Does the Magic Mesh Screen Door Work?

The Magic Mesh Hands-Free Screen Door is lauded to allow fresh air inside while keeping bugs out. It is affordable and easy to install, and the manufacturer states the door automatically closes itself. With all these big promises, does the Magic Mesh Screen Door actually work? We've done some searching and have some information for you.

The Magic Mesh Screen Door does work. Overall, the product has a 4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon. Reviewers report it works as intended, but some of the components are difficult to maintain or wear out quickly. The product is affordable and worth the small investment for what it does.

Now that we know the Magic Mesh Screen Door does serve its intended purpose, let's discuss the pros and cons of the product in a little more detail. We'll answer more questions you might have as well. Continue Reading!

Sunset through the mosquito screen, Does the Magic Mesh Screen Door Work?

Ease of Installation

The Magic Mesh Screen Door is a product made of a mesh screen that attaches to your door frame using provided adhesive velcro strips. The product comes with step-by-step installation instructions, and there are many instructional videos online. The reviews indicate installation is an important part of ensuring the product works properly. A frequent complaint is that the door's opening, the strip down the middle with magnetic enclosures, doesn't match up, so therefore, it doesn't close well. 

The product comes with tacks to secure the mesh beyond the grip the adhesive strips can provide. We recommend you use these tacks to ensure the mesh screen stays in place. The installation has limited, simple steps that are easy to follow even for the novice d0-it-yourself-er. We'll give more detailed installation steps later.


Maintenance is easy with this product. There aren't any moving parts to check, and velcro strips attach the mesh. The door separates in the middle by magnets. Because of the velcro, the mesh covering can be easily removed and stored away in the offseason. If you choose to use the tacks to enhance installation, removing the door is going to be a bit more difficult, though still not overly complicated. 

One thing to keep in mind is that once the mesh is removed, the velcro strips will still be visible on your door frame. If this bothers you, it's worth it to invest in some velcro adhesive strips that match your door frame's color.


In regards to longevity, many consumers have reported the plastic covering on the outside of the magnets tends to break and come off easily. To resolve this issue, add some waterproof glue to the small area between the magnet and the plastic coverings to keep them in one piece. It doesn't hurt to go ahead and do this before the initial installation to save yourself the trouble of taking the mesh back down later.

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Aside from the plastic covering coming off the magnets, the major complaint regarding the Magic Mesh Screen Door is the material fraying around the hems. However, this hasn't affected the functionality of the product. A lot of the wear and tear on this product will depend on how often it is used. 


The Magic Mesh Screen Door functions very well when installed properly. As long as the installation instructions are followed, the mesh is level and even on both sides, and all the magnets are matching up, it works as intended. The magnets part easily and allow you to enter and exit hands-free. All one needs to do is walk through the door. The magnets on either side reconnect when the mesh falls back into place.

Not only does the screen let you enter and exit hands-free, but it also allows fresh air to come in and out of your home, all while keeping pests away. 


Magic Mesh Screen Door is super inexpensive in comparison to installing an actual screen door. Though it is primarily just magnetized screen curtains, it serves the same purpose as a screen door. This product costs anywhere from about $15 to $30, depending on the size. Compare that to the few hundred dollars you could easily spend on a traditional screen door, and you can't afford NOT to give this a try!

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Like the Magic Mesh Screen Door, many mesh curtains attach to the door frame, and some have higher ratings, such as the Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door.

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Though this product has higher ratings, it is more expensive. Don't hesitate to shop around for the best deal!

Is the Magic Mesh Screen Door good for pets?

If you're a pet owner, the Magic Mesh Screen Door is a great alternative to a traditional doggie door. Because the product closes on its own after someone passes through it, it is idle for pet owners. This allows your furry friends to enter and exit at their leisure while also letting in the fresh air. 

We all know pets can make a mess. Wondering how to clean your screens? Check out our post about cleaning screen doors!

Does Magic Mesh come in different sizes?

Magic Mesh comes in three sizes: single, double, and garage door sizes. Pricing goes up with the size, with the single being the least expensive. 

How do you install the Magic Mesh hands-free screen door?

Follow these steps to install your Magic Mesh Hands-free screen door. Remember, if your door opens in, install your Magic Mesh on the outside of your door frame. If your door opens out, install your Magic Mesh on the inside of your door frame. For sliding doors, attach to the outside of the stationary door frame.

  1. Before you install, clean your doorframe well. This is essential for proper adhesion. Allow the area to fully dry after cleaning.
  2. Measure and mark the center point of your top door frame.
  3. Lay your Magic Mesh out flat on the floor. Note the top of the screen is where panel A and panel B are sewn together.
  4. Peel backing off of one side of each of the 12 strips your Magic Mesh comes with, and apply appropriately spaced around the perimeter of your magic mesh. There should be six evenly spaced strips across the top, three on each side, and none on the bottom.
  5. Remember, before applying the mesh to your door frame that the mesh has to be high enough so that the bottom does not drag the ground.
  6. Locate the center from your measurement and peel the back off the two innermost adhesive strips, pressing them to either side of the center measurement. Hold for thirty seconds.
  7. Repeat the last step with the next strips two at a time, working your way outward until each strip has been held for 30 seconds.
  8. Ensure you don't space the panels too far apart, or the magnets won't meet, and bugs can get in your home.
  9. After the installation is done, walkthrough and ensure the mesh closes on its own. If not, adjust the strips as they are velcro.
  10. It is recommended to use the wood tacks that come with the Magic Mesh to further secure your mesh.

Does Magic Mesh work on sliding doors?

Magic Mesh works on any door with an outside door frame. As sliding glass doors are made with two sliding panes, the double size Magic Mesh would work the best for a sliding glass door. 

View this Magic Mesh Double Screen Door on Amazon.

In Closing

The Magic Mesh Screen Door is a good product. The overall value and usefulness are more than adequate, and most consumers are happy with their purchase. Give it a shot, and let us know what you think! 

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