Does Carpet Installation Include Moving Furniture?

Installing new carpeting in any portion of your house is a significant renovation. A fresh carpet will increase the value of your home if done correctly. However, you need to take steps to ensure your furniture stays safe. But with such a process at hand, you might wonder if carpet installation costs cover moving your furniture? Where do you put it during installation? Well, we have researched these questions and more for you below.

Most installers will move furniture for you as part of the carpet installation. These are two general exceptions: smaller items, especially breakable items, and larger items. Moving smaller items ensures their safety and helps out. Much larger items will likely require a third party or additional help to move. 

This all can seem like a daunting process, but we've gathered some helpful tips and information on moving your furniture and more down below.

Man installing carpeting in home, Does Carpet Installation Include Moving Furniture?

What should you do beforehand?

You will be expected to do what you can beforehand, even with eventual help from the installation team. This includes talking with your installers before anything begins and moving what items you need beforehand.

Discussing what you expect with your movers before you start is important for several reasons. First is the importance of having a plan before just jumping into things. Secondly is the fact that there are some furniture items carpet installers won't want to handle.

It would help if you started moving out any electronics such as televisions and computers before carpet installation begins. Take care of smaller objects like vases, plates, and anything else easily movable as well. Anything you can handle that might be a liability should be moved.

There are also numerous larger items that movers hesitate to move. Pianos are a key example of a heavy and costly item you'll need to find other arrangements for. Items like water beds and pool tables are also likely to need outside help. The risk of potentially putting themselves at risk with certain objects is too high for some movers. Remember always to keep communication open.

Handyman Rolling Carpet On Floor

Where do you put furniture when installing the carpet?

Moving furniture is only the first part of the process. You'll need someplace to put it while your carpet's installed. You can use a few methods to store your furniture depending on what you have to move and how often you're willing to move it. There are limitations and pros and cons to many of them, but one should suit your specific needs.

The musical chairs method

If you install carpet in multiple rooms and have space, the musical chairs method is one option. Keep moving your furniture ahead of the room, having its carpet installed. It's a labor-intensive method that requires a lot of effort on your part, but the upside is that it doesn't cost you a penny. You'll also know precisely where your belongings are at all times.

Garage or shed storage

If you have a shed or outdoor garage with available space, you can store your furniture there. You'll need to make sure the area is clean and waterproof. You'll want your furniture to be safe and secure if kept in outside storage space. This again provides you with a free place to store your furniture where you can keep tabs on everything.

Renting short-term storage

Renting a short-term storage unit might seem wasteful, but it is the best option in many instances. If your home space is too small to keep moving furniture around and you lack a shed or garage unit, it will benefit you to rent one. It also saved on the labor of continuous moving and potential damage to items if you're carpeting multiple areas in your home at a time. If you can afford the costs, it's a helpful option to consider.

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Can you put furniture on the new carpet right away?

Room interior with new carpet installed and a seat

Once you've got your carpet installed in your home, it's natural to want to get settled back in right away. While you're able to walk on your carpet pretty quickly, putting your furniture back is another story. You'll need to wait approximately 24 hours before putting your furniture back in your newly carpeted rooms.

The difference between walking on a new carpet and putting down furniture is one of weight. Your furniture is much more condensed a weight than footfalls. A 24-hour period is required for the adhesive used during installation to dry thoroughly. The weight of furniture causes deep impressions that reach the adhesive level. These indents will be permanent due to damage to the adhesive.

Essentially if you move furniture onto your carpet too quickly, you will be pinning the back of your carpet onto the wet glue. Be patient, and don't ruin your brand-new carpeting.

Can you stretch your carpet with furniture on it?

Stretching a carpet is a different process than total removal and replacement and therefore has different requirements. The rule of thumb with carpet stretching is removing approximately 50% of a room's furniture. This will allow the stretching to take place without any problem.

Unlike installation, this isn't a matter of removing furniture from the carpet so much as it is to allow space for work to be done. For this reason, too, remove breakable items.

You should move large items such as beds and couches as well. This isn’t merely there's a risk of ripping when the carpet is stretched; it is also because if you can't move larger pieces, there may be times when seam work is necessary after stretching.

Carpet installation and payment

An installer is using knee kicker carpet stretcher on a new bedroom floor at a house construction site

Now armed with information on furniture moving and storage, the time has come to face the carpet installation. Adequate communication should allow for a smooth job, but the issue of cost always remains. Stay informed on cost expectations from your installers as well, including labor. This will keep you from any unwanted surprises in the checkbook.

How much is labor for carpet installation?

Young Male Worker In Overalls Rolling Carpet, Does Carpet Installation Include Moving Furniture?

There are numerous online cost calculators you can use to figure out the price of carpet installation. According to these sources, the general range of a carpet installation project is from $8oo to $2,800, with the average being around $1,800. On average, labor adds $0.50 to $1.00 per square foot of carpet.

How much should I tip carpet installers?

It's unnecessary to tip your carpet installers. The average wages included in online cost calculators fairly compensate for a job well done. However, high-quality work or excellent service is tip-worthy to most people. An agreeable price for a tip is anywhere from 15 to 40 dollars per installer, based on your discretion.

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Is Home Depot carpet installation really free?

Home Depot Building Exterior

One option you may have heard about is Home Depot which offers free carpet installation. You might wonder if this deal is too good to be true and if any hidden fees will crop up in the process. The installation is free, but as with any deal, there are rules you'd need to follow.

For example, the carpet will need to be from the Home Depot itself. Secondly, the free installation will be a 'basic' installation.

As Home Depot defines it, a basic installation means the contractor will install the carpet on the existing subfloor using existing tack-strips. There is also a minimum price of $699 you'd need to pay for carpet to qualify for the free installation. However, if you meet the qualifications, there are no hidden fees to the offer.

You can read more about the rules and restrictions on The Home Depot's free installation here and decide if the offer is worth it for you.

Do you tip Home Depot carpet installers?

The same rules for tipping any other installer apply to Home Depot installers. If you feel the work done was exceptional and warrants extra, $15 to $40 per installer is an accepted range for a tip.

In Closing

Man installing carpeting in home, Does Carpet Installation Include Moving Furniture?

Installing new carpets is a task requiring effort. Even with the help of your movers willing to move furniture with you, you'll be expected to do your part. Thankfully, if you keep these tips and suggestions in mind, everything should go smoothly, and your carpet will look beautiful.


Can carpet installers work around furniture?

Yes, carpet installers can work around furniture. They may ask that the furniture be moved to one side of the room or removed entirely. This will depend on the size of the furniture and the size of the room.

Does Lowes move furniture when installing the carpet?

No, Lowes does not typically move furniture when installing carpet. Customers are typically advised to move furniture out of the area prior to the installation.

What do you do with your furniture when you get a new carpet?

When getting a new carpet, you should move your furniture out of the room and cover it with plastic or a tarp to protect it from dust and debris. After installing the carpet, you can move the furniture back into the room.

Can you move furniture on the new carpet?

Yes, you can move furniture on a new carpet, but it is not recommended as it can cause indentations and damage the carpet fibers. Using felt pads or a dolly to move the furniture is best.

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