Does Backsplash Need Trim Or Edging?

You’ve finally started that kitchen or bathroom makeover you’ve been dreaming of doing, and suddenly it hits you; does your new colorful backsplash need to be trimmed or edged? You panic and run to Google for the answer, fortunately, you’ve landed here. Search no more because we've found the answer for you! This post will have your new backsplash looking pristine in no time, as well as give you other backsplash-ing tips. 

The short answer is yes; you need to trim or edge your backsplash or tiling to ensure your tiles look seamless and are protected from the environment. If you were not to edge your tiles, they could get chipped, and your project wouldn’t look as striking and well put together as you had hoped. You’ll need tile edge protection anywhere there’s an unfinished edge, where the tile meets the flooring, or where tile meets another surface such as drywall. There are a few different options you can choose from when edging your backsplash:

  • Caulk the edge 
  • Rail moldings
  • Metal edges
  • Create a bullnose edge

It may seem daunting, but the good news is there are only a few options to choose from! Keep reading to find out which option would be best for your project makeover. 

How Do You Finish Tile Edges On a Backsplash?

Kitchen undergoing construction, Does Backsplash Need Trim Or Edging?

Caulk the Edge

By far, the most cost-effective and easiest solution would be to caulk the edges of the tiles. Tumbled stones, mosaics, and most porcelain tiles have edges most suited for this solution. First, examine your tiling and determine whether they look raw or finished. If they look finished after grouting and installation, just apply a thin bead of caulking to the edge for a clean, watertight seal. If the edges look raw, seek out one of the other solutions below. 

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Rail Moldings 

Tile moldings for natural stone and porcelain are usually easily found. Thin, decorative, and easily customizable, rail moldings can make your tile installation look professionally done -even if it’s DIY! This solution is best for transitioning between tile styles or from tile to drywall. If your selected tile doesn’t come with molding, you can choose one yourself that closely matches or pick one that contrasts and adds some design flair!

Metal Edges

Metal edges are quickly gaining popularity with homeowners. They come in a large selection of styles and finishes. Metal edges can be used in kitchens, showers, indoors, and out. They’re a great addition to any tile project and will make it look superb. You can even choose a finish to match your sink or showerhead. A brushed nickel look would complete any bathroom or kitchen set. 

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Create a Bullnose Edge 

This is the more challenging solution, but not impossible. If you’ve chosen a tile that doesn’t have a matching trim, you can always ask your contractor to make a custom one. This solution usually only works with natural stone tiles or solid color porcelain tiles. If you are doing it yourself, make sure to practice, practice, practice! 

Do You Need to Seal Ceramic Backsplash?

Ceramic and porcelain are kiln-fired products; they are baked under high heat, making them very hard and highly resistant to liquid stains. They are available glazed or unglazed and in a multitude of colors. Ceramic and porcelain are often the easiest tiles to care for. 

Interior of a Scandinavian themed kitchen with wooden chairs, wooden flooring, and white backsplash on the countertop area

The surface of most ceramics does not need to be sealed. However, some do require a light penetrating sealer to help fill the micropores of the grout in between the tiles. Grout joints need to be sealed and maintained properly to ensure you don’t have stains or discoloration years down the road. Sealing your grout also prevents mold and mildew from growing. Be sure to choose a sealant based on your specific needs. 

Do You Grout Where Tile Meets Countertop?

Interior of a modern kitchen with small square tiled decorative backsplash

While installing your backsplash, you notice a gap between your tiles and your kitchen countertop. Should you put grout there too? 

Houses settle over the years, so to ensure your backsplash looks amazing even years after you’ve done it, skip the grout and pick caulk instead. Caulking is more flexible, and grout may crack, making your backsplash look less than desirable. Be sure to pick a caulk color that matches your tile or grout.

Worker installing granite countertop on the kitchen countertop

How Do You Tile Around a Window Sill? 

Tiling around a window can wonderfully transform a room. It can bring life and character to the room! If done well, it can last a lifetime. 

Worker caulking the gaps on the kitchen backsplash

As you’re tiling closer and closer to your window, you may be wondering just how to tile around the window sill effectively. The good news is, you have multiple options as to how you want to finish or edge your tiles in this location. You could use bullnose tiles (discussed earlier in the post), corner edging tiles, or apply a decorative border to the sill. 

Mint and green tiled kitchen backsplash

Once you’ve chosen your desired finish, just top it off with caulking in the corners and up around the window to prevent water damage and leaking. 

Enjoy Designing Most Of All!


Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy designing and creating your own space. Tiling and creating that perfect backsplash can be daunting at first, but hopefully, this article filled you with ideas and chased some of that doubt out of your mind. You certainly won’t forget the sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing your home project!

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