Do You Dilute Shark VACMOP Solution?

A Shark VACMOP is a multi-surface hard floor vacuum cleaner. The cleaner uses both suction and sprays mopping functions when in use. For the spray function, the cleaner uses a cleaning solution formulated by the manufacturer. You might be curious if you need to dilute the solution or if it is ready to use. Don't fret, as we've researched this for you. This is what we found out.

You do not need to dilute the Shark VACMOP cleaner solution. Use the cleaner straight from the bottle. The solution is for fast-drying and streak-free cleaning. 

Without dilution, it is convenient to use the cleaning solution for the VACMOP cleaner. You can get a complete clean with this Shark VACMOP solution. Read further to learn more about the product.

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Should You Dilute The Shark VACMOP Cleaner Solution?

Shark VACMOP is a cordless floor vacuum cleaner that is one of the top vacuum brands in the U.S.A. and Canada. It has a powerful suction function to get dry debris. It also mops by spraying the surfaces with a disposable pad.

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The Shark VACMOP vacuum mop cleaner has a dedicated cleaning solution for hardwood and other floor surfaces. When you buy the vacuum set, you get one 12 oz. (355 ml) bottle of cleaning solution and two disposable pads.

Based on its formulation statement, water is the first chemical ingredient. The function of water is a  diluent. Hence, you don't need to dilute the solution before using the vacuum.

Yet, some find diluting helpful if the vacuum is not spraying. There is nothing wrong with diluting. Just avoid adding too much water to avoid total dilution of the chemicals.

Shark VACMOP Cleaning Solutions

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Choose a suitable solution for the mop model and flooring surface to get the most out of the cleaner. Below are some cleaning solution variants.


The multi-surface cleaner is an all-in-one cleaning solution you can use for any type of sealed flooring surface, such as:

  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Linoleum
  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Tile
  • Vinyl

This solution comes in a spring-clean scent. It is fast-drying, breaks up stuck stains, and leaves no streaks. The multi-surface cleaning solution is compatible with the following Shark VACMOP models:

  • VM252
  • VMP10
  • VMP30

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If you have sealed hardwood floors, you can use this solution to keep the wood floor's natural look. It has the same formulation and benefits as the multi-surface solution, but this has a citrus scent. You can also use this for the VMP10, VMP30, and VM252 models.

Shark VACMOP Disposable Pads

You can enjoy the benefits of the VACMOP using specially-made pads. The pads lock away dirt, debris, and more in a built-in chamber. After the vacuum's powerful suction, the pads remove the wet and stuck-on messes using the absorbent mopping layer. Once you have shiny and clean floors, dispose of the pads without touching them. Remember to click on the vacuum head to release the pad.

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How Do You Use Shark VACMOP Cleaner Solution?

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After deciding which cleaning solution to use, the next thing to do is to fill the device with the solution. Fill the reservoir tank of the cleaner with the solution. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open the lid on top of the cleaner's body by pressing it up until you hear the click.
  2. Then fill the tank with the cleaning solution up to the MAX line. If it is your first time using the cleaner, add all the contents of the Shark VACMOP cleaner into the tank.
  3. Afterward, press the lid to close the tank.
  4. Dispense the cleaning solution to the spray nozzle by pressing and holding the spray button on the handle.

It depends on you how much of the solution you use. Use much or less solution as needed for your cleaning. You can check if the pad is wet when you mop the floor.

How Much Solution Can The Shark VACMOP Hold?

The Shark VACMOP solution reservoir tank can hold up to 12 oz. You get one bottle when you purchase the vacuum cleaner, and there are 2-litter bottle refills available.

Can You Use Just Water In The Shark VACMOP?

If you have run out of the cleaning solution, you can use water. If you use other chemicals with water, residue deposits can clog the pads or the device.

Moreover, only use cold or room-temperature water for the cleaner. Hot water may not allow the device to adjust its temperature, which can cause damage to the device. The mineral content of hot water is greater than cold, and mineral deposits can clog the cleaning pads.

Can You Use Any Cleaning Solution In The Shark VACMOP?

If you still think water is insufficient to clean the floors, you can use other cleaning solutions. Yet, not all are suitable for the VACMOP. Although there are cleaners that you can use, the manufacturer does not recommend doing so.

Nonetheless, below are some cleaners you can add to your Shark VACMOP.

  • Bona - only used for wood floors
  • Mr. Clean
  • Pine Sol - mix with warm water before use
  • Vinegar and water - may not remove the stubborn stains

In contrast, listed below are the cleaners that you must not use with the Shark VACMOP:

  • Bleach - can corrode the tank of the cleaner
  • Fabuloso - too strong for the VACMOP
  • Lysol - can damage the VACMOP
  • Murphy oil soap - is incompatible because it is an oil soap and can damage the device.
  • Thieves - same with Murphy

Based on the list above, do not use strong chemicals and oil soap cleaners. Sediments and residues can get stuck and block the spray nozzle. To be safe, you can maintain the efficiency of the Shark VACMOP if you use its recommended cleaning solutions. You might void the warranty of the VACMOP if you use a solution that has caused damage to the cleaner.

Why Are There Streakings On The Floor Even If Using The Shark VACMOP Cleaning Solution?

Even if you use the cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer, you might see some streakings on the floor after mopping. There is nothing to worry about.

Read below the possible reasons and tips to avoid the streakings on your floors:

  • The floor is not fully dry. Allow drying for 5-10 minutes to let the streaks and sud evaporate.
  • The dirt and grime build-up on the floor is so thick. You can repeat cleaning sessions, and the streakings subside.
  • Using too much of the solution can also cause streaking. It would be best if you reduced the volume of solution to use.
  • Using a cleaning solution other than the recommended will cause streaking and residue. Even if there are safe cleaning solutions, the best to use is from the manufacturer.

What To Do If The Sprayer Of The Shark VACMOP Stops Spraying?

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There is a spray nozzle on top of the mop to wet the pads of the VACMOP cleaner. After several uses, the spray might stop working. The following are some reasons why the sprayer will not release the solution:

  • Low to no cleaning solution in the tank
  • A low or discharged battery
  • Blockage in the sprayer or other parts

You can fix the problem by following the tips below:

  • Add enough solution to the reservoir tank
  • Clean the hose/outlet where the solution comes out
  • Empty and clean the dirt chamber
  • Properly charge the vacuum cleaner
  • Reset the VACMOP

After you have done the remedies above, you can continue using the VACMOP.

In Summary

You do not need to dilute the Shark VACMOP solution before cleaning. Just fill the cleaner's reservoir tank with the solution ready for use. The solution has water as the diluent, so there's no need to add more. There are two variants of the cleaning solution available. Your choice depends on the flooring surface type you will clean.

Although there are other compatible cleaning solutions with the cleaner, it is best to use the Shark VACMOP solution to keep the unit working in good condition.

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