Does Leather Furniture Have To Match?

Leather furniture has been found in the home for hundreds of years, but does leather furniture have to match? Maybe you’ve got a leather couch, and you’re thinking of adding some leather chairs, or maybe you don’t want to overwhelm your living room with two many same-colored leather pieces. Well, we’ve researched in depth different leather furniture combinations and have some suggestions for you.

Leather furniture does not have to match. Leather is available in an assortment of colors, so you can mix and match contrasting or like-colored leather pieces. You can also pair leather pieces with other fabric-covered chairs or sofas. 

So, now you know leather furniture doesn’t have to match, but keep reading as we give you some examples of how to style your leather furniture, how you can soften a black leather couch, and what colors go with brown leather.

Warm ethno living room with big comfortable leather couch and metal furniture, Does Leather Furniture Have To Match?

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Mixing And Matching Leather Furniture

Leather has been a statement piece in homes for many years, often being seen as a sign of wealth. Nowadays, there are many types of real leather and faux leather pieces available. Many livingroom sets are sold as multiple pieces of the same colored leather but don’t be afraid to mix and match different colored leather furniture to fit your style and design needs and wants.

You can mix and match leather furniture items to create contrast, or you can match pieces that share colors from the same color palette. You can also use smaller leather pieces to add color and texture to your room.

Another popular choice is to match leather with other non-leather pieces. Consider pairing a leather sofa with non-leather upholstered armchairs or vice-versa.

Check out some of our examples below!


In interior design, contrast can be used to create a dynamic impact in any space. You can mix and match light and dark leathers to achieve this in your home.

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Matching leather furniture in a modern living room

In this modern living room, white sofas and two leather chairs are paired together to create a sharp, clean look. You could also add pops of color to the room by adding colored pillows!

Earth Tones

Empty interior of a small cafe, there is a seating area with leather sofas and a wooden table, furniture in earth tones

Check out this small cafe seating area. The designer paired warm brown leather with dark green leather, both colors you can find in an earth-tone color palette. A great way to mix and match leather furniture is by choosing colors from the same color palette.

Same Color Different Styles

Luxury house interior with same color different styles leather furniture

In this stunning living room, black leather is predominant but doesn’t overpower the room because the designer has used different seating styles to achieve the look.

Contrasting Colors and Fabrics

Instead of pairing leather with leather, consider pairing a leather sofa or chair with another type of fabric.

Contemporary fireplace with porcelain tile and leather furniture with contrasting color and fabric

In this contemporary living room, warm brown leather chairs are paired with a white sofa. Pillows with light accents are used to tie the two together.

Bold Colors

Square composition showing eclectic black and white living room with a red cushion stool, with ornate elements around

If you’re not bold enough to go for a red leather sofa, consider adding smaller bold-colored leather pieces like in this living room. It can add a dramatic flair and is a great way to liven up a space!

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Don’t Be Afraid To Accessorize

One of the main goals when you decorate is to achieve a cohesive look. You want a space that feels calm, cozy, and collected. Well, fortunately, you can unify almost any two pieces of furniture by accessorizing them with rugs, tables, lights, and pillows. Shoot for similar colors, color palettes, or styles when pairing your items.

Loft style living room interior with design furniture. Scandinavian living.

Here’s a great example of what we’re talking about. If you saw the yellow chair and leather chairs separately, you might not think they would pair well together in a room because of how drastically different they are, but in this eclectic room, the use of a rug that features both colors unifies the two pieces.

What Is The Most Popular Color For Leather Sofas?

The most popular colors for leather sofas are brown, white, and black because these are the easiest colors to match, but there are leather sofas available in many different colors. Check out our other blog posts, The 25 Different Colors of Leather Furniture or What’s the Best Color for a Leather Sofa? [Inc. 25 Examples]

What Colors Compliment Brown Leather Furniture?

Brown is a neutral color, and therefore there are lots of ways you can complement brown leather furniture with other colors. As it is a warm color, brown pairs well with cool-colored accents—think blues and greens— to create an earth tone color palette! It also goes well with other warm colors like golds, beige, reds, oranges, and yellows.

Cool Blues and Greens

Log cabin living room with blues and greens

Natural blues and greens add an organic element to brown leather. Incorporate them in with rugs, pillows, or throws. This blue rug really helps to lighten up the heavy amount of brown in this log cabin living room!

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Tv room with green walls, leather sofas

Or, incorporate color with an accent wall! The green perfectly complements the brown leather in this cozy living room.

Warm Colors

Cozy living room with fireplace and leather furniture

This beautiful living room uses red and browns to enhance the undertones of the brown leather couch. Match your pillows with other decorations like a mirror!

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Animal Print

Beautiful tropical theme interior with exotic animal statues

The animal print also complements brown leather, and you can incorporate it in with rugs, throws, or other pieces of furniture, like in the space above! This stunning room features the cool blues we mentioned earlier, more earth tones, and animal print. It also uses a variety of textures in the form of burlap-style curtains.

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How Do You Soften A Black Leather Couch?

Having too much black leather in your room can make it look stiff and rigid, so how can you soften up the look of a black leather couch? You can add pillows and throws of lighter colors to your couch or add a thick rug to soften up the room’s entire look.

Add A Rug

oft interior with brickwall, leather couch, wood panel, window and carpet.

The bright colored brick, light floor, and a thick black rug are used to soften up the entire room creating a welcoming environment where otherwise the sofa might’ve looked very formal. Adding softer textures to your room will help soften up the couch!

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Add Pillows

Adding pillows will help soften up your black leather couch, and with an infinite number of possibilities, it can be a fun way to add your personality to the room. You can match your pillows with other colored accents for continuity or make a statement by choosing large patterned pillows to really attract the eye.

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Add A Throw

leather couch with throw pillow

The leather couch is softened up with an animal print throw and matching pillows in this living room. Making it look comfy and warm!Faux Fur Throw Blanket Leopard Bed Blanket

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Final Thoughts

Warm ethno living room with big comfortable leather couch and metal furniture, Does Leather Furniture Have To Match?

It may be easier and tempting to buy the matching leather living room set you see in the furniture store, but don’t think you have to. We’ve given you some ideas of how to match leather furniture with other leather and non-leather items, but the possibilities are endless, so let your creativity and style flow into your room!

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