Do Toilets Come With Seats? [Popular Brands Explored]

If you're renovating a bathroom or outfitting one for a new house, the toilet will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of the room. With so many varying styles and sizes on the market, the last thing you want is to accidentally buy a toilet that doesn't have a toilet seat. We have researched all of the top toilet brands to ensure that they come with a toilet seat. This way, you won't have to rush back to the store to finish assembling your toilet. 

Toilets are often sold as packages containing the toilet bowl, the tank, and sometimes the seat. Of the four most popular toilet brands on Amazon, TOTO and Swiss Madison come with toilet seats. However, American Standard and Kohler toilets do not come with toilet seats.

If you plan on buying a toilet, there is more in-depth information that you need to know. In the rest of this post, we will cover the types of toilets and toilet seats, understanding toilet size and shape, and some suggestions for purchasing a separate toilet seat.

White toilet bowl on modern purple and blue background. Do Toilets Come With Seats [Popular Brands Explored]

Do toilets come with toilet seats?

Whether or not a toilet comes with a seat depends on both the toilet brand and the retailer who is selling it. The toilet brands and specific models mentioned in this post are retailer-specific instances of whether a toilet seat is included. Please double-check if a specific model comes with a toilet seat before you buy it. 

Toilets that come with toilet seats (TOTO and Swiss Madison)

The first brand that often comes with toilet seats is TOTO, a Japanese manufacturer. Their products and accessories include premium, technologically advanced toilets and toilet seats. This TOTO Eco Ultramax toilet pictured below comes complete with a seat. Other Toto Eco Ultramax model toilets that we checked on Amazon also include a toilet seat. 

Click here to see the TOTO Eco Ultramax Toilet at Amazon.

The second Toilet brand that includes toilet seats with their toilets is Swiss Madison. The Swiss Madison Ivy Dual Flush toilet comes with a built-in soft-close toilet seat. These types of seats are convenient if you hate the noise of a loud toilet seat closing. 

Click here to see the Swiss Madison Dual Flush Toilet at Amazon. 

Toilets that don't come with toilet seats (American Standard and Kohler)

The first brand that typically does not include a toilet seat is American Standard. For example, the American Standard 221CB Colony toilet, pictured below, does not have a toilet seat. Although the American Standard toilets do not include toilet seats on Amazon, other retailers, like Lowes, might sell complete kits. 

Click Here to see American Standard Colony Toilet without Seat at Amazon. 

The other top toilet brand on Amazon that typically does not come with a toilet seat is Kohler. As a toilet designed to create a comfortable sitting experience, this toilet does so through the toilet's height and not the seat itself. 

Click here to see the Kohler Highline Two-Piece Elongated Toilet at Amazon.

Buying a Toilet Seat Separately 

There are situations where one would need to purchase a toilet seat separate from the actual toilet. Perhaps there is a sale on a high-quality toilet bowl that is perfect for the bathroom space but doesn't include the seat. Maybe you prefer a toilet seat with increased functionality or cleaning ability to the stock model. Either way, there are a few things that you need to understand before purchasing a toilet seat.

Which is better: Round or elongated toilets?

Round and elongated toilets are the two broad categories that make toilets different. The difference between them is only a few inches that alter the overall bowl shape, but each has a unique appearance and usability. 

The round toilet is more classic and works best in smaller bathrooms. Children usually have an easier time using round toilets, but some adults can find them uncomfortable. The elongated toilet has a more modern look and is much more comfortable for adult usage.

Do all toilet seats fit all toilets? 

Now that we understand each toilet type's differences and benefits, we can look more closely at the toilet seat itself. Since round and elongated toilets have different shapes, the toilet seats that fit each style will not fit the opposite.

Luckily, toilet seat sizes are standardized for each type of toilet. First, round toilets measure at around 16.5 inches from back to front at their widest points. On the other hand, elongated toilet bowls measure 2 inches longer at approximately 18.5 inches from back to front in the same location. 

So, the answer is both yes and no. Each round toilet seat will fit all round toilets just as each elongated toilet seat will fit all elongated toilets. 

What are the most comfortable kinds of toilet seats?

Installing your own toilet seat on a new or old toilet gives the added benefit of choosing a seat of higher quality. Comfort should be a priority in choosing a toilet seat for your bathroom. Other than the physical shape, which significantly affects comfort depending on personal preference, material and built-in features also affect toilet seat comfort. 

Toilet seats have come a long way from just being cold porcelain rings on the top of your toilet. The new-age comfort toilet seats have a variety of options that make usage a pleasure. There are padded toilet seats, which provide comfort in the literal sense of the word, but other features go a step further. 

For example, many toilet seats come with heating elements, deodorizers, and even bidets. The TOTO Bidet Toilet Seat, seen below, is one of such seats. It even features a warm air dryer, bringing comfort up a notch. 

Click here to see the TOTO Bidet Toilet Seat at Amazon.

How do you know what size toilet to buy?

Knowing what size toilet to buy largely depends on the available toilet space in your bathroom. Outside of choosing a round toilet bowl versus an elongated toilet bowl, there are other measurements to take into account.

Measure your bathroom, ensure that the toilet will allow space for usage, and clear any doors and allow motion in the bathroom. Make sure to include the tank's width and length and the overall height of both the tank and the bowl when measuring for the toilet.

Compact Elongated Toilets

Another type of toilet to consider if space is a major constraint is a compact elongated toilet. These toilets only take up a standard round toilet space but have the bowl size of an elongated toilet. This combination is possible due to a smaller tank and overall support system. 

An example of this type of toilet is the Kohler San Souci Comfort Height Compact Elongated Toilet. The San Souci is an example of a Kohler toilet that comes with a toilet seat, which is uncommon for the brand. 

Click here to see the Kohler San Souci Compact Elongated Toilet at Amazon. 

In Closing 

The fact that toilets don't always come with toilet seats isn't the end of the world. It can be an opportunity to increase your toilet's overall comfort or technical ability by purchasing a better model. For those who want to purchase a complete toilet set versus parts of a whole, there are options on the market as well. 

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