Do Throw Pillows Need To Match?

Throw pillows simplify the process of home décor, making it easy to improve the look and feel of bedrooms, living rooms, and even kitchens. There are many stylistic choices in a range of different colors and patterns that are incredibly affordable. So naturally, most people are very cautious about arranging throw pillows together and don’t want to go overboard, they limit themselves to only one or two colors.

Put simply, there is no rule of thumb which states that throw pillows have to match. Your end goal is to simply achieve a more attractive look irrespective of how similar their color is. You can mix and match different colored throw pillows to see what sticks. If the resulting design doesn’t make sense, you can always rearrange matching patterns and colors to change the room’s look.

To make your design journey easier, we have created a rough guide to create interiors with throw pillows. At the end of the day, the combos have to appeal to your stylistic tastes, so it’s all about trial and error. Let’s start with two colors.

Do Throw Pillows Need to Match

Going with a Single Color

If you want to play it safe, simply go with a single color. But if your room already has a lot of patterns, such as patterned curtains, and vibrant sofa, or dramatic rugs, you can choose a more neutral colored throw pillow, preferably grey.

Going with Two Colors

Choose an analogous color system to balance out one color with the other. For example, if one throw pillow is red, it should be balanced with yellow for the second throw pillow. One popular application is for two red pillows on either corner of the sofa with the orange taking centerpiece position. This combo of alternating colors is very effective in rooms with darker colors, allowing the throw pillows to instantly pop out.


Choosing Three Colors

Three colors might sound more rebellious, but it manages to hit the sweet spot in terms of variety and balance. Once again, try to borrow the color scheme from elements in the room, such as the wall, cabinets, rug, and curtains. Good color choices include blue, red and pink, red, green and orange, green, violet and yellow.

Matching Motif

Matching the motif of other elements in the room is a great way to go for a unique design while allowing for a variety of color palettes and materials. A patterned Oriental rug welcomes a large navy living room with white pillows on a blue couch. This kind of motif matching requires more restraint because the result could look boring. If you want to go for matching motifs, make sure they resemble other elements such as vases and sconces for coherence.


Bright White Combo

Choose a foolproof color design such as bright white throw pillows that instantly pop out. The motif should have a white backdrop with bright patterns. The scales of the pattern don’t have to match at all, because the white is there for balance. This encourages you to play with different patterns and designs so long as there are bits of white dominating the background.

Set of 6 Throw Pillows by Top Finlel

This set of throw pillows is a great choice if you want to bring bright white colors into your room. The blue backdrop is balanced out with blue patterns that have nothing in common with each other. Some of the patterns feature geometrical motifs, damask patterns, and chevron. You can choose eight different colors, with white providing the backdrop for all throw pillows.

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Dull Colors with a Lead Pattern

Another useful throw pillow combination is to choose a lead throw pillow with a visually appealing design. Add two throw pillows with a more subtle design, such as white stripes or a solid color combination. Even if you don’t like the other two throw pillows, the lead throw pillow manages to create a polished look by pulling everything together. Make sure it takes center stage for best results.

Pineapple Themed Throw Pillow by famibay

In this case, all four throw pillows feature a pineapple. Three of them share off-white color while the fourth, lead pillow has a bright pink motif. All four throw pillows are 18” by 18” and made with eco-friendly materials.

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Choosing Different Sized Throw Pillows

You can mix and match different sized throw pillows. They could share the same patterns or completely different designs, with all of them having at least one color for cohesiveness. If you’re arranging the throw pillows on a sofa, the largest of them should be in the center. The large throw pillow should serve as a jumping off point if you’re starting from scratch.

The second largest throw pillow of the bunch should have a striped pattern. The third throw pillow will have a more solid color to achieve subtlety. If you’re thinking about going beyond three throw pillows, then go ahead and do so. The only real rule in design in design is that it looks appealing the moment you enter the room.

Do Throw Pillows Need to Match Other Elements in the Room?


This bedroom gives a great example of throw pillows matching other elements of the room. In this case, two of the pillows share the same color with the bedding, with the exception of the subtle geometric motif. The pillow in the center serves as an anchoring point: it keeps things exciting without outshining other highlights in the room. The steel blue details of the throw pillows contrast with the floral pattern of the bedding.

Should Throw Pillows Match the Rug?

Never use one color for the entire room otherwise it results in visual monotonousness, which is boring to look. This is where the throw pillow comes in, and it makes it super easy to bring contrast into the room or successfully matching to other colors in the room. You can start off with the color of the area rug. If it is grey, choose red throw pillows because of how they enhance the room.

If the colors on both area rug and throw pillow match, the resulting mix create a stronger coherence. Think blue area rug with blue pillows.

Matching Carpet with Throw Pillow

Some matches make a lot of common sense: a lush velvet carpet can be complemented with velvet throw pillows. The use of a homespun weave for the carpet goes well with nubby fabrics for the throw pillows. As always, the use of a sofa and loveseat simplifies the design process. Alternatively, you can always place the throw pillows on the floor (then known as floor pillows).

How to Choose Throw Pillow Size?

Besides pattern, color, and texture, the ideal throw pillow mix depends a lot on the scale. Throw pillows sizes start at 16” by 16” and go up to 24” by 24”. Rectangular throw pillows have dimensions such as 12” by 18” or 12” by 20”, the size depends on the retailer. Choosing the size depends entirely on the style and scale of your home.

Your furniture could provide a good starting point. For instance, if you’re choosing throw pillows for a large piece of furniture, smaller sized throw pillows will look tiny in comparison. A good choice would be lumbar throw pillows to create depth and interest.

How to Mix and Match Throw Pillows for a Bed?

The rules are slightly different for throw pillows when it comes to bedding. We suggest using the biggest size you can get your hands on, such as 18” by 22” or 26” by 26” to set up against the bed’s headboard. You can arrange a smaller sized throw pillow beside the larger throw pillow to emphasize the size difference.

The throw pillow should be large enough to showcase the color and pattern on the bed. Bonus points if all the throw pillows are made with completely different fabrics, each somehow complementing the bedding. The result will be a complex web of color connections.

Matching Throw Pillow Color

A simple rule is to match the color of the throw pillows with the room, and it is an easy way to coordinate the color scheme. A good choice would be to go with neutral colors because bolder statements can be psychologically unnerving. If the upholstery in the room is neutral, the pillows should be neutral as well. If you want them to take center stage, you could choose a different color scheme.

Throw Pillows Everywhere


Or you could go completely berserk by filling every nook and cranny with throw pillows, with no two throw pillows being alike. There should be a common theme so the look is coherent. This keeps the aesthetic playful and warm.

Can you imagine this patio without the throw pillows? It would look dull and boring. The designer manages to achieve a grown-up design without looking out of the blue.

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