Do Suction Grab Bars Work On Fiberglass?

Suction grab bars are an easy way to help keep ourselves and loved ones safe in the bathroom. As useful as these devices are, it's understandable to wonder if they fasten securely to all wall types. Safety should be a number one priority for everyone! We have taken the time to thoroughly research these devices to make sure that they will perform the way you need them to!

Yes, suction grab bars can work on fiberglass walls. The two cups on the ends of the device suction onto a flat wall. There are things to look out for to ensure the handle will secure safely to your desired surface:

  • The wall needs to be flat and smooth 
  • There cannot be a texture 
  • The surface needs to be clean of debris
  • Your wall should be dry

We know how important having a safe and simple solution to potentially dangerous problems is. Before you click on that shopping cart icon, there may be some more information you need! Read on to make sure you have all of your boxes checked before purchasing that new suction grab bar!

Suction cup isolated on blue background. Do Suction Grab Bars Work On Fiberglass

How to make sure the grab bar attaches safely

For older individuals and children, falling in the bathroom is a serious concern. Suction grab bars can be an economical solution to this problem. You want to make sure that they are securely attached before they're used. Otherwise, it may just add to the danger. 

The wall needs to be flat and smooth

Suction grab bars work by two cups on either end of the grab bar, suctioning onto a surface. Mostly they are applied onto walls. If anything hinders the suction cups from having 100% contact with the wall, they will not work. 

There cannot be a texture

Many bathroom walls have textures to them. Style-wise this can add a more pleasing look than just plain walls. They may look nice, but they will not allow the suction grab bar to be securely attached. 

The surface needs to be clean of debris

It's very common for bathroom walls to become grimy and dirty quickly. Any stuck on muck can make for an uneven surface. Make sure to remove any grime that may come between the grab bar and the intended installation spot. 

Your wall should be dry

Many kinds of suction cups use moisture to adhere themselves better. For suction grab bars, this is not only unnecessary but also creates a problem. The way that the suction cups are designed on these grab bars will work best on dry surfaces. 

How do you attach a suction grab bar?

Suction grab bars are quick and easy to install without the need for tools or hardware. On either end of the grab bar, you will see a tab. Flip both tabs up, and then firmly press the grab bar onto the surface where you want to install it. Once it is in place, push both tabs down, and that will lock the suction cups into place. You may also want to attach more than one for optimal safety.

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How suction grab bars work on different surfaces

Close up construction suction cup isolated on white background

There are many different types of material used in showers and on bathroom walls. From ceramic and glass tiles to granite walls, you want to make sure the device will work safely. Each surface may have its own pros and cons when applying a suction grab bar.

Can you put a grab bar in a fiberglass shower?

Yes, suction grab bars will work in fiberglass showers. However, just as you were placing it anywhere else, you need to make sure your specific fiberglass shower will work. Remember to make sure that it is smooth, flat, and free of any debris.

Do suction grab bars work on drywall?

You should not use suction grab bars on drywall. Drywall is a porous material. For these grab bars to work properly, the suction cups have to remove any air between them and the surface. Due to drywall being porous, you cannot completely remove all of the air. So the connection will never be as secure as it is meant to be. 

Will grab bars work on glass tile?

The glass tiles themselves are a great surface for suction grab bars. However, with tile comes the grout that connects it all. If you have small tiles, these devices will not work, but a large enough tile to fit an entire suction cup will work very well!

Grab bar advantages and disadvantages

If something was designed to be perfect in every situation, then it would be the only product that existed. Suction grab bars definitely have their benefits. Unfortunately, those benefits can't overcome every situation. 

Are suction grab bars any good?

They certainly can be, but like with anything, it depends on the situation. Not every bathroom or shower wall is going to give it a secure grip. They also aren't meant to put your full weight on. Don't depend on that suction grab bar if you're trying to pull yourself up with it. If you need something easy to help steady yourself or use as a safety measure to stop help stop a fall, then they work great!

How reliable are suction grab bars?

It really depends on why you put them there. Do not depend on them to hold up all of your weight. They are more reliable on less porous surfaces. They do not have the same sturdiness or lasting power of a more secured grab bar, such as one screwed into the wall. 

How much weight can a suction grab bar hold?

Depending on the suction grab bar you pick, it may have different weight limits. Some claim to be safe up to 250 or even 300 pounds. Most suction grab bars will warn you that they are not safe to put all of your weight on. For the sake of staying safe, you may need to look into a different type of more secure grab bar if you need to plan to put all your weight on it. 

Are suction grab bars expensive?

Since suction grab bars are easier to install and don't need all of the hardware, they are usually cheaper than other grab bars. On average, suction grab bars run between $15 and $80. There are different variations in grips and quality of grab bars' that influence the price. Whether you are purchasing and installing yourself or paying someone to do it, they will be a cheaper option. 

Do grab bars only come in one size?

There is a good variety of shapes and sizes to help meet your individual needs. They go from a 12-inch length, which is good for one hand, up to 24 inches and even longer in some cases. This way can pick from the size that not only looks best in your shower but also meets your safety requirements. 

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Important things to remember

Construction suction cup isolated on white background

Suction grab bars can be used on fiberglass walls that are smooth and clean. These devices are inexpensive and very easy to install on your own. They can easily give you the peace of mind you need when worrying about an older loved one!

Suction grab bars will only be as good as the precautions you take to installing them. Make sure there is no grout, bumps, or blemishes on the installation surface that will hinder a secure attachment. Also, do not expect it to hold all of the weight it may say it can. They are just attached with rubber and air. Shop around and make sure to find the suction grab bar that meets your safety and style needs!

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