffic can be a problem, it can also happen because of poor binding. In the Ruggable’s case, curling tends to happen after washing or when the rug cover is improperly placed on the rug pad.

Washing your rug cover does not necessarily mean that it will start to curl. However, customers started noticing the most amount of curling after their rug cover went through a few washes. With most saying, the curling got worse around the six-month mark.

Silicone Corners

Once Ruggable became aware of the curling problem, the company introduced a silicone corner piece. All rug covers come with the pieces already attached. These corners act as an additional weight that helps hold the corners and edges down. They act similarly to anti-curl rug tape and will be the best defense against any rug curling. Most complaints about Ruggable rugs curling came before this piece was introduced.

Proper Installation

One of the main things you can do to prevent your Ruggable from curling is to make sure it’s put together properly. Always make sure your rug cover is centered on the Rug Pad.  It’s also important not to pull the cover too tightly when installing. It’s best to lay the rug cover gently down and then smooth out any wrinkles with your hands. This keeps the fibers of the rug relaxed and flat and prevents unnecessary lifting.

Proper Washing

Following machine washing instructions can make a huge difference in the longevity of your products. For the best result, wash your Ruggable should in cold water and either air-dry or dry on the lowest dryer setting.

How to stop my rug from curling?

Even with proper care, over time, you still may see some curling with your Ruggable. Fortunately, there are a few easy tricks to help those edges stay put.


Using a steam mop or an iron can help loosen up the fibers. Take a damp towel and keep it between your iron and rug when ironing. For a steam mop, make sure you have an additional carpet glider piece. In either case, you’re adding moisture which is what loosens up the fibers. Don’t oversoak your rug, and don’t walk on it if it’s wet because either can cause creases.

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Tape or Anti-Curl Products

Use a carpet safe tape or other rug anti-curl tape affixed along the corners or sides of your rug cover. The tape provides an extra spot for the cover to grip to. This is great for stubborn curls or for people with pets or children.

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Readjust the Corner Piece

It’s possible that it’s just the corner is a problem. If you notice some curling on your Ruggable, then take a second to fix each corner. Lift up the silicone piece and then gently place it back down. Repeat this with each section, smoothing out any wrinkles as you go.

Weigh it Down

Furniture is a fantastic way to prevent Ruggable edges from curling up. Position any edges or corners underneath any couches, tables, or cabinets. This will hold down the edges or at least keep them from being a hazard to walk by. Using heavy books can also help the edges of a rug stay down. Unfortunately, this does take some time and may not be the best solution for everyone.

How do you put a Ruggable rug together?

Before putting your Ruggable together, it’s important to make sure your area is free from any dirt and debris. This will make sure the rug pad works at its best. After doing this, you can move on to assembling your rug.

  1. Roll up your rug cover, design side facing in, and place to the side. 
  2. Lay the rug pad with the rubber, grippy side facing down.
  3. Align the corners of the rug pad and rug cover. Leave a slight two to four-inch overhang on each side. Don’t tuck the rug pad into the rug cover’s corner.
  4. Gently unroll and smooth out your rug cover as you go.

There is cling effect technology on the bottom of the rug cover, which allows it to stick to the rug pad. This cling doesn’t lessen with any reattaching of the rug cover. The rug pad uses a rubber bottom made of material frequently used in yoga mats. This is what allows it to grip the floor.

Can you use a Ruggable without the pad?

Ruggable recommends not using the rug cover without the rug pad. It’s a two-part system, and you can’t properly use one without the other. It’s also recommended that you don’t use any alternative pads, only use a Ruggable rug pad with your rug cover.

For a more thorough look here, “The Ruggable Pad: Does it Come with One and Do You Have to Use It?

How do you store a Ruggable?

Proper storage of your Ruggable is important to avoid any creases or folds in your rug. Your extra rug pads should be stored rolled up. Ruggable suggests rolling your pad along the shortest edge and with the grippy, rubber side facing in. Extra rug covers should be folded with the design side in. To avoid any heavy creases, fold your cover loosely and don’t store any heavy objects on top of the cover.

Summing Up

Ruggable rugs are an updated washable rug system. While they can suffer from rug curling, as can any rug, there are some great ways to prevent this from happening. The additional silicone pieces should help the most with preventing curls. However, there are some easy tricks to smooth out your curling edges. Introducing steam, proper care, and taping down the corners are some of the ways people are preventing their Ruggable rugs from curling.

Are you still shopping for a rug? Our guide, “What Size Rug Do I Need?” will help you make the most informed decision.

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