Does An Ikea Bed Need Box Spring?

Ikea is a popular company, and for a good reason. Specifically, their beds are known for their affordable price and stylish designs. An important question for a potential buyer would be: do I need to buy a box spring when purchasing an Ikea bed? We have thoroughly researched the answer for you, so look no further, here is everything you need to know!

The good news is, an Ikea bed does not need a box spring. They are specifically made to be used with their slatted bed base and center support beam. The slats and beam support and extend the life of your mattress, so no box spring is required. These two items are included in the overall price, so there is no need to purchase them separately.

Although you could use a box spring with an Ikea bed, it’s completely unnecessary and not recommended. This would change the overall style and functionality of your bed, making the height of your bed too tall. Struggling to hop into bed for a good night’s sleep is never a good thing!

Keep reading for more important information about Ikea beds and commonly asked questions. You spend one-third of your life sleeping, so feeling confident about your investment is important. We want to make sure you have all the necessary information before your purchase.

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What Is A Box Spring?

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As we have discussed, an Ikea bed does not need a box spring, but you might be wondering, what is a box spring? A box spring is made out of wood and cloth-covered metal springs. It sits directly underneath a mattress to provide stability, support, and height.

It is the same size as your mattress and the bed frame if you use one. Box springs are commonly sold with the mattress as a package deal.

Historically, box springs have been used for multiple purposes:

  • Allows air to circulate, preventing mold and mildew
  • Creates a firm foundation for a more comfortable night’s sleep
  • Increases the height of the bed, making it easier to get in and out of
  • Reduces wear on the mattress, helping to extend the life of the bed

Many companies, like Ikea, are moving away from box springs with better options. All you need is a firm foundation for your mattress to sit on. Newer options like wooden frames and platform beds are becoming popular because they are longer-lasting and more stylish.

Additionally, most people don’t buy standard coil mattresses anymore and opt for memory foam beds, where box springs are not recommended for those types of mattresses.

Benefits of Ikea’s Bed Slats and Support Beam

wooden boards frame for mattress

You will receive a bed slat and support beam in every Ikea bed purchase. The bed slats are made out of wood and have 17 different layers that you can adjust to your body weight for proper support. The slats help keep your mattress in place and absorb the weight of your mattress for a more comfortable night’s sleep. 

The center support beam is made out of galvanized metal and is needed for most of the bed frames. It is used for additional support and is strongly recommended if you are close to the maximum weight capacity of around 500 pounds. 

Using both of these items will ensure that you, your mattress, and your bed frame will be set up for success.

Popular Ikea Beds

IKEA beds are seen at the Ikea store

We know the benefits of an Ikea bed but which one do you buy? We will go over the top 3 most popular beds to help you make a smart investment. 

The Kura Bed

There’s a reason this twin-sized children’s bed is so popular! It’s reversible, you can leave it low to the ground for younger children or flip it over for older children creating a nice play area underneath the bed. The slatted bed base is includedno box spring is needed.

The Hemnes Bed

This daybed is multi-functional and can be used as a sofa, single bed, or double bed. It also includes three drawers with ample storage space. The slatted bed base is included as well.

The Malm Bed

This high bed frame is made of wood veneer giving you the look of luxury at an affordable price. It includes 2 spacious drawers underneath for storage. The slatted bed base has 17 layers that you can increase based on your body weight.

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How Do You Know If A Bed Needs A Box Spring?

New bed delivery and assembly service concept. Cropped shot of male worker's hands in process of laying the orthopedic foam mattress on carcass in customer's bedroom

There are only a few reasons why you would need a box spring. First, if your mattress is currently on the floor, a box spring would allow ventilation to your mattress, avoiding mold and mildew.

Secondly, and most importantly, if you have a foldable, metal bed frame, a box spring would be necessary to ensure proper support and longevity for your mattress. 

Can You Put A Regular Mattress On An Ikea Bed Frame?

In short, no, you don’t want to use a regular mattress on an Ikea bed frame. This is important to know because Ikea mattresses will measure 1 to 3 centimeters different than standard mattresses.

Because of this, a standard mattress won’t fit an Ikea bed frame. If you want to risk it, the only way to be 100% sure that your mattress would fit is to measure it before purchasing the frame. 

How Much Weight Can An Ikea Bed Hold?

View of modern interior home design in IKEA Store

Standard beds can normally hold up to 500 pounds of weight. Ikea beds vary in weight limit depending on what type of bed you buy, so let’s briefly review.

Ikea does not list a weight limit on their Full, Queen, and King size beds; however, most people have stated that they can easily hold up to 500 pounds. Ikea’s Twin, Guest Bed, and Daybed all hold up to 220 pounds, which is more than enough for a child’s bed.

How Long Does An Ikea Bed Last?

Most people agree that Ikea bed frames last anywhere from 10 to 15 years on average. However, they can last longer if well cared for or shorter if the assembly is not done properly or if the furniture becomes damaged.

In Closing

As discussed, an Ikea bed doesn’t need a box spring, including most beds these days. Box springs are quickly becoming less popular due to the way mattresses and bed frames are currently being manufactured. We hope you found this information helpful and useful! 

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