How Much Does A Door Knob Cost?

There are so many different styles of doorknobs, but did you know that there are only four basic types? Knowing the different types and their average cost can be quite helpful for picking out designs and helping to accentuate the style of decor you've chosen. We've done the research so you don't have to!

An average doorknob with a lock will cost an average of fifteen to twenty dollars if you aren't paying to have it installed (which costs more). This cost will vary based on the material used to make the doorknob, the type of doorknob itself, and where the doorknob is purchased.

worker Installs door knob, How Much Does A Door Knob Cost?

Do you still have a few questions that you would like answered? Keep reading to learn more about the different kinds of doorknobs, what situations they are each best used for, and a few different places where you can purchase them!

Types Of Doorknobs

As we mentioned before, you can essentially boil down all kinds of doorknobs to four basic types.

Keyed Entrance

Keyed entrance knobs are exactly what you think. This is the doorknob that has been installed on the entrances to your house. Keyed entrance knobs can all be locked without a key on one side, and they require a specific key to open them from the other side.

They're the best locks for security, which is why they are the doorknob of choice for the entrances and exits of homes and some businesses, though both homes and businesses generally use deadbolts for an extra layer of security.

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  • Pros - This lock is your best option for security. You can only unlock this door if you are inside the house, or if you are outside with a specific key.
  • Cons - You can only unlock this door from the outside if you have a key, so don't get locked out!


Privacy locks are the locks that are typically used for things like bathrooms or master bedrooms. They still employ a lock, but you don't need a specific key to unlock them. This lock is usually something as simple as a button that is pushed on the inside the bathroom or bedroom that unlocks automatically when the person on the inside of the room turns the doorknob.

The door can also usually be unlocked from the outside with a makeshift lockpick, which is inserted into a hole on the outside of the doorknob. This ensures that small children can't lock themselves into a room without the parent being able to get in.

  • Pros - It gives you a moderate level of security and privacy, while not being too hard to unlock if locked by mistake.
  • Cons - The door is fairly easy to unlock and lock, which could be either a pro or a con. Anyone with a safety pin or paperclip can generally unlock these doors from the outside.


The passage knob is the doorknob that is used on typical bedroom doors, the doors to most laundry-rooms, and closets. Passage doorknobs have no locks of any kind installed in them, which means they can be opened from either side at any time.

Since they have no security measures, they are only to be used in areas that you don't mind being accessed at any given point in time.

  • Pros -They can be opened by turning the knob in either direction.
  • Cons -This door knob does not lock. Anyone who can reach the knob and turn it will be able to open the door and access whatever is on the other side, providing next to no security.

Dummy Knobs

Dummy knobs don't actually function as a doorknob at all. They are essentially handles that look like doorknobs, and their sizes will vary. Dummy knobs are typically used on things like kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and drawers — things that you will need frequent access to and don't want to spend the time turning a knob to open.

  • Pros -Since they have no locking mechanism, they're easy to open, and you don't have to turn them. You simply pull to open.
  • Cons -They provide absolutely no security. They're simply a handle to pull on.

Doorknobs You Can Buy

Below are some great examples of each type of doorknob we discussed.

Keyed Entrance

This keyed entrance lock is one of the examples near the lower end of the cost spectrum. It comes in a satin silver finish, easily matching whatever door you're installing it on, and it gets shipped with two keys. It is also fairly easy to install.

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This privacy lock is very affordable. It doesn't come with any keys, as you don't need one for a doorknob with this kind of lock. This is the type of doorknob that is typically used for bathrooms and master bedrooms.

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Passage doorknobs have no locks, so if you are looking for a doorknob for most bedroom doors and many closets, this is your best option.

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Dummy knobs are easily the cheapest option. They don't turn and only function as a handle to pull on. They are typically attached to kitchen or bathroom drawers and cupboards.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Doorknob?

This depends on the type of doorknob you are replacing, but the cheaper, basic models can be purchased for between ten and thirty dollars. If you decide to do the installation yourself, you won't have to pay any extra. However, if you end up paying for installation, you could end up paying upwards of an additional fifty dollars.

How Much Does A Door Lock Cost?

There are many different kinds of locks you can install on your door, but the most common is a deadbolt. A basic deadbolt can currently be purchased from Amazon for between fifteen and twenty dollars.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install An Interior Doorknob?

worker Installs door knob, How Much Does A Door Knob Cost?

A professional company may charge you fifty dollars or more just to install a doorknob. However, doorknobs are very easy to install and can be purchased in a kit that includes all the screws that you need to install it on your door. If you don't purchase a kit, you can usually just use the screws that your old old doorknob used.

Be sure to pay attention to the way you remove your doorknob and attach the new one the same way. If you notice that it doesn't seem to fit well, or the door is tighter or closes more loosely than it did before, check the strike plate. The strike plate is the piece that attaches to the door frame, and if the thickness is different, the way your door closes and opens may feel funny.

How Do You Fix A Sagging Doorknob?

If a doorknob is sagging, it is generally because one or more of the screws securing it to the door is loose. However, this is an easy repair job that you can do yourself.

The screws that secure the doorknob to the door are typically found on the metal plate flush to the door, to the immediate right and left of the knob. The only difficulty that you might encounter is the closeness of the screws to the knob. If the shaft of your screwdriver is too thick, you may not be able to get the head of the screwdriver into the screw.

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