Do You Need To Prime Hardie Siding Before Painting?

Perhaps the color of the Hardie siding on the house you just bought isn't to your liking, or possibly the siding was built years ago, and you're ready for a change and paint it. Since we want to help you with this matter, we have researched if you still need to prime Hardie siding before you paint it. 

Whether you are to newly paint or repaint your Hardie siding, it is suggested not to prime it. Keep in mind that Hardie fiber-cement siding should already come pre-primed. 

Aside from knowing if you can prime a Hardie siding, it would be best to know the pros and cons of using this material and be completely familiar with it. In addition, we will discuss in this post if it can affect the warranty once you paint it. And without further ado, let's dig deeper into the details!

Modern new Construction Back Porch with Two Glass Doors, Do You Need To Prime Hardie Siding Before Painting?

Let's Get Familiar With Hardie Siding

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Hardie board or fiber-cement is a top brand on the market that is a composite of cellulose fibers and cementitious elements. It is a material you can utilize to sheath the surface of a house or any building. 

Its most common application is to create the illusion of wood siding by overlapping horizontal panels in some cases. In addition, Hardie siding comes in a wide variety of looks. And fiber cement is popular and used in about 20% of today's new homes.

How To Prepare Hardie Siding For Painting?

A worker installs Hardie Board siding and flashing to an existing structure.

If you are planning to repaint or paint your Hardie siding for the first time, always keep in mind that you don't need to prime it. It is because this material already comes pre-primed.

When preparing the surface of your Hardie siding, all you need to do is clean the dust and dirt with ample water. It would be best to use only a garden hose. Note that you should never use a pressure washer when doing this step because it might break the surface of the fiber cement. 

And if you want the new coat of paint stay longer, you should carefully sand the Hardie before rinsing it.

In addition, you should also inspect the caulking before you begin painting. Most Hardie contractors use caulking that covers a 15-year warranty, so if your Hardie fiber cement siding is getting on in years, now could be an excellent opportunity to repair the caulking and save some money.

But the most important thing to remember before painting the Hardie siding is to let the surface dry completely after cleaning it. 

What Type Of Paint To Choose For Hardie Siding?

After you repair the caulking, sand the surface, and clean the Hardie siding, it is time to choose the correct paint to use. 

Sure, there are numerous paints that you can use for Hardie siding. However, if you wish to achieve increased durability and excellent results, it would be best only to use 100% acrylic exterior paints. Keep in mind that you should always avoid using oil-based paints. 

To ensure that you meet the criteria of James Hardie siding with the paint you will use, it would help to confirm it with the paint manufacturer.

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Does Painting Fiber Cement Affect The Hardie Warranty?

If you have a Hardie ColorPlus siding and want to paint it, know that it will nullify your current finish warranty.

However, it is good that you will only lose your 15-year ColorPlus warranty if you repaint, but not the complete Hardie material warranty. On the other hand, your Hardie product guarantee will remain in effect if you use a paint that satisfies the manufacturer's specifications.

If you're lucky, the paint you pick, or the painter you hire, will back their work with a warranty of some sort.

What Are The Advantages Of Using James Hardie Siding?

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If you are wondering why this material became so popular with homeowners, let this section show the answers to you. Check the details below:

Installed Only By The Best Contractors

When installing James Hardie products, know that the company trains and certifies only the best installers, eliminating any room for error. You should not worry about the installation process because those contractors can do the job properly and deliver successful and best outcomes.

By vetting and only approving the best contractors, James Hardie guarantees that people who use this siding material will reap the benefits of their exceptional warranty.

Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Is Invulnerable To Shrinkage, Warping, And Rot

Good thing that Hardie is not an authentic wooden material, which makes it resistant to warping, rot, and shrinkage that real wood experiences. In addition, Hardie fiber cement can last longer than you expect and has a warranty for over 30 years. 

It Is Environment-Friendly

Know that Hardie fiber cement comprises recycled wood, sand, and cement, making it a sustainable house siding material. It is true because the toxins it releases in the manufacturing process are lower than a vinyl material can produce. 

When it comes to energy efficiency, Hardie fiber cement siding is exceptional. If you will compare it to wood, it has a heat transmission coefficient that is nearly the same.

Hardie Board Is Fire Resistant

As mentioned, Hardie siding imitates wood. However, even though it looks like it, it won't be able to burn like wooden materials. 

Although it does not prevent fires from starting, unlike asbestos, it also does not contribute to their growth.

Attention-Grabbing Attractiveness

Since Hardie siding comes in numerous colors and styles, it can offer you an attractive curb appeal. It gives your house a unique look compared to other materials. Choose a Hardie board siding style that complements the design of your home and your particular tastes.

Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Requires Only A Low Maintenance

Hardie fiber cement siding maintenance is minimal throughout the year. To maintain its pristine condition, all you need is a garden hose and a soft-bristle nylon brush to clean it twice a year. 

Hardie Siding Is Weather Resistant

One fundamental reason you should use Hardie fiber cement as your siding material is that it can resist every element. Extreme heat, snow, rain, and more cannot do anything to damage your Hardie siding because of its proven durability.

Hardie Siding Can Give You The Best Warranty In The Industry

As mentioned, homeowners who choose Hardie fiber cement siding receive a transferable 30-year warranty that is non-prorated.

Many competitors reduce their warranties on siding products as time passes after installation, but not Hardie fiber cement, which is a significant advantage for homeowners.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Can Resist The Accumulation Of Fungus, Algae, Mold, Carpenter Ants, And Termites

The fact that this material is not natural wood can resist almost everything that can cause damage. If you are to ask, the most helpful advantage of having Hardie siding is that it can stop fungus, termites, algae, and mold from accumulating and damaging the material, especially since these problems are inevitable.

In addition, it can save you the trouble of regular upkeep because there is no way mold and mildew can leave stains that you need to remove. 

What Are The Drawbacks Of Using Hardie Board Siding?

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Like any other material, it is inevitable for a Hardie board siding to have disadvantages. However, it is for you to decide if these drawbacks can outweigh the benefits of Hardie siding can give. Check the following:

The Material Is Too Heavy For One Person

Hardie board is difficult to manage. It is too heavy that it demands two to three people to carry it swiftly. With this drawback, it can also increase the cost of transport services. 

Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Is Not Cost-Friendly

You can consider this factor as Hardie's main drawback. However, if you are to think about it, you can tell that it is not a disadvantage because of the durability, attractiveness, and everything good it can provide your house. 

A Repaint Is An Option After 15 Years

In order to keep the Hardie Board siding in good condition for another 15 years, it requires periodic maintenance. Depending on conditions, you may need to repaint your Hardie siding after 15 years, the duration of the warranty provided by ColorPlus Technology. 

The Installation Is Very Time-Consuming

Aside from Hardie's material, another factor affecting the entire cost is the installation process. Know that the setting up and installation process of Hardie siding is labor extensive and demanding. 

What We Have Learned

If you plan to paint your Hardie siding, it would be best to remember everything discussed in this post, especially if it is your first time encountering this material. Further, it is an advantage that you don't need to prime Hardie siding anymore. Depending on the dimensions of your house siding, you can save a lot of money on not buying a primer.

You have finally made it to the end! We hope you find this article helpful. Leave a comment if you still have additional concerns. And to continue reading, you can check these posts out!

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