Does A Bedroom Need A Rug? [And How To Choose The Right One!]

If you've just moved into a new home, or you feel like redecorating your bedroom, you may be wondering if you need a rug. What if you do need a rug? How do you choose the right one? Well, we've researched the topic in-depth and have the answer for you. 

Bedrooms definitely need a rug. Rugs help define space, protect floors, and can add an extra level of comfort to your toes as you get out of bed. When choosing a bedroom rug, you should consider the primary function you want it for. Is it for comfort, protection, or decoration? Once you decided the purpose of the rug, you can narrow down your choices. 

Now you know your bedroom needs a rug, but keep reading as we elaborate on choosing the right one. We'll also answer some other questions you might have about adding a rug to your bedroom, including where to position it and whether you can put a rug on the carpet. 

modern bright bedroom with elegant rug halfway under the edge of the bed. Does A Bedroom Need A Rug [And How To Choose The Right One!]

Choosing A Bedroom Rug

You should consider three main reasons when choosing a bedroom rug: comfort, protection, or decoration. You might be focused on one, a combination, or all three. 


extra comfortable bedroom interior with white rug

If you want to add some extra comfort to your bedroom, you might want to consider adding a plush or shag rug. These work incredibly well on any non-carpeted floor for added comfort. However, if you are trying to choose a bedroom rug for a child's room, you may need something more durable and easier to clean. 


Master bedroom with tray ceiling

Rugs are a great way to protect your floors from spills, pet scratches, and furniture marks. If your rug is going to see a lot of wear and tear or traffic from pets and children, consider this when choosing your rug. Opt for an easy-to-clean or washable rug. 


cozy modern bedroom interior design with bedroom rug as decoration

Of course, how the rug will look is also important. Choosing a rug color can seem difficult, but there are a few tips to help. You can choose to match your rug with the color scheme, make it a statement piece, or have it match your accent color. 

What type of rug is best for the bedroom?

Art deco cozy bedroom idea

Again, which type of rug is best for the bedroom depends on how you want your room to look and the purpose of the rug. Area rugs are great for covering large spaces. However, runners can also be a great addition to the sides of your bed if you want to have something cozy to step onto when you get up. Since bedrooms are typically low-traffic areas, plush cozy rugs are also a great option. Don't feel confined to a rectangle rug either; round rugs can also be a good choice. 

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Mix & Match

Flowers on wooden stool and pouf in white bedroom interior with posters above bed

You may even want to mix and match a variety of rugs. You could pair a runner with an area rug or rugs of two different textures to create depth to your design. The designer above paired a faux fur rug with a woven area rug. 

All in all, you can make almost any rug work in your bedroom as long as it fits well with your design and you consider its placement carefully. 

Where should an area rug be placed in a bedroom?

The placement of your rug is pretty important. You don't want to throw it in your room. In the wrong place, it can make the room feel awkward and unfinished. 

Where you put the rug depends on whether you want it to cover a large area at the end of the bed, around the bed, or next to the bed. 

End Of The Bed

Corner of a modern gray bedroom interior with rug at the end of the bed

If your bed is centered on the wall, you can add a rug at the end of the bed to keep the room symmetrical. If you have a large area rug, you can have it partially under the bed to also have it reach the sides of your bed, like in the example below. 


modern bedroom with gray walls, a wooden floor, a double bed and a bookcase. A horizontal poster frame above the bed

Symmetry is great, but you can add depth and character to your room by playing around with your rug positions. Try placing it partially under your bed. If your rug is round, you can create a stunning geometric look. 

Next To The Bed

Modern golden frame coffee table with an elegant glass vase and a comfortable green armchair in a white studio interior with a large bed. rug next to the bed

If one side of your bed is against a wall or you have more space on one side than the other, try placing your area rug next to it. It'll still allow you to step on to the rug when you get out of bed while breaking up the open space on your floor. 

Fortunately, there are a few options when it comes to placing an area rug in a bedroom. Try experimenting with different locations to figure out which position will look best. Don't be afraid to try different positions until you find one you're happy with. 

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How do you choose a rug for a master bedroom?

A master bedroom is often the largest bedroom in the house, so you need to pick a rug large enough to ground the bed and tie the entire space together. Choose a big enough rug to extend past the bed if you choose to place it partially under the bed. Since the adults of the family most often use master bedrooms, big, soft, and cozy rugs are ideal. 

Multiple Rugs

If you have a very large master bedroom, you might need more than one rug. Rugs can help define areas of the room. If you have a seating area in your bedroom, consider adding a small round rug under the chair and a larger area rug under the bed. The boho master bedroom above has three different rugs that help break up the blank space of the carpet. 

How do you fit a rug under a king-size bed?

You don't want the size of your bed to overpower the size of your rug. Choosing the correct rug size can make a difference with the overall feel of a room. So, what if you have a king-sized bed?

If you have a king-size bed, the bigger the rug, the better. If you want your rug to extend on both sides as well as at the bottom of the bed, you'll need a rug big enough to allow for at least a foot of rug on all sides. A smaller area rug might be able to provide a small area for your feet at the end of the bed, but it will probably not give you space on every side. An 8'x10' or 9'x12' will work best for bedrooms with king-sized beds, and they will offer enough space to surround the bed, so you'll have a soft space to put your feet whether you're sitting on the side or the end of your bed. 

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Can you put a rug on carpet in the bedroom?

Large luxury modern bedroom interior with grey walls and white rug, large windows, blue textures

Rugs aren't just for hardwood or laminate floors. Rugs can still add a lot to a room that is carpeted. Whether your floor is carpeted, hardwood, or laminate, rugs help define spaces and connect the rest of your furniture. Rugs can also help protect any light-colored carpet from dirt, spills, and stains. 

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Final Thoughts

If you were on the fence before, hopefully, our article has inspired you to add a rug to your bedroom. It can help complete your look, protect your floors, and offer another level of comfort! What have you got to lose? 

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