How To Dress A Wide Short Window [Inc. Pictures For Inspiration]

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. Standard windows are straightforward enough to dress, but the more unique shapes or short and wide ones can put you in a stump. Well, we have put together some inspirational ideas to help you out!

You can dress a wide, short window proportionally to its size and shape. Dress it in a way that complements and balances it out. For example, here are five ways that you can dress your window:

  • Using curtains
  • Customizing the window moldings and trim
  • Playing with colors, shapes, and patterns
  • Including mirrors
  • Considering the room's interior design

Every home is different, so how you dress your window will depend on how you style your interior. This post will discuss how you can do this and show some great examples. With that said, let's begin!

Window Seat with a view to the yard and large windows. - How To Dress A Wide Short Window [Inc. Pictures For Inspiration]?

What Are Short, Wide Windows Called?

Your go-to design choice for a wide short window is to use long curtains that drape from ceiling to floor or from the top of your windows to the floor. It frames the sides of the window, making it look more balanced.

Usually, this rings true for windows in the center of your wall and can open or close. A particular type of window called a clerestory does not quite suit having curtains.

Clerestory windows in contemporary home

Clerestories are above eye level and are just under the ceiling. They do not open and are meant to let light in at all times. Certain rooms and buildings have clerestories.

You will usually find them in a home's living rooms, bedrooms, dens, kitchens, and bathrooms.

If you have a clerestory in your home, the design focuses primarily on what you put around the windows. Typical examples are artwork, a book display, or anything you want to catch the light from the window.

Dressing Short Wide Windows

Matching a room's interior design to your windows will help make your job easier. The key is filling the empty spaces above and below them.

Try to see how the room looks and dress the window around these concepts.

Using Curtains

Curtain interior decoration in living room with sunlight

As we mentioned, you can dress your wide, short window with a long narrow curtain. You do not necessarily have to get narrow curtains unless you want them to cover the window entirely.

You can opt for a curtain with a vertical-lined design or with pleats to achieve the same effect. While this is the most popular tip for short, expansive windows, you do not have to follow it religiously.

Some spaces look perfectly good with shorter curtains. When using shorter curtains, they should only reach up to the base of the window frame and not shorter.

They give it just enough coverage. Suppose you want to use blinds instead of curtains; that works just as well. Blinds work best to highlight the shape of the window rather than canceling it out.

Inspirational Pictures

In this bedroom, the window sits close to the ceiling. The curtains adequately block out the space from the window. And it extends on either side of the headboard since they are floor-length.

Also, note the color of the curtains. They are white, like the bed, and extend the headboard further, giving the illusion of a bigger bed and more space!

Here the bedroom and window are a little smaller. In this case, the curtains are semi-translucent but still floor-length. The lower half is tucked behind the headboard and furniture.

Notice how the curtain rod is a few inches higher than the top of the window. It helps accommodate the length of the curtain, and the proportions for this window dressing make it look less wide and narrow.

Here is a room that goes for the opposite. The curtains are short, and the window is close to the ceiling. The proportions of the window dressing make it look size-appropriate for a child's bedroom.

Of course, you must consider function as much as style when dressing your window.

Longer windows could be a little more hazardous for a kid's room since your little one may trip, get caught on a floor-length curtain, or even play with it.

This set of short curtains balances the window by acting like a frame. The furniture under it covers the space, which the curtains do not. The curtains are also pleated, giving them a vertical line.

These vertical lines give an illusion of length.

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Customizing The Moldings And Trim

Customizing your window's trim can elevate its look by providing an outline. Depending on how you do it, moldings and trim can alter your window's look.

These windows have thick, bulky trim and moldings. Look how much wider the top and bottom moldings of the windows are. These make the window look more square and symmetrical.

The trim on these windows cuts them in half in the middle. You can opt for this style if you prefer. Also, this window uses blinds instead of curtains!

Here the window does the same thing as the one above, except there are more divides between each pane. Doing this to a wide and short window results in more square shapes.

Playing With Colors And Shapes

Playing with colors and shapes is a no-brainer for any interior design element. You have the most freedom in this regard, but sometimes the choices can get paralyzing!

Theme Concepts

These windows are most likely clerestories. They have been painted a darker, complementary color to the wall. It gives them a stark outline, drawing your line of sight to the windows despite their high up.

On the other hand, these windows blend a little more with the wall color. Whatever direction you choose, note that more expansive windows scatter light differently because of the shape.

With this in mind, you can adjust your style to your needs.

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Adding Mirrors To Your Space

You can use mirrors to help manipulate the light and space in your home. When used with windows, you can get creative in putting them together.

Examples To Follow

The mirror under the bathroom window is strategic since it gives off the optimum amount of lighting when looking into the mirror.

Doing this is also a great energy saver since you do not have to use the lights very much during the day.

Also, notice how the mirror is the same length and shape as the window. The lines between the two blend seamlessly because of this.

The smaller window sits on top of this bathroom's more oversized, round mirror. Just like the previous example, this position of the mirror under the window gives you the best lighting for the mirror.

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Considering The Overall Interior Design

The designer chooses the perfect color for a new apartment. Sketch of a modern apartment

Consider the room's overall aesthetic, style, and design when dressing your windows. Seeing a window that looks out of place is jarring, so take care of how you go about this.

Understand the architecture of your home and try to describe its style. It makes finding appropriate dressings easier for you with all available choices.

If you don't know your style, you can browse the web for homes similar to yours.

Some architectural styles for homes that you might know are modern or contemporary, American Craftsman, and ranch-style. Whether in an entire house or apartment, you can achieve these styles.

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When Is It Time To Call An Interior Designer?

Architect designer Interior creative working hand drawing sketch plan blueprint selection material color samples art tools Design Studio

You can always seek the advice of an interior designer if it ever comes down to it. An interior designer can collaborate with you to create the best look for your space!

To Finish Things Up

Consider which design elements will create the most balance when dressing a short, wide window. Use curtains, trimming, and interior decor to dress the window.

Keep in mind how the colors, shapes, and patterns work together. Remember, the window lets in light to brighten up the space. Though sometimes designing things in your home can be overwhelming, personalizing your area can be just as fun.

Use these guides and inspirational photos, and be as creative as you like!

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