Does A Carpet Cleaner Work On Couches?

Keeping every part of your home clean can be a never-ending challenge. One of the most frustrating parts of the process is figuring out how many tools you need to be successful. That's why it's so helpful to find cleaning tools that can be multipurpose. For example, trying to find out if a carpet cleaner can be used on your furniture. We have researched if this is possible to help make cleaning your home a little easier for you.

Yes, a carpet cleaner can be used to clean your couch! To use one, you first have to get the excess dirt off your couch using other methods. Couches are made of many kinds of material, so you should check the tag and spot test before cleaning. You will also need an upholstery attachment for your cleaner. For best results, you may also want to purchase an upholstery cleaning solution if the one that you already have cannot be used on furniture. 

Having cleaning appliances that you can use for several different things is also very helpful! Before you break out your carpet cleaner and get to work on your couch, you should know everything. Continue reading below to get an in-depth look at this process so that you can be as successful as possible!

A cleaner using carpet cleaner to clean the sofa, Does A Carpet Cleaner Work On Couches?

Using A Carpet Cleaner On A Couch

While these appliances are designed to work on carpets, they have been modified to work on furniture over the years. Like with vacuums, it is not practical to put the entire machine on the couch and start using it like you would on your carpet. So they have all been adapted and designed to use attachments, specific cleaners, and techniques to clean couches.

Getting Your Couch Ready To Be Cleaned

If your couch has a bunch of dirt, crumbs, and other debris on it, then the cleaner has to go through all of that to get to your couch's fabric. In other words, it's not doing its job nearly as effectively as it could. To get the best results, you should always vacuum your couch first. If there are any large piles of food, liquid, or anything else, make sure to remove that before vacuuming!

A man using a steam carpet cleaner on the beige couch

How Can You Find Out The Safest Way To Clean Your Couch?

Since there is such a wide variety of materials that couches can be made from, you need to know the safest ways to clean your couch. The best way to find out how your couch can be cleaned is to check the tag. You will see a cleaning code on it that says either W, WS, S, or X. The code W means that water and water-based cleaners are safe to use on your couch. WS means that water-based solvents and agents are best, and S means that a water-free dry solvent is best. Finally, X means that you shouldn't attempt cleaning yourself and that it's best to hire a professional. 

After you check your couch's tag, you should always spot test before you start cleaning. There are so many kinds of cleaners, and their reactions to your couch's material can vary. Because of that uncertainty, you don't want to risk damaging your couch.

Always spot-test a new cleaner. Find a small, hidden part of the couch and follow the cleaner's directions on just that spot. This way, if there is an adverse reaction, you can hide it and save the rest of your couch!

Use An Upholstery Attachment For Your Carpet Cleaner

You need an upholstery attachment to use a carpet cleaner on your couch. Using your cleaner without one is not practical, and it wouldn't be able to clean all the parts of your couch. To attach and use one, you should follow the directions with your type of cleaner.

Different manufacturers and cleaners may have additional instructions for using the upholstery attachment. Usually, these attachments come with carpet cleaners, but you can get them separately if you know what type of vacuum you have. 

What Are The Best Carpet Cleaner Solutions For Cleaning A Couch?

Most carpet cleaning solutions that can be used on couches will be water-based. When picking out a solution to use on your couch, make sure to check the directions on the solution. If they state that they are compatible with W or WS couches, they should be safe as long as your couch's tag shows those letters. 

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How To Use A Carpet Cleaner On Your Couch

After the solution is picked out and the couch is vacuumed and spot-tested, you can clean it! Fill the cleaner's tank with the correct combination of warm water and cleaning solution. You will find the specifications for this either on the cleaning solution or the directions for your cleaner itself. 

Turn on the cleaner and place the cleaning tool farther away from you. Then, press the tool against the couch as you pull it towards you. Pulling the tool as opposed to pushing it helps the tool work more effectively. When that line is done, you can move on to the next until all of the latest surfaces of the couch are cleaned.

To clean crevices, you may need to move cushions if possible or get them as best you can. You can take the tool over it in a cross-hatch pattern for extra soiled areas and get it several times to remove all of the dirt. 

Here is a great video showing the process of using a carpet cleaner on a couch!

What Kind Of Carpet Cleaners Can Be Used On Couches?

Usually, you will either have an upright carpet cleaner or a portable carpet cleaner in a home setting. You may also just rent a professional carpet cleaner when you need one. Thankfully, with the correct attachment, all of these can be used on your couch.

Their power and tank sizes do vary, though. When deciding on what kind of cleaner to purchase or rent, you should consider where you will be using it and how often. This will help you pick the best one for your needs!

Cleaning Your Couch With A Carpet Cleaner Vs. A Steam Cleaner

Both of these cleaning tools will get your couch clean. The main difference is that a steam cleaner uses heat and steam, whereas a carpet cleaner uses more water and cleaning solution. Carpet cleaners dilute the dirt in the material and then use a solution to clean it. Then they suck the dirty water out of the fabric. Steamers force hot steam to the bottom of the fabric to clean it directly at its base. 

How Long Does It Take To Steam Clean A Couch?

It generally takes a little less time to steam clean your couch than to use a carpet cleaner on it. Steam cleaning a couch takes around half an hour, depending on the size of the couch. Using a carpet cleaner takes just a little bit longer because of the excess water and cleaning solution. Once the steaming is done, your couch should be dry within 2 -3 hours. It can take up to 6 hours with a carpet cleaner. 

How Often Should You Steam Clean Your Couch?

You should deep clean your couch 1 -2 times a year. However, you may want to steam or clean it more depending on what your couch comes in contact with. If you have children or pets, you may want to clean it more frequently. Pet hair and dandruff can quickly soil an upholstered couch. Daily spills will also soil your couch quickly and add unwanted odors. You should consider all of these factors for your couch when considering how often to steam it. 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you can use a carpet cleaner on your couch. You have to make sure that you have the correct attachment and solution. To get the best results, you should also remove as much dirt from your couch as possible before using the cleaner. Also, check that your couch's fabric won't have a negative reaction to the solution or this type of cleaning. After all of that, you should be able to enjoy having the cleanest couch possible!

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