Do Dressers Need Mirrors? [Here’s what you need to know]

Dressers are a key furniture item in the bedroom. They used to come with mirrors but this is not so true anymore. Is this combination out of fashion? Do dressers even need mirrors? We've done the work to bring you the answers. 

Dressers do not need mirrors, but they can be included. They can make a room appear bigger and make a dresser multi-functional. Mirrors can come attached to a dresser or can be hung above one. If a mirror is wanted and is not included, it's a viable option to add one.

If you still have more questions about whether or not dressers need mirrors, don't worry. In this guide, we'll break it all down for you, discussing all the factors that may influence your decision. Just keep reading!

Wooden dresser with mirror in a bedroom, Do Dressers Need Mirrors? Here's what you need to know

Dressers And Mirrors

To put it simply, dressers do not need mirrors. Back in the day, dressers used to commonly include mirrors, but this has become less frequent. This is because it is simply not necessary. 

So, if you don't like this look, no problem.

It really comes down to personal needs and preferences. The size of the room, the area where the dresser is placed, and style all play a role in whether or not a mirror should be added or not. 

Are Dressers With Mirrors Out Of Style?

Dressers with mirrors are not out of style, but they aren't as commonplace as they once were. If you choose a dresser and mirror combo, there is a risk that it may look dated. Some people may consider some dressers with mirrors out of style as many older options were bulky and very ornate. Current styles usually utilize simple and sleek designs. 

However, this does not make the entire idea passe. A dresser with a mirror can make a room look fantastic while adding functionality to a space. 

This doesn't look dated to you, does it? If this is the look you are going for, do it. Add decor to the top to make it your own.

Mirror Included

There are many dresser options out there still that include a mirror. Just another point that proves that it's not out of style. In order to create an updated twist on this classic combo, consider selecting a modern color and or one with sleek edges.

Here are some of our favorite dressers with mirrors that look fabulously in style:

Furniture Of America White Dresser

Click here to see this dresser and mirror combo at Amazon. 

Giantex Wood Dresser With Mirror

Click here to see this dresser and mirror combo at Amazon. 

Refurbishing a vintage piece is also a great option if it goes with your chosen design. A lot of people love the victorian, romantic look which can really work with a solid, antique piece of furniture.

You could also upcycle a mirror and dresser set for the modern farmhouse feel like this:

No matter what your personal style is, there are loads of options out there that are new and fun or classic. You can't go wrong with selecting pieces that show off your personal taste.

Adding a Mirror

If you happen to love the dresser you have but think a mirror would add to the overall feel, add your own. When this is done, you can customize the look more specifically to your preferences. You are freer to position the mirror to the proper height, too. 

Maybe you don't like a huge mirror or a rectangular-shaped one. Or, perhaps you'd like to have more room on the walls for picture frames. Adding your own mirror lets you choose. Plus, you don't have to buy a new dresser. 

To help you out, here are some of our favorite mirrors that can top off your dresser:

Head West Beaded Mirror

Click here to view this mirror on Amazon.  

RiteSun Iron-Framed Mirror 

Click here to view this mirror on Amazon. 

Aspire Wood Mirror

Click here to view this mirror on Amazon. 

How Big Should A Mirror Be Over A Dresser?

A mirror should either be about 1/3 or 2/3 the size of the furniture you are hanging it over. Curious as to why? Well, it's for visual balance, based on the principle of thirds. To read more about this design principle (and apply it everywhere in your decorating), click here

The width of your mirror depends on your needs. If you want something to use every day, get something wider. If the mirror is an accessory rather than a functioning piece of furniture, it's okay to select a skinnier option. 

How Do You Decorate A Dresser With A Mirror?

One of the best ways to keep your dresser and mirror set modern is to add decor. 

To decorate it, consider:

  • adding lights around the mirror
  • placing candles on the dresser
  • including plants 
  • placing everyday items on top


Light is another way to make a room feel more spacious than before. Whether you add string lights around the mirror or add a lamp is up to you. String fairy lights or bulbs around the mirror can be a fun way to accessorize while enhancing the functionality of the mirror.

If this option captures your attention, look no further than these fairy lights:

Click here to find these lights on Amazon. 

Or try out these Edison bulbs:

Click here to find these lights on Amazon.


Candles are a classy way to add an extra pop to the dresser top. Use the rule of odds in selecting candles by picking three. Having the candles at varying heights makes this option work even better. 

Try these flameless LED candles:

Click here to find these candles on Amazon. 


Small potted plants or vases of flowers add life to a room. This is an especially great trick for adding a pop of color to a room. Pick a plant or flower that complements the accent colors of your room. You can even change the plants out seasonally.


If you are not interested in taking care of real foliage, try these silk flowers and vase. It's available in many colors.

Click here to find this flower arrangement on Amazon. 

Everyday Items

Use what you have. Include your spare books, perfume bottles, or framed pictures in an organized fashion. It's best not to have too much going on or it could begin to look cluttered. 

Do Wardrobes Have Mirrors?

Clothing storage options don't just include dressers or closets. Wardrobes are often a common solution for those who are lacking in space or a closet in a bedroom. But do they have mirrors? Some wardrobes have mirrors on the outside or the inside of the door, but not all of them do. Additionally, there are wardrobes that have completely mirrored fronts.

Since wardrobes are tall, it is hard to add a mirror around it or onto it. Over-the-door mirrors may work if you are searching for a way to add one to your wardrobe. 

If you are looking for a wardrobe that has a mirror, we recommend this one: 

Click here to view this wardrobe on Amazon. 

In Closing

Don't be afraid to go with tradition and get a dresser with a mirror. You can customize the furniture to make it to your liking. Here are some more helpful reads to help you with your dresser and mirror decisions:

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When hanging your mirror, read our article, How to Put up a Mirror without Nails.

Now get out there and decorate with confidence!

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