Dyson Ball Vacuum Not Spinning – What To Do?

Is your Dyson vacuum brush not spinning?  There are a few reasons why your vacuum brush would stop turning. We have done all of the research and know just how to diagnose and fix this Dyson vacuum problem.

There are a few simple solutions to this vacuum issue. If a clog causes it, you will need to remove it manually. You may even need to cut the debris off the brush. Overheating is another common problem. To solve this, empty the canister and clean the filter before trying to vacuum again.

There are a few other reasons why your brush would stop spinning. However, clogging is the most common. Keep reading for how to fix a clog, as well as other brush roller issues.

A woman using a ball vacuum cleaner to clean her carpet, Dyson Ball Vacuum Not Spinning - What To Do?

Dyson vacuum power head not working?

In some cases, the brush stops working suddenly in your power head. It may even sound like the brush is trying to spin, but something is stopping it. If that has happened to you, there's a possibility your vacuum got debris stuck around it.

Why is the brush on vacuum not spinning?

There are a few main reasons why the brush on your vacuum may not be spinning. If it isn't caused by a clog or overheating, there are more ways to test what is causing the problem. There could be user error, power cord issues, or setting issues.

How do I fix my Dyson head not spinning?

The fix is fairly simple, no matter the cause of the problem. The first step you should take in diagnosing is inspecting the brush itself. The first possibility is that the brush has something wrapped around it.

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Hair and other dirt gathering inside a vacuum cleaner

How to fix a clogged roller brush

If there are any visible strings or hairs, you can cut them away with scissors. If the brush still does not spin after cleaning, you will need to open the brush head and remove the roller. Once you remove the roller, you will be able to see everything and determine if there is still debris preventing movement.

Sometimes, there is something wrapped around the gear that allows the brush to spin. Check the gears on either side of the brush roller after removing it from the head. Opening a Dyson ball vacuum head is pretty simple; watch this video for a demonstration:

How to fix an overheating vacuum

If your Dyson vacuum is overheating, the brush will not spin. The vacuum will automatically turn off the roller if the filters are clogged. You will usually know it's overheated if the debris tank is also full.

First, you will need to empty your debris bin. Once the bin is empty, clean the dirt off the center cyclone. Next, you will need to clean or replace your filters to solve this issue.

Dyson ball vacuums have two filters: a pre-filter and a post-filter. You can clean these filters by running them under cold water. Once the water runs clear, allow them to dry completely before reinstalling them.

You may need to replace the filters entirely if it has been over a year since you last replaced them. This video shows how to clean your filters properly:

What if it is not clogged or overheated?

If those solutions don't suit you, double check your power cord. You could be experiencing a short or cord damage if the vacuum does not turn on. If you believe the power cord is the problem, you can replace it yourself.

You can find replacement power cords on Amazon.

Replacing the power cord is not a beginner task. It is best to send your vacuum out for repairs if there are power issues. However, if you have a bit of mechanical skill, it can be done rather quickly.

User error fixes

If you do not release the vacuum from the upright storage position, it will not spin. To release the head of the vacuum, press the button on the center back of the vacuum, and it should run properly.

The last reason could be that your vacuum is on the wrong flooring setting. If you find that your vacuum has suction but is not rolling, it may be in the hardwood setting. To change this, locate the switch on the side of the vacuum labeled "hardwood/carpet."

How do you reset a Dyson Ball vacuum?

Next, resetting the vacuum can also solve some electric issues. The process of resetting your vacuum is essentially removing and replacing the power source. Double-click the brush control button on the vacuum to reset the brush bar. 

This brush resetting method will work on all Dyson vacuums. Another simple method is to unplug your vacuum, let it sit for a while, and then plug it back in.

Dyson turbine head not spinning

Dyson has a lot of different vacuum models. The construction of them varies, but the troubleshooting tips remain the same. The biggest difference between Dyson models is usually the construction. They all have the same parts and filters, the only difference when troubleshooting is how to take the vacuum apart.

An up close photo of a vacuum cleaner on a white background

We will go over how to take apart a few different Dyson models for cleaning and maintenance. If cleaning methods do not get your turbine to spin, try resetting the vacuum or other methods mentioned above.

Dyson dc25 brush bar not spinning

The Dyson dc25 is a vacuum model that opens a little differently. To clean the filter, you will need to remove a portion of the ball shell. Under this section, you will see the filter. Unlike other models, this filter is flat and removed with a release button.

The pre-filter is located on the top of the debris tank. Simply pull up on the handle of the container, and you will see a tab you can use to remove the filter. You would follow the same rules for cleaning the filters; rinse with cold water only and only replace once dry. This video will show you how to remove and wash the dc25 filters:

Dyson dc39 brush not spinning

This vacuum model is constructed differently than the others mentioned. Still, your first step would be to check the brush bar. Remove the vacuum head by using a flat object to unscrew the side.

Once the lid is off, you can clean debris or remove the bar if needed. Here is a demonstration of how to open the head:

This Dyson model uses only one filter. Remove it the same way pre-filters are removed from the cyclone of the vacuum. Lift up on the handle of the canister, and it will open to reveal the filter. Remove and clean as usual to fix overheating issues.

Dyson ball animal vacuum head not spinning

This ball vacuum model has two filters like the dc25. The filters are located in the same place but are different shapes. You can remove the second filter by unscrewing the cap on the side of the ball.

Then, remove the filter by turning it one quarter counter-clockwise. Other than accessing the filters, you can clean the vacuum head just like the other models.

This video demonstrates how to take this vacuum apart for troubleshooting:

In Closing

There are limited reasons why your Dyson ball vacuum would stop spinning. First, check your vacuum head for debris and take it apart if needed. Debris can be tucked away into the frame and still cause problems.

Next, try checking and cleaning the debris bin and filters. Lastly, if your vacuum still won't start, check the power cord and vacuum settings.

If none of these troubleshooting methods have helped, You have two options. You can seek professional repair through Dyson or purchase a new vacuum. For more vacuum related information, check out these articles:

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