Do Ruggable Rugs Work On Carpet?

Rugs can add an extra element of style to the room. Ruggable gives you a grander selection of designs with their interchangeable cover system. This brings us to the question of will these rugs work on carpet? We've looked into the Ruggables system to find out for you!

A vast majority of homes have carpet in the living room and bedrooms. Ruggable rugs will work on carpet, but it is recommended to weigh them down with a heavy coffee table or to tuck an edge under the couch. The rug pad is designed to lay on a flat surface and has silicone weighted corners to keep it level. 

There can be a lot of extra questions with these big purchases. Keep reading to find out about ways to care for and use your new rug. Shopping for the newest addition to your home just became easier! Let's jump into the world of Ruggable and see how these floor pieces can add life to your room.

Small black dining table and chair in a bright white studio room interior with large bed, plants, ruggable rug and emerald decorations, Do Ruggable Rugs Work On Carpet?

Do Ruggable rugs really work?

Ruggable rugs are designed to lie flat on even surfaces. They come in multiple shapes and sizes to fit your home. In addition to their indoor rugs, there are also outdoor and doormats! While they are most recommended for non-carpeted floors, that doesn't mean they won't work on carpet. A tip: before laying down your rug, fully clean the area of all debris for the rug to have a better grip. 


There is a two-part system to these rugs. The first is the rug pad which is the rubber base that makes contact with the floor. The second is the rug cover. The rug cover is the interchangeable top layer, meaning you can purchase new ones separately if you already have the correct sized pad. 

Ruggable products are non-toxic and safe for pets to be around. Above all, their products are manufactured in the USA and are not treated with chemicals but with water-based dye instead. A cool feature of this company is that rugs are made to order, so your rug is yours alone!

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These rugs are washer and dryer friendly, making any spills a breezy clean-up. The rug covers can either be spot cleaned for smaller spills or put into the washer for larger accidents. To clean the covers, remove them from the pad, place them on the design side out, and wash them on the delicate cycle with a mild detergent. Finally, to dry the covers, it is best practice to dry them on low heat or air dry. The air-dry method can take up to two days to dry fully. 

The underneath pads are spot clean only and will need to air dry. If you're looking to clean the entire pad, a good spray down will get it looking brand new! To add to the ease of clean-up, even outdoor rugs can be put into the wash! Before washing these types of rugs, make sure to sweep off any accumulated leaves, dirt, or dust. The same method can be used to freshen up your doormat as well. For general everyday upkeep, a simple shake, sweep, or even hose down will do the trick. 

Keep in mind, just like any fabric, Ruggable covers can shed a little when washed. With the easy maintenance that comes with these rugs, they can last you for years. A little trick for pet owners: add a half cup of white vinegar in the wash to help remove odors!

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Best uses

With so many options from Ruggable, you can use them all over your house. First are the interior rugs. For instance, there are options for large area rugs, both rectangular and circle, and hallway runners. If you have a wooden hallway you want to keep from getting scratched, a runner would be perfect for the area.

The second choice would be for exterior rugs, such as a patio, sundeck, or balcony area The outdoor rugs are water and fade-resistant, plus their heavy weaved material makes them durable for outdoor conditions.

Finally, there are the new doormat rugs. Able to withstand outdoor conditions, these doormats can be customized to welcome you home!

Be sure to check out all of their options on their website, here

Elegant living room interior with a dark blue couch and a matching armchair. Large windows with drapes and a decorative rug

Can I use a Ruggable without the pad?

As a two-part system, Ruggable covers will not work as well on their own. By using both the pad and cover, you will achieve the nonslip hallmark of the brand. Using a cover on its own may cause slips to happen. The pad is a grounding force for the cover to stick to and hold in place on the floor. However, if your pad and cover are too long and you don't want to purchase a new one, you can always go to upholstery shops, and they can amend it. 

Types of Ruggable fabrics

Purchasing rugs online can be tricky since you aren't able to feel the fabric. We've broken down what types of materials are available and their qualities for you. Still unsure? Ruggable has a sample option. You can order a small cover and pad to see how it will work in your home before buying a large size. 

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Originating from the French word for caterpillar, chenille fabric is a woven yarn that has a raised texture. This type of fabric is soft to the touch and is often used to make bedding and sweaters. A chenille rug cover is what you'd think of with a normal rug. The fabric is low and tight but still smooth to the touch. Due to its low pile height, chenille rugs will be able to hold up in high-traffic areas.


Fuzzy and soft, fall into this oversized stuffed animal kind of fabric. Plush fabric is thick, with a high pile and a velvety quality. These types of rugs can get dirty more easily but are still machine-washable. If you're looking for a little more snug feeling to your bedroom, this would be the perfect addition!


A popular choice to add to your patio, an outdoor rug needs to be thick and durable. Ruggables outdoor collection is made from a woven mix of synthetic fibers to withstand different weather conditions. Although they are heavier than the other two styles, the dense material is UV resistant and can be swept without damaging the surface. 

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How thick are Ruggable Rugs?

Ruggables' customizable feature is unique to this system. Not only is there a wide selection of designs, but also two options for pad thickness. You can either have the traditional rug feel or have a more plush rug for a cozier touch. Overall, the thickness can range from 0.3 to 1.6 inches. 


Measuring in at an eighth of an inch, the classic pad thickness is comparable to the tip of a pen. Thus, being the smaller of the two sizes is the classic and a good choice for closer to the ground doors. As mentioned above, the chenille cover will give you a final height of 0.3 inches. On the other hand, a plush cover will come in anywhere between 1.1 to 1.3 inches. 


Almost doubled in thickness, the cushioned rug has a thickness of 10 millimeters which equals one centimeter. Think of it as the size of an iPhone home button. A cushioned rug would be ideal for areas that require a lot of standing, such as in the kitchen, laundry room, or living room. With a normal chenille cover on this pad, you'll have a height of 0.6 inches. The plush covers will give you a final height of 1.3 to 1.6 inches.

How does the two-piece rug system cling together?

The first part of the system is the rug pad. The second part is the rug cover. The pad is made from rubber and infused with fabric glue that gives it the staple sticky quality. Almost like the back of a post-it note, the cover and pad will hold onto each other and give you a non-slip surface. Ruggable pads are non-latex and won't stain hardwood or vinyl. The underside of rug covers has what is called Cling Effect Technology, which is how it sticks to the rug pad.

Final thoughts

Small black dining table and chair in a bright white studio room interior with large bed, plants, ruggable rug and emerald decorations, Do Ruggable Rugs Work On Carpet?

If you aren't in the position to rip out your old carpet, a rug is an affordable backup plan. Ruggable rugs will work on the carpet as long as they are lain flat or anchored by heavy furniture. Coming in two different thicknesses, you can find a level of comfort for every room. Don't forget that there are also two interior styles and an outdoor option. Now for the fun part, adding them all to your cart!

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