Does Purple Power Kill Mold?

You want to keep your living areas and belongings free from dirt and grease, so Purple Power might have come to your mind. Its cleaning ability can eliminate the toughest stains, making it a great addition to your household cleaners. But can Purple Power kill mold? After much research, we have finally determined the answer.

Using the Purple Power cleaner, you can restore the original appearance of an area or object. It is a cleaning agent with a special component that can also kill and eliminate the stubborn stains caused by mold, fungus, algae, and moss. 

The accumulation of mold in an area is one annoying situation, so it would be best to get rid of it immediately. And knowing the specifications, functions, and features of the Purple Power cleaner that you will use is a must. Aside from that, you should also learn its proper uses. Please keep reading, as we delve into this topic!

Mold Accumulation Around The House

Mold in the corner of the window

For mold and mildew to flourish, it takes two things: a food source and a damp environment. And these two factors are inevitably present in all structures.

You can typically find moisture on your shower or bathroom doors or condensation along window frames. Additionally, mold feed on organic materials, such as paper, cotton, leather, and wood. 

Molds can find abundant food in the wood of a house's structure and in the carpeting, drywall, or upholstery. Molds could develop practically everywhere, so it's essential to take action as soon as you notice it to prevent further harm to your house.

Why Remove Mold?

Black mold in the corner of room wall

You should be aware that mold links to numerous adverse health outcomes. Mold can trigger a variety of symptoms in sensitive individuals, including coughing, congestion in the nasal passages, sore throat, itchy rashes, and watery eyes.

People with respiratory conditions like asthma or allergies to mold could experience intense reactions. Furthermore, mold can cause lung infections in persons already weak from illness or impaired immune systems.

What Are The Specifications, Uses, Features, And Functions Of Purple Power?

Before you start using Purple Power, it would be best to know it better to achieve a successful task. Please review the following:

Purple Power Specifications

Aiken Chemical Company is responsible for producing and distributing Purple Power cleaners. It is a water-based degreaser with a high pH. Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether is the active and dangerous component in Purple Power.

Uses Of Purple Power

You can use Purple Power cleaner and degreaser in various cleaning applications, such as home, car, marine, and farming instances. Additionally, this cleaning solution specifies dilution rates for the various applications mentioned. 

Purple Power Features

Its features comprise of:

  • Phosphate-free
  • Concentrated formula
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-abrasive industrial strength

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Function Of Purple Power

The powerful composition of Purple Power degreaser infiltrates oil, filth, and grease to establish a barrier between the exterior and the stain, making cleanup quick and easy. In addition, Purple Power can also kill mold, mildew, fungus, and algae. 

How To Use Purple Power?

Close-up of a woman's hand using a brush to scrub the tile floor

To successfully clean an area or an object of dirt and mold, it would be best to follow the steps below carefully:

  1. Wear safety gear, such as goggles, a mask, and rubber gloves, to protect yourself from direct contact with the Purple Power degreaser. 
  2. Dilute the Purple Power cleaner in water. The ratio will depend on where you will use it.
  3. Before the widespread cleaning, apply and test the solution on a small hidden area. It is to ensure that it is safe on the surface you are trying to clean. It is a must, especially on fabrics, aluminum, and painted exteriors. 
  4. Improve the ventilation in the area where you will clean. You can open the windows and doors and add a fan to let the air circulate adequately.
  5. Pour an ample amount of the solution into the area with grease, mold, or dirt. Leave it for a few minutes so the solution can dissolve all unwanted things. However, you should not let the Purple Power cleaner dry on the surface you are cleaning.
  6. Thoroughly rinse the area with water once the dirt and mold have dissolved. 

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Hand with glove cleaning mold from wall with sponge and spray bottle, Does Purple Power Kill Mold?

Pros Of Purple Power

  • You can utilize it easily
  • It doesn't have a foul odor
  • It just needs a little amount of Purple Power to clear up a considerable dirt and mold accumulation.
  • Ideal to use in deep cleaning tasks
  • Provides exceptional cost-effectiveness

Cons Of Purple Power

  • Surface colors often lose vibrancy if you over-soak them with the Purple Power cleaner 

Purple Power Cleaner Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the common questions most homeowners ask about the product Purple Power. Check them out!

How Long Can You Store Purple Power?

The shelf life of Purple Power is two years from the manufacture date. However, Purple Power can maintain its potency for much longer if kept in its original packaging and in a temperature- and humidity-controlled storage area.

Is Using Purple Power On Aluminum And Stainless Steel OK?

It is never a good idea to use Purple Power on aluminum and stainless steel materials. It is because it can create a cloudy coating or white lines on the surface.  

However, if you unknowingly use a Purple Power cleaner on such surfaces, you should not worry too much because you can still do something to correct it. All you have to do is buff the aluminum and stainless steel surface with a metal polish. 

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Can You Wash A Car Using Purple Power?

Never use Purple Power when washing cars. Please take note that it will harm the clear coating of your vehicle. And in addition, the cleaning solution will make the paint of your car fade, peel, or crack. 

Is It OK To Flush Engines And Radiators With Purple Power?

Yes, you can do such a thing. All you need to do is dilute Purple Power with water in a 50:50 ratio. 

In case you notice extreme foaming while you do it, it would be best to address it and utilize a de-foamer.

Is It Safe To Combine Purple Power With Bleach?

Keep in mind that you should never combine chemical cleaners, including caustics, acids, bleach, or ammonia, with a Purple Power cleaner.

In this case, it would be best to review and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the product label for safety purposes.

Can You Remove Purple Power Cleaner On Glass Surfaces And Windows?

Yes. Use glass cleaner to spray the window or glass surface, and then buff it with steel wool with extremely fine grit. Make sure to give it a good rinse. 

Is There A Silicone Component In A Purple Power Cleaner?

Since this is a water-based product, it contains no silicone or solvents.

Can You Use Purple Power Degreaser On Rubber Roofs?

Unfortunately, you can not utilize the Purple Power degreaser on rubber roofs. It is because it can cause cracks in the surface. In addition, once you apply the Purple Power, its actives and components will de-fat the rubber. 

Is It OK To Clean Oven Using Purple Power?

No. It is not advisable to make Purple Power your cleaning solution when cleaning the oven. Know that FDA has not approved it.

Are Plants And Animals Unsafe With Purple Power?

Although it is biodegradable, acceptable for septic systems, and safe for plants and animals, it would be best to be still careful and not allow animals to ingest it. Additionally, if you plan on utilizing it near any kind of vegetation, it is imperative that you thoroughly rinse it.

Can You Use Purple Power On Leather Seats?

Purple Power is not suggested to use on leather seats for cleaning because if you do, expect that the leather will immediately crack after drying. 

However, in case you have accidentally used or spilled it on leather seats, you might try washing them with a gentle soapy car wash solution to counteract the acid of the Purple Power cleaner.

After that, rinse the leather seats well. And you may freshen up the seats with some Neatsfoot Oil.

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Is Purple Power OK To Use With Copper Or Chrome? 

It would be best not to use Purple Power on copper and chrome. Keep in mind that this cleaning solution can intensely damage these materials. 

Purple Power can permanently impair chrome. On the other hand, it can significantly tarnish copper. However, you can still improve it using copper polish. 

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Wrapping It All Up

Hand in glove sprays product on angle between door and white wall from black mold

Purple Power is a popular cleaner or degreaser used in various applications. Good thing that it can also kill mold and mildew accumulation and eliminate the stains they produce. If you wish to achieve a successful result, it would be best to follow every detail discussed in this post.

Made it to the end? We hope you find this post helpful. If you still have additional concerns, please feel free to reach out in the comments. And to continue reading, you can check these posts out!

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