Does Blue Go With Brown Furniture?

Deciding on a color palette for your home can be tricky sometimes. Are you thinking of using blue and brown furniture but have no idea whether they match? Well, lucky for you, we've done plenty of research into this topic and have the answer for you. Let's check it out.

Yes! You can certainly try using brown and blue furniture together in your home. Although blue tends to have a cooler tone than brown, these two colors work well no matter the room they're in.

Furthermore, adding pops of blue into a room with brown furnishings can add some modern flare, which is perfect for a remodel.

As we begin, we will cover all things blue and brown furniture and discuss how to decorate using them. Whether you need some interior decor inspiration or already have an idea, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this post!

Wooden flooring of a living room with brown and blue sofa with bright colored throw pillows, Does Blue Go With Brown Furniture?

Does Blue Look Good With Brown Furniture?

Depending on how you pair them, blue and brown can work nicely together. Although brown is a warm color and blue is cool, combining the two can give your home a fresh, modern feel.

A long leather sofa inside a rustic modern living room with hardwood flooring and wooden coffee table

That said, you might want to try choosing a few blue statement pieces rather than using a ton of them in your space. Sometimes, too much vivid color mixed with a neutral like brown can be confusing design-wise.

According to Better Homes & Gardens, having blue wall art, decor, pillows, and even curtains can help modernize a brown space, all without needing to do much. Again, when working with bright colors, blue or not, less is more.

What Shade Of Blue Works Best With Brown Furniture?

You want to use navy blue if you have brown furniture. Of course, this depends on the lightness or darkness of the brown furnishings, so everyone will be different.

Typically, darker brown goes better with navy or deep blue, while pale blue is better with light wood and brown pieces. Again, that's not to say you can't switch things up, but most times, it's better to keep lights with lights and vice versa.

Additionally, using a few pops of bright blue in a dark space, regardless of furniture color, can help open it up, so we recommend it.

How Should I Decorate A Brown Sofa?

For those working with a brown sofa, it's best to embrace Earth tones. These include blue, green, brown, red, and even orange.

As we mentioned, brown is a warmer hue, so it's best to use other warm colors or a few cool ones. However, if you have a light "washed" brown sofa, you could certainly try softer blush shades, so the options are endless.

It's also a great idea to use various pops of color in your pillows and throw blankets to give your space variety regardless of sofa color. Color tends to give a home life, which is what everyone's after.

What Colors Go Best With A Brown Sofa?

Most times, you want to use either blue, green, orange, red, grey, yellow, or even purple with a brown sofa. Considering that most of these colors have a warm undertone, that will make decorating your furniture easier.

On the other hand, greys, blues, and purples are the way to go if you want a modern design. Remember, pops of color and vibrance in a room can be subtle while bringing the space together.

Additionally, you can even try adding statement pieces of furniture alongside a brown sofa, like a bright blue accent chair or ottoman, so there's no wrong way to do this.

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Can You Mix Various Shades Of Blue In A Room?

A rustic and green themed living area with laminated flooring, plants on small dividers and small wooden chair with pink foam

Yes! This is perfectly fine if you want to mix multiple blues in the same room. Generally, blues will work nicely alongside each other regardless of shade.

Using a few navy blue pillows and a sky blue blanket on your brown furniture can work well. However, it's best to find 2-3 shades or patterns of blue and use a mixture of them for your decorating.

Having too many patterns, colors, and designs can confuse a space: which you want to avoid.

Furthermore, you could throw in some other colors with your blues, like green or purple, but again, try not to overdo it.

How Many Accent Colors Should Be In A Room?

Although there isn't technically a set "limit" to accent colors in a room, we recommend abiding by the 60-30-10 rule. To go in-depth, the 60 stands for the amount of dominant color, the 30 stands for the amount of secondary color, and the ten covers how much accent color a design should ideally include.

Some may call this the 'Rule of Three.' This is essentially the suggestion that a room shouldn't have more than three colors but instead use various shades of them.

Of course, this isn't an unspoken law of the land, but it can be helpful to designers. Again, a few bright pops of color should be sufficient.

Does Blue Go With Leather Furniture?

Dark wooden flooring paired with a sectional sofa with white throw pillows

For those with a leather sofa or other furniture, blue is certainly fine to use. Considering that leather tends to have an orangish-brown color, having a few navy or deep blue accent pieces can help liven things up.

As we mentioned above, the hue of your blue accessories depends on the shade of your furniture. If your leather has a classic, deep appearance, you may want to stick with deeper Earth tones.

However, most colors will work if your leather furniture is lighter and more modern. Typically, sky or pale blues look the best with softer brown furnishings, although deeper tones are fine too.

Regardless, try to choose a few accent colors that fit your style, and then go from there.

How Can I Make My Brown Leather Sofa Look Better?

Getting your brown furniture accessorized can be confusing. Luckily, there are a few ways to brighten up your dark furniture without breaking the bank. A few of our top ideas include:

  • Adding a throw blanket.
  • Using a decorative side table.
  • Purchasing a bright-colored accent chair.
  • Finding patterned/colored pillows.
  • Add a coffee table to your space.
  • Place a few plants around your sofa.
  • Install a similar colored bookshelf.

Of course, these are just some ways to liven up a room with a leather sofa. The best way to make leather look better is to draw out its natural hue. Jewel and Earth tones are best for doing this.

Also, if you love art, we think it could be cool to purchase a few bright pieces to hang/place near your leather piece.

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Is Brown Furniture Outdated?

Hardwood flooring inside a bright blue and brown themed living area fused with a white sofa with colorful throw pillows

Although brown isn't the first color that comes to mind when thinking of modern furniture, it can be if you decorate it right. Typically, deeper velvet/suede brown furniture tends to "fit" the current decorating style, so those are good materials to look for.

Additionally, you can modernize leather/faux leather furniture with the right decor and accessories, so you aren't out of luck there. A few pops of color can change a room's energy, hence why blue and brown are such a popular pairing.

It's also worth mentioning that the 2000's aesthetic is back and better than ever, so your once outdated brown couch may just be the new hottest thing.

Does Brown Furniture Need Extra Color?

If you prefer a minimalistic design, brown furniture can stand independently. Considering that brown is a deep statement color as is, choosing to keep your sofa or chairs bare is completely fine.

However, it can help aesthetically to throw in a few pillows or a blanket, but again, it's not required. Furthermore, you could also try to use vibrant wall art and even a rug in place of pillows and blankets if you're after some color.

Again, every home is different, so whatever style you want, you should decorate as you see fit.

To Wrap It All Up

Wooden flooring of a living room with brown and blue sofa with bright colored throw pillows

Knowing your colors is essential whether you need new ideas for the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. We found that brown furniture will look good with blue accessories and is quite popular.

Additionally, using Earth tones to decorate a brown piece of furniture can elevate a room. Specifically, leather sofas and blue, green, red, and even orange pair nicely.

Regardless, find colors and patterns that look good together, and don't forget to have some fun with your wall art and other decors!

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