Does Carpet Installation Include Removal Of Old Carpet?

If you're replacing your carpet, you may be curious, does new carpet installation include the removal of the old carpet? This might make a huge impact on your decision to move forward with a replacement. We've researched to find out if this service is typically a part of getting new carpet installed.

Many large and small carpet companies offer removal and disposal of your old carpet as part of the purchase price. For example, Home Depot includes this as part of the installation package if you spend more than $499. If you are only getting carpet for a small area, it may not be included, and a small upcharge may be added to your bill for the service.

We're going to look at some different companies and see the types of services included in carpet installation. We'll also look at general costs as well for answers to questions such as, do carpet fitters take up old carpet? Does Home Depot charge for carpet removal? How much does it cost to remove and install carpet generally, and how much can you save if you remove the old carpet yourself. So please, keep reading for more.

A home carpet installation of a new house, Does Carpet Installation Include Removal Of Old Carpet?

Is Old Carpet Removal Included With New Carpet Installation?

Getting new flooring is exciting, but to put new flooring down, you need to take up old flooring. And with carpet, this can be involved, heavy, and messy. There's the carpet, old carpet padding, and all of the nails and staples that hold it down. Proper removal will take care of all of that but is it included when buying a new carpet?

Many carpet companies will offer old carpet removal as part of a purchase package. Sometimes it's if you spend a certain amount of money, other times it may be a special they're running. But oftentimes, it's actually in the overall pricing structure, so it's not like it's really a financial perk.

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Other Things To Think About In New Carpet Installation Packages

Another thing to think about when installing new carpet is if the company will move the furniture in the room. Home Depot "will gladly move most basic furniture items such as couches, dining tables, end tables, and dressers."

They do require that you clear out and disassemble all bed frames, wall units, entertainment centers, and dressers with detachable mirrors prior to your installation date if you want installers to move those. They won't move very heavy things like waterbeds and safes or very fragile things like antiques and grandfather clocks, so you'll need to prepare for that.

Home Depot's Carpet Installation Package

As we mentioned above, Home Depot will remove normal furniture from the room for you. This makes it easy for them to pull out the old carpet, padding, and tacks. If you spend $500 or more with them, the removal is part of the package cost. This may make it worthwhile to go with a slightly higher-cost carpet if you're wavering over price.

Think about it. If your first choice for carpet is going to cost $400, but then you have to pay someone $125 to remove the old carpet and haul it to the dump, the decision is simple. By picking a nicer carpet and spending $500, you actually save $25 in the long run. So be sure to make the comparison.

Does Home Depot Charge For Carpet Removal?

They only charge for carpet removal if you spend less than their minimum amount for installation packages. These prices are not listed on their website, so you'd need to check with your individual store to find out the exact figure for your area.

What About Other Big Box Stores Like Lowes?

Other large home renovation stores, like Lowes, have similar carpet installation situations. Lowes works with independent contractors but will help guide you through what you need to do to work with them. Carpet removal can be a part of your overall purchase of new carpet.

Do Smaller Carpet And Flooring Companies Charge For Carpet Removal?

Smaller mom-and-pop or local flooring companies will often break down their costs more. You'll get individual prices for your new carpet and pads and then another price for removal and disposal. This is because their costs are higher than the big box stores. But by supporting these smaller businesses, you support your local economy.

On average, you can expect the cost of removal and disposal to be somewhere between $1.00 to $1.50 per square foot when you pay a contractor or a flooring company specialist.

Do Carpet Fitters Take Up Old Carpet?

A carpet fitter is a tradesperson who installs and lays new carpet. They are experts at cutting in the carpet around corners and getting it to lay flat and tight in your rooms. But are they also the person who takes up old carpet?

Though a carpet fitter can take out your old carpet, the remover and installer don't have to be the same person. Tearing out an old carpet doesn't require the same level of skill involved as installing a new carpet involves. Therefore you could hire an entirely different person to rip out your old carpet if that makes the switch more cost-effective and easier for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove And Install Carpet?

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Exact figures for any sort of home renovation or repair project are very much location-based, so always check with your local contractors for the exact cost. With removal and disposal (because often it costs money to dispose of carpet at your local dump), it's probably somewhere between $1.00 to $1.50 per square foot to remove the old carpet and pad.

Carpet installation is typically included in the cost of the carpet. This cost is pretty wide depending upon the cost of the carpet you choose. But according to Angie's List, the average cost for 2021 is $3.50 to $11.00 per square foot.

How Much Can You Save If You Remove The Carpet Yourself?

If you're strong and handy, then it's totally possible to save money by removing your carpet yourself. You'll need tools for taking up the carpet.

Pliers or vise grips will help remove the tacks. These can be bought for under $10 or get a set with a variety of tools for under $20.

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You'll also need a good utility knife to cut up the carpet into transportable easy to remove pieces. Again, this is a fairly low-dollar investment.

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Other than that, your costs will be your time and energy for actually getting the carpet up. Then you'll need to dispose of it, which will cost the cost of fuel for the vehicle or vehicle rental if you don't have a truck, and whatever your local landfill charges you for getting rid of bulky items like carpeting. Many local municipality dumps allow a free visit or two per year, or a by weight price. 

Which Carpets Are Most Expensive To Install?

What are the most expensive carpets to install, and why are they so costly? While carpet tends to be less costly than hardwood, there are still variations within this type of flooring.

Generally speaking, wool carpets are going to be the most expensive type of carpet. It's a natural fiber which makes it a bit harder to collect and manufacture for carpet. It's super long-wearing which makes it desirable. And it's beautiful underfoot.

Nylon carpets with long lifetime guarantees are typically the second most expensive, with a simpler polyester carpet being the least expensive type of carpeting available to the home consumer.  These are both relatively stain-resistant and easy to clean, which makes them popular for homeowners with children and pets.

Always Check The Details With Your Carpet Salesperson

The best way to get what you want is to have your carpet salesperson lay it all. Be sure to ask about furniture removal, old carpet removal, and disposal. Are they part of the installation package? Or is there an additional charge? Each of these details can factor into figuring out which is the best decision for your home.

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