Do Sleep Number Beds Need Special Sheets?

The sheets on your Sleep Number bed are designed to provide comfort and support while you sleep. But do you need to use special sheets for your Sleep Number bed? Let's take a look to see if you need to make any special considerations when it comes to selecting sheets for your Sleep Number bed.

You don't need a particular type of sheet set for your Sleep Number bed. You can use your current sheets if you want as long as you make sure they fit your mattress properly and aren't too tight. However, Sleep Number sheets will fit your mattress perfectly and work with adjustable mattresses.

Understanding what type of sheets work best with your Sleep Number mattress is important. That's why in this article, we will discuss the different types of sheets that work best on Sleep Number beds. In addition, we will answer other frequently asked questions about Sleep Number beds, so read on!

Does It Matter What Type Of Sheets I Use For My Sleep Number Bed?

The point of bed sheets is to provide a comfortable and supportive surface that keeps you cool as you sleep. They also protect your mattress from dirt, sweat, and other debris.

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However, Sleep Number mattresses are built differently than traditional mattresses. Instead of having coils, Sleep Number mattresses have adjustable air chambers that you can adjust for your desired level of firmness.

In addition, some of their beds adjust to different heights, so you need to make sure your sheets fit adequately. Therefore, it's important to choose the right type of bed sheets when shopping for a Sleep Number mattress.

You don't have to have special sheets for Sleep Number mattresses, but there are some things to consider. First, you need to make sure the sheet fits your mattress properly.

If it's too small and you adjust the height of your mattress, the sheets will begin to bunch up or pull off the edges. Getting sheets with corner anchors will ensure the sheets stay on. 

Next, you should consider sheets made of breathable fabric such as cotton or linen. These fabrics will help to keep your mattress cool and comfortable while also protecting it from dirt and dust accumulation.

If your sheets meet these criteria, then you should be good to go. However, if you want to take out the guessing game, Sleep Number sells sheets that are specifically designed to fit their mattresses. They also make sheets that are meant for their adjustable mattresses as well as sheets that are made from breathable materials.

Nonetheless, if you are on a budget, you don't need to buy the Sleep Number brand. You can still find sheets that will work well with your mattress if you take into account the criteria we discussed above.

How Do I Choose Bed Sheets?

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There are many types of bed sheets on the market, making it difficult to choose the right one for your Sleep Number mattress. Here are a few tips on how to find the best bed sheets for your Sleep Number bed:

Thread Count

When it comes to finding sheets for your Sleep Number bed, the thread count is important. Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the material will be.

For sleep number beds, you want a sheet set with at least 300-600 thread count. This will ensure maximum comfort and durability.

Be cautious of bed sheets that claim they are over 700 thread count. These types of sheets can be warm and less breathable than lower thread count sheets.

Yarn Ply

The next thing to look at when choosing sheets for your Sleep Number bed is the yarn ply. This refers to how many threads are woven together in each strand of thread.

Generally speaking, you want a sheet set with single-ply yarn. This will provide maximum durability and comfort as well as make sure that the sheets fit your mattress properly.

Multi-ply yarns are thicker, resulting in an uncomfortable sleep. Additionally, multi-ply yarns can be too thick for some Sleep Number mattresses, resulting in the sheet not fitting properly.


The last thing to consider when selecting sheets for your Sleep Number bed is the weave of the fabric. There are several types of weaves, such as sateen, percale, and cotton.

Sateen is the softest weave, making for a luxurious sleep experience. Percale is typically more breathable than sateen, making it ideal for warmer climates or hot sleepers.

Sleep Number recommends one of these two weave types for their mattresses—sateen or percale. However, it depends on your sleep habits and preferences.

If you are unsure what weave is best for you, Sleep Number offers a variety of trial sheets. These allow you to take the guessing game out of choosing the right bed sheets for your mattress.


Make sure you get the correct size bed sheets for your Sleep Number mattress. Sleep Number mattresses come in a variety of sizes, so you want to make sure that you get sheets that properly fit your mattress.

Check the label on your sheets to ensure they will fit your mattress—some manufacturers offer one-size-fits-all sheets, but these may not fit properly on a Sleep Number mattress.

If you are unsure which size to get, check the label of your Sleep Number mattress or contact their customer service team for help.


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While it's not as important as the other criteria listed here, the color of your bed sheets plays a part in how you enjoy your sleep.

The color of the sheets can affect the bedroom's ambiance, and some people find that certain colors help them relax. It's best to choose a color that is calming for you, as this will help to make sure you get a better night's sleep.

Solid colors are usually a safe bet, as they are timeless and blend in with any style of decor. If you want to add some extra character to your bedroom, consider adding a patterned bed sheet set.

How Long Do Bed Sheets Last?

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Depending on how often they are used and the quality of the fabric, bed sheets can last anywhere from 2-5 years.

If you want your sheets to last longer, make sure to wash them regularly and follow the manufacturer's instructions for care. Additionally, avoid using dryer sheets or fabric softeners, as these can damage the fibers of the fabric over time. Typically, you should wash your sheets every week or two weeks.

If you have bed sheets in a room that is rarely used, you can go a bit longer between washes. However, it's still best to wash them at least once every couple of months.

You will know it's time to replace your bed sheets when they start to appear dull and feel rough. In addition, if your allergies or skin start to worsen while you are sleeping, it may be time to invest in a new set of sheets.

How Much Are Bed Sheets?

How much are bed sheets, Do Sleep Number Beds Need Special Sheets?

You can go as inexpensive or expensive as you want when it comes to buying sheets for your Sleep Number bed.

At the low end, you can find a basic set of bed sheets for around $20-70. These are usually made from polyester or cotton blends and won't last as long as higher-quality sheets.

Higher quality sheets can range anywhere from $70-400 depending on the type of fabric used and where you shop. Generally, sheets made from high-end fabrics such as Egyptian or Pima cotton will cost more than those made from polyester blends.

The cost will also vary depending on the size of the sheets. Larger sizes, such as king and California king, will usually be more expensive than standard sizes.

Sleep Number sheets start at $90, but you can find sets as high as $350. Sleep Number sheets are made from a variety of fabrics, and they come in all standard sizes.

If you want to get high-quality sheets but don't want to spend a lot of money, look for sales or use discount codes when shopping online.

You can also check out the clearance section of your local store for discounted bedding. One of the best times to buy bed sheets is during the winter and summer holidays when stores often put them on sale.

No matter what kind of Sleep Number mattress you have or how much money you plan to spend on sheets, many options are available for getting the perfect set of sheets for your needs.

With a bit of research and careful shopping, you can find the perfect set of sheets to make sure you get the best night's sleep possible.

Final Thoughts

Overall, you don't need to go to Sleep Number for your bed sheets. However, they do offer a wide range of high-quality options that cater specifically to Sleep Number mattresses. If you decide to purchase another brand of sheets, make sure to read all the details so you choose a set that meets your needs.

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