Drywall Tape Is Falling Off My Garage Ceiling – Why And How To Fix It?

The only purpose of having drywall tape is to hide seams. If the drywall tape in your garage is getting loose, the sight can be very unattractive. We researched why drywall tape may fall from a garage ceiling and how to fix it.

The most common reasons why drywall tape falls off a garage ceiling are excess humidity and poor application of the tape. Other reasons include a shift in your home's foundation and outside interference. To fix it, you should do the following:

  1. Gather Necessary Equipment/Tools 
  2. Remove Loose Tape
  3. Sand The Drywall Seam
  4. Apply The New Tape Properly
  5. Apply Multiple Layers Of Joint Compound
  6. Sand The Affected Area To Achieve Desired Finish

In this article, we will further explain the causes of why drywall tape is falling off from the garage ceiling and the steps to fix it. Additionally, we will discuss other problems your drywall tape could face and how much it costs to fix drywall tape. Continue reading to find out more.

Painter removes masking tape and creates a sharp border between a grey and white painted part of a, Drywall Tape Is Falling Off My Garage Ceiling - Why And How To Fix It?

Why Is Drywall Tape Falling Off The Garage Ceiling?

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of reasons why drywall tape falls from a garage ceiling. In this section, you will learn about each one in detail.

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Excessive Humidity

One of the most common reasons when it comes to loose drywall tape is the excess moisture in the air.

This usually happens in places such as the bathroom, due to the amount of steam produced. However, the garage can produce a high amount of humidity under the right conditions.

Snow and rain getting inside the garage due to the car going in and out contributes greatly to the humidity inside. Additionally, a leaky pipe or a broken vent can directly cause drywall tape to loosen and peel.

Poor Application

Another common reason why drywall tape starts falling off the garage ceiling is poor application of the tape the first time.

The use of products that are poor in quality greatly contributes to this factor. Another is not having enough joint compound, or mud, applied over the drywall tape.

In both cases, the tape comes loose because there's a lack of adhesiveness. As a result, it won't stick for long on your garage ceiling.

Shift In Foundation

Normally, a newly built home will take several years before settling into its foundation. Because of that, hairline cracks in the wall are a common sight to see. It's also common to find that drywall tape to warps or separates from the ceiling due to this phenomenon.

Outside Interference

This one isn't as common as the rest, but it still happens. Direct damage to the drywall tape can happen due to an outside force—for example, scratching off the drywall tape by accident due to a pointed object when moving things around inside the garage.

Pests building a home in the corners of the garage can also lead to drywall tape falling off from the ceiling.

How To Fix Drywall Tape Falling Off From The Garage Ceiling?

In this section, you will learn the steps for fixing the drywall tape. Not only that, but you will learn what else is necessary when executing these steps.

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A close-up on a drywall corner finishing, plastering, coating with drywall tape or self-adhesive

1. Gather Necessary Equipment/Tools 

Gather protective gear such as safety goggles, dust mask, and gloves to keep you safe and well-protected when working. You will need a ladder and a utility knife for the initial process. You will also need sandpaper in different grits, drywall tape, and joint compound. 

Kit of tools and equipments

2. Remove Loose Tape

With the use of the ladder, make your way towards the area where the drywall tape is falling from the ceiling. Then use the utility knife to cut away the loose tape. Be very careful when doing so to avoid damaging any drywall and the ceiling.

Make sure to only cut away where the drywall tape is loose. Also, do not try to repair the loose drywall tape by applying joint compound. This will result in an uneven surface and will cause it to loosen again in the future.

3. Sand The Drywall Seam

Use a sandpaper with a 120 grit to start the initial sanding of the surface. Then follow it up with 150 grit sandpaper to smooth the affected area.

By doing this, you're effectively removing any old joint compound left behind on the surface. With a smooth surface, applying the new drywall tape will be much easier.

4. Apply The New Tape Properly

Now comes the exciting part of the repair process: applying the new drywall tape. For the best result, apply a self-adhesive drywall mesh tape over the seam.

Make sure not to overlap the new tape over the old on either end. You have at least an inch to work with on either end, as it's alright to leave that much of gap on either side.

5. Apply Multiple Layers Of Joint Compound

Once the new drywall tape is in place, apply a layer of joint compound over it to help seal it against the seam. Leave it to dry for at least a day before sanding the area to keep it smooth. Use a 150 grit sandpaper when doing so.

You will need to repeat this process at least two or three more times to secure the tape in place. The whole process will take you almost a week, but it's well worth the effort.

6. Sand The Affected Area To Achieve Desired Finish

Once you have applied enough joint compound over the seam, it's finally time to do one last sanding. With the use of a 120 grit sandpaper, smooth any bumps or ridges on the surface.

From there, you go up in grit. Use a 150 grit sandpaper to further remove any spots that the 120 grit sandpaper missed. Then finish it off with a 220 grit sandpaper to blend everything together into one surface.

Can You Paint Over Drywall Tape?

man taping a drywall with a piece of white duck tape

Painting over the drywall tape is perfectly fine. However, some homeowners prefer not to because at the end of the day, it's just the garage. If it means saving a little bit of money, then all the better.

Why Is My Drywall Tape Bubbling?

This usually happens due to poor application of the drywall tape and joint compound. Leaving spaces or gaps of joint compound before applying the drywall tape leads to bubbles forming on the surface.

Another reason that leads to bubbling is that you're not using the correct consistency of joint compound. Joint compounds that are too thick will make it harder to spread over drywall tape.

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Why Is Drywall Tape Cracking?

This usually happens due to not having enough joint compound underneath the drywall tape. Over time, the tape starts lifting up from the drywall ever so slightly. As a result, this produces small cracks to appear on the joint compound over the drywall tape.

For this reason, a lot of professionals recommend using a self-adhesive drywall mesh tape instead. This way, you don't have to worry about going through an extra step when applying drywall tape, and it makes any future repairs much easier.

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How Much To Repair Drywall Tape?

Painter using tape to cover the skirting board before painting the room

On average, it will cost around $80 to $200 when fixing loose drywall tape. Depending on how severe the problem is, it could be very cheap or a bit expensive.

And if you're unable to fix it yourself, you can hire a drywall contractor or a handyman to do the job for you. They usually charge between $75 to $200 on an hourly rate.

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To Wrap Up

Painter removes masking tape and creates a sharp border between a grey and white painted part of a

Excess humidity and poor application are the leading factors which cause loose drywall tape. Other factors like a shift in your home's foundation and outside interference can also cause drywall to fall from the garage ceiling.

If you plan on fixing it yourself, remember to gather all the essential tools before cutting away the loose tape. Then sand the drywall seam so that applying the new tape will be easy.

Afterward, apply multiple coatings of joint compound to strengthen the drywall tape before sanding it until smooth.

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